The Camino Primitivo from Lugo

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The Camino de Santiago from Lugo

Distance: 111 Km

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Meals: Half Board or Only Breakfast

Accomodation: Hotels and Country Cottages

Price: From 428€ per person

Our Offical License as a Wholesale Agency (Tour-Operator) allows us to work without intermediaries.

The Camino de Santiago from Lugo, is the second section of the Primitive Way. This section, from Lugo to Santiago, is ideal for those pilgrims who want to capture the essence of the Camino de Santiago.

We will start this stage in the city of Lugo , known for having one of the best preserved Roman walls in Europe, which extends for 2 km around the old town. The Roman wall of Lugo is a World Heritage listed by UNESCO. Lugo also stands out for its cuisine, the city has a large number of tapas bars.

Throughout the walk we will cross forests and farmland following the old Roman paved roads and we will cross beautiful medieval bridges. In the city of Melide, the Primitive Way joins the French Way.

In Santiago de Compostela we can obtain our “Compostela” certificate and we can visit its beautiful old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Camino de Santiago Itinerary from Lugo



In Lugo is located one of the best preserved Roman walls in Europe that extends for more than 2 kms around the historic center of the city. We recommend you to take a walk through the beautiful old town, following the wall. It is also recommended to taste the delicious pinchos in the bars and restaurants of the Plaza de Santa María.


From Lugo to Ferreira - 26km

We will start the Camino passing by the Cathedral through the door of the old wall of the city of Lugo, this door is called Porta Miñá (referring to the Miño River). We will advance to the neighborhood of San Lázaro and cross an old Roman bridge. After walking a few kilometers, we will pass through a national monument converted into a museum called Santa Eulalia de Bóveda, which houses some of the most fascinating medieval paintings of the entire Iberian Peninsula. We will continue to San Román da Retorta through farms and forests.


From Ferreira to Melide - 21km

The Primitive Way continues through old forest tracks that are used today, these forest tracks serve to connect small towns and villages in the area such as Seixalvo, Xende, Ferreira and Merlan. We will continue the Camino de Toques until we reach the historic city of Melide in the province of A Coruña. In Melide, the Primitive Way meets the French Way. It is recommended to taste the octopus in Melide as well as try the traditional Melide anise cakes.


From Melide to Arzúa - 14km

We will continue advancing towards Arzúa, at the exit of Melide we will coincide with pilgrims proceeding from the French Way, we will continue through forest paths, crossing many streams and meadows towards the town of Boente where we will see the Church of St James. We will cross the picturesque village of Ribadiso and then we will arrive at Arzúa.


From Arzúa to Amenal - 23km

Today our Camino  will pass through beautiful forests, quiet villages and streams throughout the day. We will have the opportunity to visit the Chapel of Santa Irene with its famous statue of St James. We will also cross the beautiful village of Rúa. We will continue along rural roads until we reach Amenal. We also have the possibility of doing this route in a more relaxed way staying overnight in Rúa.


From Amenal to Santiago de Compostela - 21km

Once we leave Amenal, the next destination will be Lovacolla outside of Santiago de Compostela where pilgrims usually wash in the river preparing for their arrival in the city of Santiago de Compostela. We will continue our pilgrimage along the Monte do Gozo and from here we can contemplate the Cathedral of Santiago. Once we get to Santiago we can admire its rich local architecture and delight in its historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We must arrive in time to Santiago to participate in the Pilgrim's Mass.
If we want to make this route easier, we can choose to spend the night in the village of Lavacolla from Camino to Santiago.


Santiago de Compostela

In Santiago de Compostela, the French Way ends. It is advisable to visit the city center well before returning home, so we advise asking for additional nights or guided tours through the historic center of the city. The excursions to Finisterre or to the Cíes Islands are also recommendable.

Camino de Santiago Accommodations from Lugo

Accommodation in hotels, country homes, guesthouses, traditional Galician homes and charming hostels.

All rooms have a private bathroom and all the necessary facilities to ensure your comfort. Our accommodations have been selected to guarantee your rest and relaxation so that you have a pleasant stay along the Camino de Santiago.

All of the accommodations that we offer are personally checked on-site by our team. We also double check them by referring to the opinions of our customers.

Since we work with quality accommodations that have limited capacity, the exact name of the accommodation will be provided 30 days before the start of the Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago Services from Lugo


Accommodation in hotels, traditional Galician homes, country homes, and charming hostels.

