Speaking of the beaches on the Northern Way, we said that in Santander we can enjoy beautiful beaches like Covachos, Arnía or Somocuevas beach, for example! The beaches on the Northern Way are a spectacle, so we believe that, in keeping with what has been promised, it is worth continuing our way to beaches, at least to Ribadeo.

The north has a coast so rich and varied that it is impossible to speak of each and every one of the beaches and coves that embellish our coasts, but with some references, it will be much easier to find them all to decide if we want to make a stop in the walk to rest enjoying the scenery and relax our feet in the cold waters of the north.




Stage 19, having left from Irún and continuing along the Northern Way (here we could leave the Northern Way and link to the Primitive Way, which takes us to Santiago de Compostela by Oviedo), we will go from Sebrayo to Gijón. Yes! In Gijón we deserve a rest, do you fancy the beach?

Beaches on the Northern Way: Gijón

In addition to the well-known urban beaches, such as San Lorenzo, Poniente, Gijón or Arbeyal beach, for example, we can travel to rural Gijon to enjoy other types of beaches. If you are looking for beaches on the Northern Way, here is a little help:

To the east of Gijón, we can visit the rocky beaches of Peñarrubia, Serín, La Cagonera, Tinello… and the wonderful Ñora beach, which we can enjoy from its viewpoint or also from the sandy beach characteristic of this beach.

We leave Gijón!

We will pass through Avilés, Muros de Nalón, Soto de Luiña, Cadavedo and finally, in stage 24, we will arrive at Luarca.

Do we want to see a different beach at each stop?

One of the characteristics of this way most enjoyed by the pilgrims are the beaches on the Northern Way, beaches such as San Juan, Aguilar, Silencio, Ribeirona, and so on, will make us enjoy a unique experience.


At 8 kilometers from Avilés, in Castrillón, we can enjoy 3 kilometers of dunes formed by golden sand, we can not miss the beaches of San Juan and Salinas!

Muros de Nalón

In Muros de Nalón we can see the beautiful beach of Aguilar, that has the blue flag badge, which certifies the environmental quality of this beach. Must visit on the Northern Way!

Soto de Luiña

We will walk through some towns of Cudillero, like Castañeras. On our way through Castañeras is a must visit, without any doubt, the beach of Silencio.

Cadavedo or La Ribeirona

As a curiosity, comment that in the Middle Ages, this beautiful corner of Asturias was a whaling center. The occupation of this beach in summer is high, but it is worth making a stop in the Camino to see it, without a doubt.


Beaches on the Northern Way

1st and 2nd beach of Luarca

This beach forms part of the protected landscape of the western coast, and it is possible to emphasize its privileged views of ​​the fishing port and the marina.

We continue from Luarca to La Caridad in the 25th stage, and we have a single stage to enter Galicia through Ribadeo.

And finally, Galicia

Cantabria and Asturias have some amazing landscapes, but Galicia is not far behind. Galicia is beautiful in all its extension, green and marine.

In Ribadeo there are numerous beaches, but Las Catedrales beach takes the biscuit, and not for less.

Las Catedrales, Ribadeo

Blue flag since 1997, the Las Catedrales beach is one of the most visited beaches of the Galician coast. No wonder, given its incomparable beauty.

A group of imposing rock formations, some of them in arch, give the name to this beach, which is recommended to visit at low tide, to enjoy its 1300 meters of sand, not forgetting its caves.

Las Catedrales is declared as Natural Monument and forms part of the protected area that includes the extension between Lóngara to Penedo do Corvo.


beaches on the northern way


In Ribadeo we can also enjoy A Areosa, Seborello, Cegoñas, Os Castros and Os Marbadás.

This last one, the beach of Marbadás, belongs to the area declared as Natural Monument, and is an isolated beach of sand, with a very original access: the beach is accessed through an erosion in a rock in the form of an arch.

In Ribadeo we can find many beaches with difficult access, and with the fatigue of the Camino, maybe we do not have the strength or desire to access them, but let’s not miss their sights!

Road to Arzúa

From Ribadeo we have six stages to reach Arzúa, a charming town in Galicia, well-known for its cheese.

In Arzúa we will connect with the French Way… and we will continue to enjoy Galicia!


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