Camino from Sarria in a Guided Group

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Sarria / Santiago

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All year long

111 km
8 days/ 7 nights
Half Board (Breakfast and Dinner on route)
Hotels and Country Cottages
from 790€ per person

111 km

8 days/ 7 nights

Half Board (Breakfast and Dinner on route)

Hotels and Country Cottages

from 790€ per person
Our Official License as a Wholesale Agency (Tour-Operator) allows us to work without intermediaries.

You will be part of a guided group organised by Santiago Ways from Sarria to Santiago. The departure dates have been scheduled in advance and the departures are guaranteed.

In order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and enjoy a unique experience, the maximum number of people per group is 20 people so take this opportunity and book your Camino Guided Group before the groups are full.

With the help of our accompanying guide and our support car, you can walk the last 100 kilometers of the Camino, from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, enjoying each of the stages and the comfort of our great accommodations in Hotels.

We will start in the Galician town of Sarria which is located about 111km from Santiago. We will walk through beautiful forests, farmland and country towns following tracks and paths bordered by stone walls.

We will enjoy the beautiful green landscape of Galicia. Finally we will arrive at our destination, Santiago de Compostela.

In Santiago de Compostela we can obtain our “Compostela” certificate and visit its beautiful old town, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Currently we do not have guided groups available but we invite you to request a quote to do the self-guided Camino de Santiago.

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    In Sarria we will have the opportunity to visit the town center where we will find beautiful churches, chapels, monasteries and pilgrim hospitals.

    Sarria’s main street, rúa Maior, is picturesque and serves as a great place for getting a coffee.

    We recommend visiting the Church of Santa Mariña with its evocative pilgrim mural, the Castle and Fortress of Sarria, along with the Monastery of La Magdalena.

    Overnight: Sarria


    From Sarria to Portomarín

    We will go on a relaxed hike through beautiful towns and quiet villages walking along country roads under the shade of oak trees. Along the way we will find traditional Galician granaries.

    We recommend visiting the Romanesque church in the town of Barbadelo. If we’d like to make the walk easier, we can choose to divide this route in 2 and spend the night in the beautiful village of Ferreiros.

    More information on the stage from Sarria to Portomarín.

    Lenght: 22,2 km

    Duration: 5 hours

    Overnight: Portomarín


    From Portomarín to Palas de Rei

    Once we leave the beautiful town of Portomarín, the Camino de Santiago crosses the Miño River and begins its ascent to the Serra de Ligonde. We will cross through beautiful villages such as Gonzar and Ventas de Narón.

    We definitely have to make a stop at the Romanesque Church of Santa María de Castromaior and at the Romanesque Church of Eirexe, where we can admire a sculpture of Santiago the Pilgrim.

    More information on the stage from Portomarín to Palas de Rei. 

    Lenght: 24,8 km

    Duration: 5 hours and 45 minutes

    Overnight: Palas de Rei


    From Palas de Rei to Melide

    The Camino de Santiago in this journey starts with a descent and will take you then through beautiful rural paths to Coto.

    From there, you’ll start a progressive ascent for the second half of your route. In Furelos you will find a medieval bridge that you will have to cross over the River Furelos, very close to Melide.

    When you arrive in Melide, remember to enjoy its excellent Galician octopus. Ask about the most famous octopus restaurants and delight in this gastronomic specialty.

    Lenght: 15 km

    Duration: 3,5 hours

    Overnight: Melide


    From Melide to Arzúa

    On your route today you won’t find any villages during the first third of your walk, so take some water with you. However, your stage today will again be very short.

    We will continue uphill and downhill for beautiful places like the one that forms the Iso river in Ribadiso.

    Once in Arzúa, we suggest you try their famous local cheese, as well as visiting the Santa María church and the Magdalena church.

    Lenght: 14 km

    Duration: 3 hours

    Overnight: Arzúa


    From Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

    Today’s section of the Camino de Santiago will pass through beautiful forests, quiet villages and lovely streams.