Rooms with private bathroom.

Meal plan of your choice.

Luggage transport between stages.

Complete itinerary of the route.

24 hours Telephone assistance on route.

Assistance vehicle in case of emergency.

Informative dossier on the Camino de Santiago.



Additional single room: €168 per person.

Extra night in Santiago: €55 per person.

Transfer from Santiago (includes airport) to Lugo: €140.

Travel assistance insurance: €21 per person.

Cancellation insurance: €14 per person.

About the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago

We want to talk to you now about follow the route of the Camino de Santiago Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela. It Is one of the most beautiful routes among all the possible itineraries of the Camino de Santiago.

So, in addition to the reasons why, we want to offer you all the necessary information about the route. From the best time of the year to complete it out to the main points of interest. Everything you need will always be in the hands of Santiago Ways.

Why choose the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela?

There are different reasons to complete a route of the Camino de Santiago or another. However, the incentives that the Camino Primitivo has are very special and are reserved mainly for nature lovers. We want to talk to you below about all the reasons for completing this route.

1.-The beauty of its landscapes: A feature that highlights all the people who go on the Camino de Santiago Primitivo are its spectacular landscapes. The name of Camino Primitivo comes precisely from being the original route of the Camino de Santiago. It had to be done through the mountains to avoid the dangers of Muslim invaders.

So, today we can also enjoy the beauty of its landscapes: deep valleys, beautiful views and long paths in the middle of the forests of northern Spain. Many reasons for those who feel a special predilection for nature.

2.- Its history and heritage: The Camino Primitivo is the hardest route on the Camino de Santiago. As we have said, this route was the first and eventually left its place to other more accessible ones, such as the Camino Frances. However, this millennial character has an added attraction: The history and heritage that for more than 1,000 years has been preserved throughout its entire journey.

That is why we reserve points of special historical and patrimonial interest of all times such as the Roman walls in the city of Lugo, the beautiful town of Arzúa or the Cathedral de Santiago. Thus, the lovers of history and western culture have an appointment with the Camino Primitivo desde Lugo.

3.-It is the least difficult stretch within the Camino Primitivo: Although the complete Camino Primitivo is the most demanding, the main pitfalls are on the route from Oviedo to Lugo. Later, the path of the Camino Primitivo joins the Camino Frances in the town of Melide. From here, the demand for the road is progressively declining. That is why it is a route that brings together the rugged beauty of the Camino Primitivo with the facilities of the Camino Frances. A mixture that constitutes another reason for itself.

4.-Without agglomerations: The Camino Primitivo does not have as much affluence as other routes, for example, that of the Camino Frances. That means fewer pilgrims and more available services and, of course, more peace of mind.

Along with the great connection with nature that this route offers us on the way, it should be noted that we can do it with great calm and in relative solitude whenever we wish.

We say this because there are also pilgrims who are followers of the Camino Primitivo who, normally, after having done it once always want to repeat the experience.

Peregrinos caminando

5.- Duration: The duration of the Camino Primitivo desde Lugo is another of its points in its favour. It has a total of 7 stages, which makes it ideal for different vacation periods such as summer or Easter. This is a very persuasive reason when it comes to organizing our pilgrimage in advance.

We would like to remind you that with Santiago Ways it is possible to make your route at any time of the year without having to book very early. In addition, you will be in the best hands and have the care you deserve.

Information about the route of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

The route of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela it has a length of 111 kilometres. It leaves from the beautiful city of Lugo, where we will be able to soak up all the history that it contains and covering several periods of western history and culture.

It ends in the city of Santiago de Compostela, where we can culminate our pilgrimage, receiving our ' Compostela ', precisely because it is a route of more than 100 kilometres. It is a much harder route than others during its first stretch but later it becomes much easier.

Either way, it is the least difficult path within the route as a whole of the Camino Primitivo.

Route of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

Maps of the Camino de Santiago from Lugo

We offer you the maps of the route of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago. With them, you will be able to know in advance the points of the route and the places that you will visit along it.

