Agencies specialized in organizing on the Camino de Santiago

In this blog post we want to talk to you about the extensive range of agencies que offer trips on the Camino de Santiago: Pilgrim, Tee-Travel, MundiCamino, Camino Ways, Follow the Camino, Macs Adventure, Viajes Mundiplus and us, Santiago Ways.

Sometimes deciding between one or another agency is not easy.

Sometimes deciding between one or another is not easy. What you want is to place your trust in an agency specialized in pilgrim routes and that things go as you planned them. No surprises and no misunderstandings.

To find out if a company is transparent and does what it offers, it is best to consult the opinions that users leave online. That is why, to save you the work, or at least, to simplify it, we have elaborated this ranking of agencies of the Camino de Santiago, based on the assessments that pilgrims give.

For this we have consulted the ratings and opinion platforms with the greatest credibility on the Internet. So we have the answer to: Which is the best agency for doing the Camino de Santiago?

But before answering this question, if you are interested in pilgrimage to Compostela, we recommend you to do the Camino de Santiago from Sarria. If help is what you need, leave us your details and we will contact you.

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    According to Google Reviews and TripAdvisor, Macs Adventure and Camino Ways are the worst, while MundiCamino and Santiago Ways are the agencies of the Camino de Santiago best rated by pilgrims. Here are more details of these and other agencies.

    Macs Adventure (Nº8)

    Macs Adventure is an agency specialized in adventure tourism. Its offer includes trips to all corners of the world, among which is the Camino de Santiago.

    Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom and the United States, a long way from the reality of the pilgrim routes. Perhaps that’s why it’s the agency least mentioned by the pilgrims.

    Macs Adventure has 10 reviews and a score of 4.4 in Google Reviews for its Glasgow (UK) office. To a large extent, the trekking that they organize in the countries where their offices are located are well valued.

    The main complaints of its users refer to the quality of the information provided and the lack of planning, but this type of comments are located on routes away from their offices. Regarding the Camino de Santiago, Macs Adventure have almost no reviews.

    Facebook also gives them a rating of 4.4, according to the opinion of 153 people. While on Feefo, a portal in Great Britain specialized in collecting user feedback about different companies, Macs Adventure has 1,447 ratings and its score is a 4.6.

    On none of the platforms, have we found comments on pilgrims who have done the Camino de Santiago with Macs Adventure. Therefore, for us it is the least specialized agency for pilgrim routes.

    Camino Ways (Nº7)

    Camino Ways is one of the specialized agencies on the Camino de Santiago. Its main office is located in Santiago de Compostela.

    Of all the agencies we talk about in this article, Camino Ways is the second worst ranked in Google Reviews. This agency has only the opinion of 23 pilgrims and its average rating is 4.5.

    However, when you go into more detail, to analyse the comments that users have left about their experience with Camino Ways, there are no specific complaints, only low ratings.

    Online, you will find real opinions and user opinions about which is the best agency for the Camino de Santiago.

    However, it is possible to check on TripAdvisor many more reviews about this company. Of the 1,150 reviews on Camino Ways, 7.5% indicate that it is a normal, bad or very poor agency. Its score on this platform is 4.5.

    Most complaints relate to how basic the services that Camino Ways provides are. Some users point out that the accommodation was uncomfortable and others that the information and attention provided by the company was not adequate.

    Follow the Camino (Nº6)

    Follow the Camino is another of the foreign agencies that provides services to Santiago. Its headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. However, unlike Macs Adventure, Follow the Camino does specialize in the Camino de Santiago.

    Of all the agencies we will talk about in this article, Follow the Camino is the third agency with the lowest ratings in Google Reviews (10). However, unlike Camino Ways, its users do express signs of appreciation for the service the company has provided. Its rating on the platform is 4.7.

    However, on TripAdvisor, where Follow the Camino has a higher number of ratings (561), its rating drops to 4.5. 6% of its users report that it is a normal, bad or poor agency.

    Tee-Travel (Nº5)

    Despite its generalist name, Tee-Travel is defined as one of the specialized agencies on the Camino de Santiago. Although they do also offer services to other destinations.

    They have 3 offices located in Galicia. The main one is in Pontevedra and the other two are in Santiago de Compostela and Sarria.