    When you are on A Calle de Ferreiros you must turn right and cross the village of Boavista.

    You will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Chapel of St. Irene with its famous statue of Santiago. just before you continue through rural trails until you reach A Rúa.

    More information on the stage from Arzúa to O Pedrouzo.

    Lenght: 17,7 km

    Duration: 4 hours

    Overnight: A Rúa


    From O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

    Once we leave A Rúa, the next destination will be O Pedrouzo. Once there, you must take Concello Street and, when you pass through the soccer field, turn left onto a dirt track.

    You will cross San Paio, just after bordering the Santiago Airport and, a little later, you will pass in front of the church of Lavacolla.

    You will continue the pilgrimage along the Monte do Gozo hill, from where you can already see the Cathedral of Santiago.

    Once you reach Santiago, you will get to admire its rich local architecture and let yourselves be captivated by its historic center that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    You must arrive to Santiago on time in order to participate in the daily Pilgrim’s Mass.

    More information on the stage from O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela.

    Lenght: 21 km

    Duration: 4 hours and 50 minutes

    Overnight: Santiago de Compostela


    Santiago de Compostela

    The French Way ends in Santiago de Compostela. We recommend visiting the city center before returning home, so please feel free to ask us about additional nights or day trips through the city’s historic center.

    If you wish, we can book them for you.

    And if you have been wanting to know much more about the magic of the Camino, we recommend you our day trips to Finisterre or the Cíes Islands. They will be the best way to finish your Camino de Santiago.

    End of our services.

    General information

    All the rooms you book with Santiago Ways to make the Camino de Santiago have a private bathroom and all the necessary services to ensure the best comfort.

    Our team checks on site the quality of all the accommodation offered in order for pilgrims to live a comfortable and unforgettable experience on the Camino de Santiago.


    When working with quality accommodations with limited capacity, the exact name of the accommodation will be provided 30 days before the start of the Camino.

    All accommodation on the Camino de Santiago is subject to availability. In case we can’t offer any of them due to capacity, we’ll accommodate you in one of equal or better quality.

    Single rooms

    Single rooms are available subject to availability. Reservations must be made in advance and come at an additional cost.

    Where am I going to stay?

    All our accommodation has been selected to ensure tranquillity, rest and enjoyment during your Camino de Santiago:




    Accomodation in Portomarin

    Palas de Rei



    Accommodation in Melide



    A Rúa

    Accomodation in Rua

    Santiago de Compostela

    Accomodation in Santiago de Compostela

    Included Services

    check Accommodation in Hotels and Country Cottages.

    check Rooms with private bathroom.

    check Meal plan of your choice.

    check Luggage transport between stages.

    check Informative dossier on the Camino de Santiago.

    check 24 hours Telephone assistance on route.

    check Assistance vehicle in case of emergency.

    check Accompanying guide

    check VAT.

    Additional Services

    check Additional single room: to consult

    check Supplement of picnics (sandwich, drink and dessert): to consult

    check Extra night in Santiago (includes breakfast): to consult

    check Transfer from Santiago (includes airport) to Sarria: to consult

    check Travel assistance insurance: to consult

    check Cancellation insurance: to consult

    In order to resolve the doubts of all pilgrims, here we answer the questions that are most frequently asked when we receive your inquiries.

    If you have any other questions, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you resolve all your doubts.

    The Camino in guided group

    When do I meet the group?

    One month before the start of the trip we will send you the information about the accommodation where you will stay for the first night. It will be where you will meet the guide and the rest of the group that will arrive during the day.

    You have a dinner booked together to get to know each other.

    What time should I arrive?

    Although we understand that there are not always several options to get to Sarria from your home city, and if you depend on public transport or flight schedules, we advise arriving during the day to be present for the first evening meal with the group.

    What if I can't keep up with the group?

