Afternoons over the Santiago Way are thought for resting, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take advantage of the time in many ways. That’s why we want to share with you some ideas and activities over the Santiago Way, a trip where is almost impossible to get bored.



To rise early, walk, eat, enjoy!

The pilgrim routine is one of the most special features of the Santiago Way. Those who head for the adventure of walking the Way, very soon get used to a very different living way from the one we have in our common day-to-day: rising up before sunrise, have a nutritious breakfast, starting to walk over 5 hours, having lunch, go to sleep very early and starting again. The timetable change and the fact of filling up most of the day with such a stimulating phisical activity are essential parts of the pilgrim experience.

Have you ever wondered what could you do during the afternoons over the Santiago Way? Once we end up a stage, lots of opportunities open before us, all of them fantastic ideas to take advantage of our time. We came up with lots of wonderful plans! Here we leave you some.


Look up for some activities in the town where you’re going to end your stage

A good practice to find activities over the Santiago Way is to make a search before getting the new stage started, we can do it the night before or when we’re having breakfast. We could check the online cultural agenda for some towns or see what’s going on in the Sociocultural Center, for example.

Who knows what will the locals be doing the day we arrive? They may have some yoga class in the park, a music band concert or maybe there are some patronal festivities. Villages and towns over the Santiago Way are very alive places, stay up-to-date!


Make the most of your hostel!

Some hostels over the Way are just a plece to sleep and have a peacefull night, but some others have became centers of activities for pilgrims. When you arrive to the hostel, ask for some information about the activities they can offer, they may organize community dinners, seminars, courses, games or excursions.


We’re giving you some examples of hostels that offer different activities over the Santiago Way, although there are many more!

In the Cuatro Cantones hostel -Belorado, Burgos-, during the summer, we could assist to free yoga lessons for pilgrims; the Albergue Verde -Hospital de Órbigo, León- has a space for meditation, an organic garden, a chill out area and, sometimes, they organize dinners with products of their own vegetable garden; the Casa Barbadelo hostel -Barbadelo, really close to Sarria- has a wonderful swimming pool ready for us! What other surprises will our hostels have for us?


Enjoy a little bit of tourism, specially the gastronomic one!

If it’s already afternoon and, after recovering some energies with a good lunch, we feel we’re not that tired, it’s the perfect time to go for a walk around the town! A little bit of urban tourism could mean a delightful change of scenery. We can visit some museum, admire the architectural patrimony or just go for a drink or dinner by the terraces of the village.



Each town over the Way will have its own typical dish or dessert, so we shouldn’t miss the opportunity of tasting a few local products during our trip.


One of the most enriching activities over the Santiago Way: languages!

Our trip across the Way can enrich us in many ways, but one of the most usefull ones could be to practice different languages with our traveling companion. Once we arrive to the hostel, probably we’ll share some common spaces with people of different nacionalities. Do you have your languages skills a little bit rusty? It’s the perfect time for a nice conversation class with a native!



During the summer, take a refreshing dip!

We’ve already talked on earlier occasions about some wonderful places where we can be soaked on our Way, you can take a look to this post where we give you some tips to refresh yourself along the last 100 km of the French Way.

One of the activities over the Santiago Way that turn out to be most gratifying during the summer is to find a fresh place where we could swim a little bit. Once we arrive to the town, if it’s not by the coast, we can always ask about where is the local pool, if there’s any river beach or any lake where we could swim and have a nice time. There’s nothing better after walking a few hours under the sun!


Jumping to the river


The Santiago Way is an intense trip that we can squeeze as much as we want to, but there’s no excuse to get bored, not even for a minute. In the afternoon, if we’re walking the Way to find some peace and rest, we can seat gently on the hostel to write a diary, read a good book or learn how to meditate.

And you? What do you used to do during the afternoon over the Santiago Way? Tell us your idea of a perfect afternoon on the Way, you can do it by Facebook or by our contact form. And Buen Camino!


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