When we are going to travel we want to know how much is the price of the things in the place where we will arrive.

The Camino de Santiago has become one of the destinations most desired by travelers from all over the world. If you are thinking about undertaking this incredible adventure

We give you some recommendations to organize your budget!

Camino de Santiago budget


To know how much it costs to do the Camino de Santiago it is essential to first make several decisions: What route do we want to do, how do we want to live this experience, and if we want to do the Camino de Santiago in groups, with children or alone.

We can say that the more comfortable what we want to do, the greater the expense, because it will imply more time and because the hotels and rural houses do not have by far the prices that the shelters sustain, although the latter do not even have far away the comforts of the first.

In the diversity of stretches we will also find a great diversity of prices and availability in the services that we will need. Equally, we will not assume the same expense or the same comfort if we take everything organized with a travel agency specialized in the Camino, that if we organize the trip on our own. Everything depends on the experience we want to have.

pilgrimTHE ROUTE

Defining the route you are going to do depends on many factors: personal preference, available time or budget. Keep in mind that, more time, more spending, because depending on the days you want to walk, your budget will vary.

You must choose the itinerary that best suits what you are looking for; remember that each of the routes of the Camino de Santiago has a special feature that makes it magical.

One option that may be economical is the Camino Francés or French Way, the most popular among pilgrims. The route that starts from Sarria and ends in Santiago de Compostela, is ideal to do it as a group, or alone, and its routes are in excellent condition. You can walk the last 100 kilometers, the minimum distance to get La Compostela.

camino de santiago


Rest after long walks is very important if you want to do the Camino. There are private and public hostels that vary their prices, but you can run the risk of not sleeping comfortably, or depending on the time of year, find them closed or full.

Public and private hostels

In the public hostels reservations are not allowed. You can access them in order of arrival. Many of them do not have defined prices, but they request a donation to cover the maintenance of the facilities.

It is usually recommended to leave no less than 3 euros per person. Those public hostels with a defined price are usually between 3 and 7 euros.

We can also find those that we call private hostels, which allow reservations and have prices between 6 and 12 euros, approximately.

Hotels, pensions and hostels

If we do not want to use hostels and prefer pensions and hotels, the prices vary much more, and you can find accommodation from 15 euros per person per night, to what we can spend.

If you decide to stay in a hotel, cottage, boarding house or hostel, you will surely have more comforts, but the budget will increase; however, they are an excellent option if you travel with your family, or you are looking for more comfort, tranquility and rest.

camino de santiago


To do the Camino de Santiago it is not necessary that you spend money buying things that you surely do not need. Your backpack should be light; try to take little clothes and some practical items. Do not buy footwear, as the older and used much better!

If you want to walk without luggage, remember that expert operators on the Camino de Santiago offer the luggage transport service included in their travel programs.


Food is very important whether you are traveling or not, however, some activities that involve walking or exercising require a better preparation to avoid setbacks and this must be included in your budget.

To eat along the way we have three options: buy food in a supermarket and cook in a hostel; make meals outside (in a bar or restaurant) or a mixture of both; and make savings meals, and from time to time go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Everything has its grace and we can spend from about 6 euros per day, or even less, in food and drink.

If you hire a service that includes a meal plan, make sure that the service includes a good breakfast with everything you need, and bring light food to eat during the Camino Picnics are an excellent choice!

camino de santiago


There will always be extra expenses during the Camino, that also depends on your needs. If you want to visit monuments or museums, you must include the price of the tickets in your budget.

You can also consider going out for a drink at the end of your stage, enjoy a luxury meal, or buy souvenirs.

In your fanny pack you can keep the most important items: passport or identity card, pilgrim’s credential, social security card, credit card, and cash for two or three days.

As you can see, you can talk about how much it costs to make the Camino de Santiago, but you can not standardize a budget because there are a thousand and one ways to do it.

We can say that the Camino can be spent an average of 20 euros per day avoiding extra expenses, buying in supermarkets everything necessary to make the meals of the day and using the public hostels .

If you have decided the route you want to do and want to know how much it costs to do the Camino de Santiago with us, including accommodation, half board, insurance, credential, travel assistance, luggage transfer, etc., or want to ask us any questions.

Contact us!

Beyond money, the important thing is that you bear in mind that the Camino de Santiago is an experience that has no price, and at the end of the journey you will realize that you have made one of the best investments of your life

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