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The Camino Primitivo, also known as Primitivo Way, was the original pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. This Way was used by the first devout pilgrims of the newly formed Kingdom of Asturias. In addition, it was the first of the caminos, this is the origin of the Primitive Way.

The Primitive Way begins in the Asturian city of Oviedo, and goes through the peaks of Europe to reach the Galician city of Lugo. Further on, the Primitive Way and the French Way merge until their arrival in Santiago de Compostela.

King Alfonso II, known as the Chaste, made the pilgrimage from Oviedo, Asturias, to Santiago de Compostela in the ninth century. King Alfonso II was the first king to confirm that the remains found in Compostela belonged to the Apostle Santiago. In addition, this king was responsible for sponsoring the foundation of the first basilica of Santiago de Compostela. He even collaborated in the organization of the first pilgrimages to Santiago.


We owe King Alfonso II the existence of the Camino de Santiago. He was the one who promoted the first monastic community dedicated exclusively to the adoration of Santiago through donations.

The Primitive Way was famous for being one of the safest stages of pilgrimage. It was also very busy, much more than the French Way. With the consideration of León as the capital of Spain, the French Way began to slowly gain popularity over the Primitive Way. The highlight of the Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo is the splendid array of relics.

The Camino Primitivo crosses the Galician city of Lugo, which also has a magnificent permanent exhibition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Along the Camino Primitivo we can find historical remains of the old hospitals established along the route. Of special interest are those located in the mountains. The main purpose of these hospitals was to attend to the pilgrims at a time when the Camino de Santiago was much more demanding. The pilgrims faced snow, strong winds, thick forests and trails. In addition to the usual bandits in the area who made a living from mugging the pilgrims along the Camino de Santiago.


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Camino Primitivo

Camino Primitivo
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