    Google Reviews have only 38 reviews, but all very positive, highlighting, mainly, the speed of Tee-Travel when it comes to responding to its users. Its score is 4.8.

    To choose which agency to organize your trip to the Camino de Santiago with, we recommend reviewing traveller's opinions.

    TripAdvisor also has very good references and their score is 5.0 points. The only thing to doubt is that Tee-Travel also doesn’t have many reviews on TripAdvisor, only 57 reviews, so the sample is not very extensive.

    Viajes Mundiplus (Nº4)

    Viajes Mundiplus is another of the Spanish agencies that offers services to the Camino de Santiago. Its offices are located in Madrid.

    This agency has a lot in common with Tee-Travel. On one hand, they have a global agency name, however, Viajes Mundiplus is an agency specialized in the Camino de Santiago. On the other, both agencies of the Camino de Santiago share scores in Google Reviews (4.8) and have only 38 reviews.

    However, on TripAdvisor, the Madrid agency does have a large volume of reviews from pilgrims who have hired its services. Of the 1,098 reviews of Viajes Mundiplus, only 3.1% of users indicate that it is a normal, bad or poor agency. That’s why we put it above Tee-Travel.

    Pilgrim (Nº3)

    Pilgrim has its headquarters in Santiago de Compostela. Its services are oriented exclusively to the Camino de Santiago.

    Pilgrim agency is rated by pilgrims in Google Reviews as the third highest in the ranking (4.8). We put it above Mundiplus Travel because the number of reviews on the Google platform is much higher (184).

    If you want to do the Camino de Santiago with a specialized agency like Santiago Ways, we recommend you read the opinions of other clients.

    On TripAdvisor, Pilgrim’s rating is 5.0, but the number of ratings is much lower. Only 48 users have left comments about Pilgrim on this platform. This only gives little confidence.

    Mundicamino (Nº2)

    Mundicamino is another of the Spanish agencies specialized in the Camino de Santiago. It is located in Burgos. There are very few references online about this organization. In fact, of all the agencies of the Camino de Santiago that are part of this list, Mundicamino has least comments on Google Reviews.

    We’ve placed it the penultimate one based on the score you get on Google (4.9), but you should take into account that it’s based only on 8 reviews. The strange thing is that the low number of comments is not only recorded on that platform, but that the same thing happens on Facebook and TripAdvisor.

    On Facebook, it also has only 8 reviews and, on TripAdvisor, has even fewer reviews, only 5. Therefore, although it is the second highest-rated agency, to us that so few pilgrims write about it, it generates some mistrust. As with Tee-Travel, or other agencies with a low volume of reviews.

    Santiago Ways (Nº1)

    Finally, the top-rated agency of the Camino de Santiago is Santiago Ways. But we don’t say it ourselves, users say it. And if you don’t believe us, you can check the different platforms for yourself.

    Santiago Ways is a company led by Joseba Menoyo and its headquarters are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. If you want to know more about us, you can read about our history here.

    In Google Reviews, Santiago Ways is not only the top-scoring agency (4.9), but it is also the one with the highest volume of ratings that endorse it. In total, 464 people have left a review on the platform about us. That says a lot about the satisfaction of our pilgrims, don’t you think?

    The same thing happens when you consult TripAdvisor, we are again the agency of the Camino de Santiago best valued (5.0). And no, it’s not a score based on a few reviews, as is the case with Pilgrim. On this platform, in the Santiago Ways profile, as of today, there are 346 reviews.

    Do you now know which are the best agencies on the Camino de Santiago?

    We hope that the information we have provided in this article, will help you decide on one of the many agencies that offer services to the Camino de Santiago: Macs Adventure, Camino Ways, Follow the Camino, Tee-Travel, Viajes Mundiplus, Pilgrim, MundiCamino or us, Santiago Ways.

    If you still don’t know what type of services an agency can offer you, we encourage you to check out this blog post in which we explain the advantages of doing your journey with an agency.

    With the above we say goodbye, not without first telling you that if you plan to do the Camino de Santiago with the help of an agency, do not take any chances. Trust the agency that has the best quality guarantee: its customers.

    What are you waiting for to organize your trip to the Camino de Santiago with us? Call us, leave us a comment or write to us on our Facebook page. So, you will have the opportunity to talk with our team, real lovers of the Camino de Santiago.

    Buen Camino!