    Initially a departure time is set for the group to start the Camino at the same time and all together. We understand that each pilgrim has different physical conditions, preparation and walking pace, so the whole group may not walk together along the way.

    Stops will be scheduled to wait for those who lag behind the most and, if you prefer, you can continue walking and wait for the group somewhere else along the Camino or at the next accommodation.

    What guided group options are available?

    At present, we offer the most popular stretch of the Camino de Santiago, the last 100 kms of the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago.

    What does the Guided Group include?

    If you choose this type of trip, we include accommodation in a private room with bathroom, breakfast and evening meal. In addition, we transfer your baggage between stages every day, provide you with your pilgrim's credential, and send you the itinerary and route information documents.

    You will also be accompanied by a guide who in addition to showing you the charms of the road, will accompany you on your guided tour upon your arrival in Santiago.

    Finally, to mention that although you travel in a guided group, we continue to offer a 24-hour emergency phone to contact Santiago Ways and a transfer for emergencies during the Camino.

    When the trip ends, at what time should I leave?

    The group is dissolved after breakfast on the last day of the trip. If you want, you can start your journey back home, enjoy the city or, take the time to stay another day and get to know Finisterre with one of our organized excursions.

    General Information

    What is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago?

    The Camino de Santiago can be started on any day of the year, always taking into account the weather and the season in which you want to travel, so that your clothes are the right ones.

    For guided groups, we have specific dates already established. We already have all the dates published until 2021, so go ahead and reserve your place before all the groups are filled.

    How do I get to my starting point on the Camino?

    The starting point of the Camino is Sarria, if you contract a guided group. In this case, the nearest airport is Santiago de Compostela. From Santiago de Compostela to Sarria we can arrange a private transfer, or you can travel by bus or train if the schedules match those of your flight.

    Alternatively, depending on your starting point, you can take a direct train from Madrid.

    Can I travel alone?

    Yes, you can. All the routes on the Camino de Santiago are suitable for pilgrims to travel solo.

    Nevertheless, as you travel as a group, it's a perfect opportunity to not feel alone at any time.

    Anyway, although you'll walk the road with an experienced guide and along with a group of up to 15 people, you can take time to walk a stretch on your own if you want.

    On the Camino de Santiago, you will find hundreds of pilgrims walking on their own. Many of them may have come to the Camino alone; others have probably moved away from their fellow travellers for a few hours because of the difference in speed when walking.

    Also, whether you are travelling alone, or travelling accompanied but want to sleep in a single room, Santiago Ways offer this option to you.

    We can book all your nights of accommodation in single rooms at an additional cost. We suggest you book well in advance since they are usually in high demand.

    Am I going to have an accompanying guide on el Camino de Santiago?

    Yes, in this case, you travel with an experienced and specialized guide on the Camino who will guide you along the route and will explain curiosities about it along the way. The guides in charge of these routes speak both English and Spanish.

    However, most routes on the Camino de Santiago are done in a self-guided mode. Thus, each traveller has the opportunity to advance on their own and at their own pace along the routes marked on the complete itinerary of the route, which is sent one month before starting the Camino.

    What does the complete route itinerary consist of?

    The complete route itinerary of the route is a guide that we prepare for you with information about the maps, route profiles and places of interest, kilometre by kilometre on each of the stages that you will go through on the Camino de Santiago.

    The distance travelled in kilometres and travel times indicated for each Camino, both on the website and the itinerary that we send you, are based on reference values. It depends on each pilgrim exactly how they carry out these times and distances, according to the speed at which they progress.

    However, as you travel with a guide you can relax and follow the group without having to take the documents with you. However, it is always interesting that you have these documents and that you can consult them before you travel to get an idea.

    When do I get the complete route itinerary?

    You will receive it by email one month before starting your Camino along with all the documentation for the trip: accommodation reservations, baggage transfers, among others.

    How many kilometres should I walk on each stage?

