Doing the Camino de Santiago by motorbike

We’ve already told you that there are plenty of ways to travel the pilgrim routes. There are pilgrims who go on foot, on horseback, by bike, running or even those who do the Camino de Santiago by kayak; and of course, there is the variant for motor lovers, the Camino de Santiago by motorbike.

Do the Camino de Santiago by motorbike

To all those motorcycle enthusiasts, who are always looking for new routes to do on two wheels, we want to dedicate this blog post about the Camino de Santiago to them. Yes, you’re reading well! The Camino de Santiago is a route to do by motorbike and is becoming more and more popular.

In our blog we have discussed it, on several occasions. Each type of pilgrimage has its own charm and will allow you to live totally different experiences.

We are lovers of pilgrimage on foot, as it is the one that allows you to interact more with nature and with the other pilgrims. However, all types of pilgrimage have their advantages.

But before you go any further, if you are also interested in walking to Compostela, we recommend the Camino de Santiago from Sarria. If you need help with the travel plan, leave your details and we will contact you to organize your trip.

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    Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that the Camino de Santiago has when doing it by motorbike. Think about these and if, for you, there are more advantages than disadvantages, continue reading because we propose some routes on the Camino de Santiago that you can do on motorcycle.

    Advantages of doing the Camino by motorbike

    Without a doubt, the main advantage of doing the Camino de Santiago is that it requires less effort than doing it on foot or by bike. However, as you should know, if you are a lover of two wheels, motorcycle tours, especially on terrain that is not in very good condition, can be exhausting.

    Still, unlike other modes of pilgrimage, including doing the Camino de Santiago running or kayaking, you won’t need to train beforehand to do the Camino de Santiago, as you won’t require as much effort from your body. Therefore, doing the Camino de Santiago by motorcycle is an excellent option, if you are not in very good physical shape and do not want to consider the challenge.

    In this way, you can travel the pilgrim route on two wheels, enjoying the entire tradition and culture of the Camino de Santiago, as well as its beautiful landscapes and gastronomy, without making much effort.

    In fact, since you advance much faster on a motorcycle you will have much more time to enjoy the wonders that you will find on the Camino. It depends, obviously, on the distance you plan to do.

    Another advantage of doing the Camino de Santiago by motorbike is that it allows you to join various routes and think about longer complete routes. Therefore, you will be able to discover many more routes, with great contrasts between them, in one single trip.

    Disadvantages of doing the Camino on a motorbike

    One of the main disadvantages that the Camino de Santiago on motorbike has, is that the Pilgrim’s Office does not recognize this form of pilgrimage. Therefore, you will not be granted the Compostela upon your arrival at the Cathedral of Santiago.

    There are people for which this fact is totally irrelevant. However, for others, obtaining the Compostela is relevant, either for religious reasons or for taking home, the coveted certificate.

    What you can do is request the pilgrim’s credential and seal it during the tour. It will not be enough for you to request the Compostela, but it will be a nice souvenir of the trip.

    Related to the above, it will happen to you that if you review any pilgrim who has made the Camino on foot or by bike, who you have done the Camino by motorbike, will tell you that that is not to do the Camino de Santiago. But we always say that there are as many types of pilgrims as there are kilometres of pilgrim route.

    Advantages of doing the Camino by motorbike

    Since people who do the Camino de Santiago with a motor vehicle, whether motorcycle or car, are not considered pilgrims, you will not be able to use the network of public hostels. However, that is not a major inconvenience, because on the Camino de Santiago you will find a wide variety of accommodations which you can use.

    Which routes on the Camino de Santiago can be done by motorbike

    You can practically do all the routes of the Camino de Santiago by motorbike. However, you should keep in mind that on a motorbike you will not be able to follow the same route that pilgrims follow who do the Camino de Santiago on foot.

    Much of the tour you will share with the cyclists who do the Camino de Santiago. These, in many sections leave the path that is followed on foot, to advance along stretches of asphalt or with a better surface.

    Our recommendation, as we say to the rest of the pilgrims, is to plan the route you are going to take before you hit the road. In this blog post, we talk to you about the sections of the main pilgrim routes. However, you can also opt for other less popular routes such as the Camino de Santiago from Barcelona or the Camino de Santiago from Madrid.

    The Camino Frances is not only the most popular, but also the one that will offer you the most opportunities to complete circular routes and combine different pilgrim sections.

    In order to help pilgrims, we have developed a guide for the Camino Frances, where you can find the most detailed information on the French route.

    If you prefer, you can get the specialized guide to do the Camino de Santiago by motorbike, by Pedro Pardo Blanco. It is the most popular among motorcyclists.

    Prepare to do the Camino de Santiago on two wheels

    To do the Camino de Santiago by motorbike you must prepare both yourself and the bike. Here are some tips:

    Prepare to do the Camino de Santiago on two wheels
    • Get your bike serviced. Check the wheels, brakes, lights, oil and everything during the ride that may give you a nasty surprise.
    • Wear appropriate clothing. You’ll spend a lot of time on the road and maybe some sections don’t have good surfaces. Therefore, wear clothing that protects you in the event of a fall. That is, clothing designed specifically for motorcyclists that protects the most delicate areas of your body. Don’t forget the gloves, even if it’s summer!
    • Wear a full-face helmet. Wear an integral helmet throughout the ride, even when riding on dirt tracks. The heat may make you want to take it off and the fact that you ride on unpaved sections is tempting, but don’t forget that you’re playing with your safety.
    • Don’t forget the documentation. Both your own and for the bike.

    The best time to do the Camino de Santiago by motorbike

    Most pilgrim routes can be done all year round. The only exception may be the Camino Primitivo, where you will find many stretches of snow during the winter.

    The Via de la Plata is also not so recommended during the summer, but that is if you are going on foot or by bike, in the case of motorists, this immense route is also an option. Although it is very important that you do not forget to drink a lot of water along the way.

    In short, the choice of some dates or others depends on you and what type of trip you want to have. In this blog article you can check the weather and temperature that you will find in the main pilgrim sections, check it out, so that you know what atmospheric conditions you will find during each season of the year and so you can prepare properly.

    Remember that in rainy seasons, the road can be more dangerous, so, ride with greater caution. On the stretches that run through Galicia it will be almost impossible for you to get to dodge the rain!

    With all of the above we say goodbye, but not before reminding you that if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago by motorbike and want to have the support of an agency specialized in pilgrim routes that will help you to plan a journey and manage the reservation of your accommodation, among other services, call us or write to us on Facebook!

    Buen Camino!