Lugo - Ferreira

Mapa de Lugo a Ferreira

Map stage from Lugo to Ferreira

Ferreira - Melide

Mapa de Ferreira a Melide

Map stage from Ferreira to Melide

Melide - Arzúa

Mapa de Melide a Arzua

Map stage from Melide to Arzua

Profiles of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo

We offer you the information regarding the profile of how the route of the Camino de Santiago is. With this, you will be able to have the information about its altitude, its highest points and, in general, everything necessary to know the relative hardness of the stages. As we have said previously, the difficulty of this route descends notably with respect to the previous one that departs from Oviedo.

Lugo - Ferreira

Perfil de Lugo a Ferreira

Profile stage from Lugo to Ferreira

Ferreira - Melide

Perfil de Ferreira a Melide

Profile stage from Ferreira to Melide

Melide - Arzúa

Perfil de Melide a Arzua

Profile stage from Melide to Arzua

Stages on foot on the Camino Primitivo from Lugo

We also want to give you the information about the different stages that you will walk with Santiago Ways. With this, you can have information to be able to get an idea of the route that awaits you and the number of places we will visit.

Stages by bicycle on the Camino Primitivo from Lugo

And for those of you who prefer to do the bike route, we also talk about what are the stages that you will cover on your pilgrimage on the Camino Primitivo desde Lugo to Santiago.

How long does the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela take?

As we have said before, the length of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo is 111 kilometres. The Pilgrimage is distributed in a total of 7 stages with their corresponding 6 nights in the best hotels by the hand of Santiago Ways. This duration makes it ideal for almost any time of the year taking advantage from the Christmas break until the summer and, of course, Easter.

The best time to do the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

We want to give you some advice about the best time of the year to complete the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela. It is true that, basically, this criterion can vary depending on the tastes of each of us.

However, you should consider some indications, especially for this route because it is one that transits in part over mountains. These indications, however, are much more flexible than they were for the previous section.


Spring is an ideal time to make the Camino de Santiago in general and the Camino Primitivo in particular. Temperatures will be mild but the risk of precipitation increases. Therefore, we recommend you to go with the clothing necessary for what you may encounter.

In this season is Easter which gives us an ideal period of time to make our pilgrimage from Lugo. At the same time and as a result of passing through beautiful natural surroundings we will be able to enjoy all the colours of the spring in its maximum splendour.

Primavera Camino Primitivo


Summer is the Pilgrims' favourite time for several reasons. The first one is that they have more time to complete the Camino. At the same time, and as a consequence of the oceanic climate in the whole area, the temperatures are mild and fresh: Another incentive to "flee" from the heat of the rest of Spain. However, it is a time of year when we can find many more pilgrims than during the rest of the year.

Although the Camino Primitivo does not have overcrowding problems, the situation can change from its union with the Camino Frances. However, this is not a problem with Santiago Ways as we take care of everything. By the way, from July 15th to 31st are the festivities in Santiago de Compostela!


Autumn is the time of year with greater instability from October. However, the month of September is a good time to take advantage of the good temperatures that still continue from summer.

This is why we recommend this month to do so, taking into account that the risk of precipitation may increase. Despite everything, the beauty of the deciduous forests will make everything worthwhile.


Completing the Camino Primitivo in winter is not advisable for the previous stretch that departs from Oviedo. It Is because almost all of it travels through mountains where temperatures can be very low and, at the same time, precipitations fall more frequently in the form of snow. However, for the route that leaves from Lugo, this is not an excessive problem.

It Is true that it is still a time when we can find a colder climate and a higher risk of precipitation: However if you are a lover of adventure with Santiago Ways it is possible to make the Camino Primitivo also in this season.

Guide to the places you cannot miss on the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

We have prepared a list of places of special interest on the route of the Camino Primitivo desde Lugo. Among them are some which have an interest because of their beauty, their history or what they represent. However, we have also wanted to include the best restaurants along the route, as well as the hotels in which you will be staying with the help of  Santiago Ways.

Points of interest

We will begin by talking about the places that have an interest in their culture, history or beauty. They are places for you to pass through and, of course, you can't miss out for anything in the world.

Santa Eulalia de Boveda

Located on the stage between Lugo and Ferreira is this sanctuary in the last stage of the Roman Empire. In particular, this magnificent monument has more 1700 years of history behind it and leaves no one indifferent.

Although in Roman times it was dedicated to the cult of the Goddess Cibeles, later she went on to devote herself to Santa Eulalia, persecuted by the Romans themselves as a result of their religion. The mural that it houses inside is the most important of the Roman era and by extension one of the most historical and cultural value in Europe.