    In Santiago Ways, we adapt each stage to the needs of our pilgrims, so that they can travel according to their physical capability and the number of days available.

    In this case, the guided group would be from Sarria to Santiago with a duration of 8 days in total. On average, the stages are 15 to 20 km.


    What should I consider to prepare physically?

    Both sedentary people and those who regularly exercise should physically prepare for doing the Camino de Santiago.

    Sedentary people can start with moderate activity and continue progressively. They should start by taking small 20-minute walks, two or three times a week. It is suggested to increase the time until you reach walk about 4 or 5 kilometres every hour.

    People with regular physical activity can start by walking from 45 to 60 minutes a day and increase the amount of time and kilometres they travel in the same span of time.

    Generally, it is recommended to start training for about three months before starting the route.

    How far in advance should I make a reservation?

    There is no minimum of days needed in advance to book, although on certain dates accommodation occupancy is higher, especially in high season and on the dates of religious interest such as the feast day of Santiago the Apostle, on July 25th.

    In addition, guided groups have set starting dates and limited places. Therefore, in order to guarantee availability for the dates that interest you, we suggest that you book as much in advance as possible.

    What clothes and hiking equipment are indispensable?

    For any of the Caminos, we suggest you to bring the following items: light and fast drying clothing, waterproof jacket and trousers, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a pair of shoes suitable for hiking, trekking poles, a pair of shoes to rest in, a jacket that doesn't take up much space and a bottle to carry water.

    Depending on the time of year in which you make the route, these items may vary.

    Remember that with Santiago Ways, you have included a baggage transfer service between stages, so we will take your backpack from one accommodation to another so that you only worry about walking (maximum 1 piece of 20 kg per person).

    For this reason, we suggest you prepare a second backpack, much smaller, that you can carry with you every day with water, sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, documents, some food and cash.

    How does the baggage transfer between stages work?

    Every day, at 8:00 am, you must bring your luggage properly labelled to the front desk along with the other luggage in the group. One of our carriers will pick them up and take them to the place where you are staying in the next stage.

    Delivery time varies according to the distance between stages and the carrier's delivery route. Usually, delivery is made before 4 p.m.

    Should I take out travel insurance?

    To complete any of the routes on the Camino de Santiago, it is advisable to have travel insurance with all the necessary coverage, especially emergency evacuation and medical care.

    To do this, we suggest you take out the Travel Assistance Insurance and Cancellation Insurance that we offer you in Santiago Ways. If you want more information about it, we will be happy to answer your questions.


    Do all rooms have a private bathroom?

    Yes, all rooms you book with Santiago Ways to do the Camino de Santiago have a private bathroom.

    Can I sleep alone in a room?

    Yes. We offer accommodation in single rooms and double rooms, according to the requirements of each pilgrim.

    Single rooms have a special surcharge and are subject to availability according to the location.

    When will you tell me where I am going to stay?

    We work with multiple accommodations in all locations which allows us to guarantee the best quality rooms for our pilgrims, provided that they are booked well in advance.

    The name and exact location of each hotel is sent about one month before the start of the Camino with all the documentation related to the trip.

    Am I going to share a room with strangers?

    No. All the accommodations we book for our pilgrims have private rooms with private bathrooms in order to guarantee all the comfort needed torest properly.

    Is the accommodation close to the route that I should follow?

    All the accommodations that we book are in the centre of the towns or villages. In any case, depending on availability, if any accommodation is somewhat far from the centre, most of them are accessible on foot.

    When necessary, Santiago Ways could offer a round trip transfer so that the group can reach their accommodation in the most comfortable way possible and return the next day to the point of the route from where the Camino must continue.

    What type of accommodation do you reserve?

    All the accommodation that we book in Santiago Ways offers the necessary comfort to rest after long days of walking.

    We work with hotels, traditional Galician homes, country cottages, and charming hostels, always a room with a private bathroom.

    Camino from Sarria in a Guided Group
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