Santa Eulalia Boveda

The Historic town of Melide

Melide, besides being the point where the Camino Primitivo and the Camino Frances meet, is a site of great historical interest. This is seen in his old town that has watched the centuries pass through its streets. As an anecdote, you only have to say that it has the oldest cross of all Galicia, which is already saying a lot. Its square and its Chapel of Santa Maria de Melide are obligatory stops for the pilgrim.



After leaving Melide we will be able to lose ourselves in the wonderful Arzúa, a green haven of tranquillity that welcomes the pilgrim when they have little left to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela. The Church of Santiago de Arzúa or the curious fountain in its square are two places that you cannot miss.

Where to sleep – The best hotels

With Santiago Ways, you will stay in the best hotels along the entire route of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo. We want you to have the treatment you deserve and especially the rest you've earned. Here we leave you some pictures of them.

Where to eat – The best restaurants

And as eating is very important, and eating well is a marvel during the pilgrimage to Santiago, we also want to recommend some of the best restaurants that you will find.

Restaurante Casa Alongos

In The town of Melide, we will be able to taste some of the best Galician specialities and of homemade cuisine in a very cosy atmosphere at very affordable prices. We recommend you to visit this place during your stay in the city of Melide.

Restaurante en Melide

Restaurante Ultreia

In the locality of Amenal, you will be able to enjoy the best of the local cuisine and, at the same time, of its characteristic generosity. In this restaurant in addition to excellent service for the pilgrim, we will be able to get our fill of all the best of  Galician cuisine, one of the most varied and delicious in our country.

Restaurante O Sendeiro

In the city of Santiago de Compostela, we should give ourselves the homage that we deserve in this grill where meats, like ox, are their speciality. It has a cosy and very warm atmosphere for the pilgrim who has just arrived in the city of Santiago the Apostle. Warm up and enjoy the experience.

O Sendeiro

Origin of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago

King Alfonso II was the one who, after knowing the discovery of the body of Santiago the Apostle, had a tomb built for him. He began his pilgrimage to the city of Santiago and did it precisely by the route of the Camino Primitivo. It was a complicated time when the Muslim conquest had just happened.

In fact, in the 9th century, the only safe route to avoid the attacks was the one that ran from Oviedo through rugged ways and mountains. Over time, other simpler routes were becoming an alternative. However, the incentive of the Camino de Santiago Primitivo from Lugo is still more alive than ever. That's why it is the Camino of Kings.

The Camino Primitivo from Lugo with Santiago Ways

Ideal footwear for the Camino Primitivo from Lugo

Other sections of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo

Other users' opinions about the Camino Primitivo from Lugo

For you to encourage yourself to complete the Camino de Santiago with Santiago Ways, we leave you the opinion of other users who have already done it with us.

In all probability they will make you see everything that is waiting for you in this magnificent adventure that is the Camino de Santiago.

Karen Srajer
Karen Srajer
We took the French Way, Leaving from Saint Jean Pied de Port. Santiago Ways booked our rooms the entire trip and make sure our luggage was transported. The rooms were a delight the walk was wonderful. Santiago Ways made sure to have support for us on the trip as well as needed. I would highly recommend this company. The entire group was a delight to work with and Cristiana on it especially was helpful.If we should decide to do another way, we would definitely use this company.
Diane Nunez
Diane Nunez
This was our first time in Spain and first time walking on a daily basis. Santiago Ways answered our many questions and concerns over many emails. We started our walk September 1st 2019 in Sarria and took 10 days to walk to Santiago de Compostela. Santiago Ways booked our lodging in 10 different places along with luggage transfers. We asked that all breakfasts,dinner and picnic lunch be included. Our accommodations varied from Albergues. Inns, Boutique hotel, to Bed and Breakfast. We truly enjoyed our picnic lunch as we could stop anywhere and enjoy the view. The accommodations - private room and private bathroom as we requested were not disappointing. We would recommend Santiago Way to anyone that needs some assistance in walking The Way.
Richard Luna
Richard Luna
I changed my itinerary about 10 times before finalizing my vacation, 2 weeks prior to my trip date. Santiago Ways (Sara Mateo) was so polite and understanding throughout the entire process. My wife and I loved our great 2 week walk on the Camino. Every reservation, baggage transfer, excursion and transportation worked out exactly as planned. Thank you Sara for our memorable vacation.
Mark Nichols
Mark Nichols
This is a very professional company that helped create a fantastic journey. My contact person, Ylenia, responded to my emails and answered my questions. I highly recommend this company.
Kat Cust
Kat Cust
I have walked with Santiago Ways twice and have been impressed by their professionalism and services both times. I wanted to support a Spanish company for the walks, and found them to be a competitive option - in a crowded industry. Am planning to walk with them again as I’ve enjoyed my caminos so much!
Richard Luna
Richard Luna
I changed my itinerary about 10 times before finalizing my vacation, 2 weeks prior to my trip date. Santiago Ways (Sara Mateo) was so polite and understanding throughout the entire process. My wife and I loved our great 2 week walk on the Camino. Every reservation, baggage transfer, excursion and transportation worked out exactly as planned. Thank you Sara for our memorable vacation.
Richard Luna
Richard Luna
I changed my itinerary about 10 times before finalizing my vacation, 2 weeks prior to my trip date. Santiago Ways (Sara Mateo) was so polite and understanding throughout the entire process. My wife and I loved our great 2 week walk on the Camino. Every reservation, baggage transfer, excursion and transportation worked out exactly as planned. Thank you Sara for our memorable vacation.
Rachel Mckeeve
Rachel Mckeeve
We recently walked part of the Camino de Santiago Trail. Our trip was arranged by Santiago Ways. We were part of a larger group we had a tour guide and our luggage was transferred each day. Our trip was an immense success, everything went very smoothly and that in part was down to Veronica who arranged the trip. She was very helpful throughout the whole planning procedure even arranging for a private transfer from the airport to Sarria, our start point. I would recommend Santiago Ways and Veronica and would definitely use them again.
Eilish Bye
Eilish Bye
After comparing several agencies, our group of 7 decided to go with Santiago Ways for our first Camino experience as they offered an all round better price for our customised package that included insurance, meals, accommodation, luggage transfers and any required transportation to accommodation. The booking process was straightforward, they responded quickly to various enquiries and changes that we requested and they provided guidance on preparation and the Camino route which we referred to throughout our trip.We had a couple of issues including one of our group injuring her ankle but Santiago Ways were available 24 x 7 and they resolved everything efficiently including all communications required with local accommodation providers, taxis etc. which was very reassuring. Pilgrims we met who organised their accommodation en route had to deal with lack of accommodation in some locations and then they had to organise transport to and from the nearest hostels. We didn’t have any stress like this at all which left us free to enjoy the stunning scenery and great camaraderie on this wonderful trip. We will use Santiago Ways again and we can highly recommend them.
Kerry Mannette
Kerry Mannette
I booked my Camino de Santiago for Sept 2019 through Santiago Ways and the company made the experience absolutely wonderful. Vanessa Veiga was a pleasure to deal with, very professional and informative and made it very easy to arrange the entire trip. The accommodations and board booked through Santiago ways were amazing, we were very pleased with the diversity (B&B, hotel, hostel) of the accommodations along with the service and cleanliness of the accommodations. The luggage transfer worked flawlessly. I would rate Santiago Ways 10 out of 10 and recommend them to anyone looking to book their Camino.
Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson
I was so pleased with the trip Santiago Ways set up for me to Walk The Camino Francés. My first experience was when I requested a quote in October 2018 for a August 2019 walk. Ylenia went above and beyond to answer all our questions and to provide numerous options for me before I made my final decision on the trip. She was patient and thorough as I gathered information. Her follow up was amazing and her attention to detail was very assuring! Once I booked the trip she continued sending updates until we departed for Spain. Once we arrived in Spain Ylenia and the Operations team stayed in touch via email to answer any questions. The hotel accommodations for 39 days were all wonderful and the baggage transfer was perfect. Every day our bags were at the hotel by the time we arrived. One day my friend left her hat in the hotel room and Santiago Ways Operation team sent an email saying the hat would be waiting at our next hotel. That’s going “above and beyond”. I highly recommend using Santiago Ways for your Camino!!!!! We walked with numerous people who had used other companies and they all thought Santiago Ways had the best hotels. I’ve already referred a friend to them and definitely will use them for my next Camino. Thank you Santiago Ways!!!!!!!!
Alison McEvoy
Alison McEvoy
Ylenia Conesa from Santiago Ways was very helpful answering all my question prior to my Camino trip. A truly memorable experience beautifully organised by Santiago Ways
Chantal Ryan
Chantal Ryan
This was a great experience from start to finish. From the on-line booking team that answered my numerous questions and comminucated with me in an efficient and friendly manner to the amazing guide we had and the quality of the hotels we stayed in. It all exceeded my expectations
Jon Lucas
Jon Lucas
Excellent company with excellent staff, couldn't fault their organisation and execution of my Camino walk. My special thanks to Ylenia who looked after my bookings and organised things for me.
Fantastic service and Ylenia Conesa who handled the booking was a delight and very efficient
Jasmine Pantuso
Jasmine Pantuso
Santiago Ways, and our advisor Ylenia Conesa , provided an outstanding travel experience! Ylenia answered every question that I had during my trip planning process! The accommodations were absolutely charming, and the food was perfect! Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!
Yuko Fujita
Yuko Fujita
Celebrating 60th birthday, we walked 100 kilos for 10 days. No pain and no blisters. Santiago ways transported our luggage on time every day even we changed one of the hotel to Paradores. Taxis were always on time waiting for us. All hotels were clean, friendly and conveniently located. The food and buildings and history of each accommodations were all unique and wonderful! I will use Santiago ways for my next Camino. Andriana was very helpful. Thank you! Muchas Gracias!
Yana Mileva
Yana Mileva
We booked our "Camino" trip via this agency. Our agent was Vanessa and we are ecstatic with the service! The booking went very smoothly. All our questions were answered and all our wished addressed in a very quick manner. Actually, the agency had to ping us a few times via email and WhatsApp, as we were the ones too slow to answer them. They even made arrangements for us to take our dog on the trip and book the appropriate hotels. The luggage transfer was wonderful. We had a pickup from Santiago to our starting point on "Camino" that also worked perfectly. We can highly recommend the services of this agency. I have to admit that I have not compared prices and if there is something cheaper on the market, but the service we received here was impeccable. We had a wonderful trip and are planing to come back next year and walk another "Camino" again. Buen Camino everyone!
Peggy White
Peggy White
Walking the Camino was the best experience of my life! Partially because I had such a great support crew of Santiago Ways! I worked with Vanessa Veiga who organized my trip to suit my needs. When some details needed to be changed, she kindly worked with me to make it happen. My accommodations were all very different- from Casa Rurals to hostels to Pensions, but they were all excellent. The luggage transfer worked perfectly, too. I highly recommend this company to anyone planning to walk the Camino!
Tamir Shemer
Tamir Shemer
excellent experience with Santiago way team, all that was promised accomplished to the last detail , the transportation, the hotels choices , the path segment choice, the information provided ,the luggage transfer just a perfect vacation
mary ellen canal
mary ellen canal
Santiago Ways is the perfect agency to help you plan you Camino de Santiago.Since the first day that i wrote my email the response was very fast, gladly i began speaking to the agent Vanessa Viega and she made sure i had all the information and helped me plan everything, she was really great .i really enjoyed my Camino, i was looking forward for it and it did satisfied my expectations.This experience for me was the most special in my life, i am really thinking about doing it again starting in Portugal
Winston Fernandez
Winston Fernandez
I used Santiago Ways on my first Camino in March this year. The trail that I did was from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela. The experience was truly fantastic ….. mainly because of Santiago Ways.My contact person at Santiago Ways was Vanessa Veiga. Right from the onset Vanessa was extremely helpful , sensitive and very attentive to all my requests. She responded swiftly to all my mails. She selected the right hotels which were excellent and the luggage always arrived on time.I am planning my second Camino next April and I would continue to use Santiago Ways and in particular Vanessa. Thanks a million Vanessa and continue the good work to all the pilgrims who want to experience a true Camino.Winston FernandezKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Marion Tilley-Vyner
Marion Tilley-Vyner
Santiago Ways made it possible for me to do the pilgrimage. At 69 I did not like the idea of staying in a hostal, I like a bit of privacy and comfort! And I could not have done the walking while carrying my luggage. Adriana at Santiago Ways helped me work out my route and booked hotels and luggage transfers. Also, having them there in case I had any problems, was very reassuring. Adriana was only a phone call away. I recommend using Santiago Ways for anyone having doubts about doing the pilgrimage - they make it so much easier!
Tammy Shain
Tammy Shain
Vanessa was awesome and we loved Santiago Ways! We had a group of 8 college friends that were all around 50-years old. The deciding factor in choosing Santiago Ways was the group discount offered for groups of 6 or more. All other companies threshold for a discount was 10 people. Vanessa and the staff were awesome to work with throughout the process. We did the five day hike from Sarria to Santiago. We requested superior accommodations in places that were on the trail. The accommodations were top notch and 4 of the 5 places were directly on the trail. The exception was our night in Lavacolla in which we were .4 miles off the trail. It was our choice to stay in that location in order to have a shorter walk to Santiago on our final day so we could make the noon mass. We were pleasantly surprised at how clean each place was and they all had great bar and restaurant choices in close proximity - with the exception of Lavacolla so we recommend eating on-site - it was very good.
Sandi Frost Steensma
Sandi Frost Steensma
We had an excellent experience on the Camino with Santiago Ways. We had 14 women and everything was wonderful. We enjoyed the hotels, loved the daily luggage transport and the food was terrific. Santiago Ways communicated throughout our trip. We felt well-supported when we needed to make changes. Thank you!!
Beatriz Beltranena
Beatriz Beltranena
Santiago Ways is excellent they exceeded my expectations!! they do a great JOB and we had a "Buen Camino" in part thanks to them... lovely hotels.. flawless bag transfers and great great service!!! I would totally recommend them and please look for Vanessa she is the best.
Jan Schubert
Jan Schubert
My family and I used Santiago Ways to organize our recent pilgrimage from Lisbon to Porto. They did an excellent job booking us (as much as possible) into wonderful, small, family-run hotels and coping with the many changes dictated by "group" travel. In addition, one of us was traveling by bicycle whilst the rest were walking, necessitating even more planning which Santiago Ways did with patience and grace. We recommend using Santiago Ways for Camino support and planning!!! Jan Schubert
Jill Scher
Jill Scher
My family and I (6 of us) just finished walking the Lisbon to Porto section of the Camino Portuguese. It was a wonderful experience for us. The hotels we were booked into were well chosen and the food was great. We also found the path to be well marked making way finding fairly easy. A great relief as we had heard it was not well marked. Our luggage was efficiently transferred each day and everything ran very smoothly. Thank you Santiago Ways! We would definitely recommend your services to our friends. Jill
Kenneth E. Nowell
Kenneth E. Nowell
Santiago Ways made my memorable hike trouble-free. I had excellent hotels, tasty breakfasts, dependable baggage forwarding, informative advance information, and a dependable drive to deliver me to Sarria. I really appreciate their attention to detail!
Margo Gosia Barker
Margo Gosia Barker
We booked our El Camino with Santiago Ways and we were very lucky to have Silvia as our agent. She did a fantastic job organizing our trip, always promptly responding to our inquiries, impeccable English, all accommodations that she arranged for us were great, and our luggage was always delivered to the next location timely, before our arrivals to sites. I would definitely recommend Santiago Ways and ask for Silvia to be your representative.
Patricia Bazán
Patricia Bazán
This trip changed my life in ways I could not describe! I knew the hiking was going to be a challenge, but Santiago Ways made it so easy to plan and execute. They are truly the best and I am already planning my next trip with Santiago Ways and would not think of going anywhere else. Silvia Rivera was particularly helpful in the planning, as she answered all my questions patiently, and help me through the process. Great job, Guys, and I will see you next year!
Roberto Canto
Roberto Canto
Have just finished El Camino de Santiago from Sarria with the help of Santiago Ways. They have been extremely accesible from day one. The transfer of the luggage throught the five days was impecable, always finding the luggage in the room on every stage of the way. The food and lodging was very acceptable. If I were to do it again I would not hesitate to contact them once more for their assistance! "Buen camino".
Edmee Flores
Edmee Flores
Our experience with Santiago Ways was flawless. We highly recommend this outfit for your Santiago way experience. A perfect 10!
Barbara Melinska
Barbara Melinska
Very nice experience. Good and professional organization.Nice and friendly environment during the event. Recommended 100 %. Saludos para Jose 😉
Hanna Ringel
Hanna Ringel
Simply put - an incredible experience! This agency looks after every last detail. I walked the last 100 km of the Camino with their help and I definitely want to go back soon and do a longer part of the route. When that happens (which I hope is soon) I'll definitely be using Santiago Ways again! Thanks for everything.
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The Camino de Santiago from Lugo
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