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The Camino de Santiago from Ferrol

Distance: 126 Km

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Meals: Half Board or Only Breakfast

Accomodation: Hotels and Country Cottages

Price: From 445€ per person

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The Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) from Ferrol is known as the English Way (or “Camino Inglés” in Spanish): The English Way has only one route, from Ferrol to Santiago, which became popular because most pilgrims who took this route to get to Santiago were from the British Isles and Ireland. 

The English Way begins in the city of Ferrol, as this was the port where the pilgrims first arrived. Along our trek to Santiago, we will pass through many emblematic towns, such as Pontedeume or Betanzos.

We will also cross through the interior region of Galicia, which is known for its lush forests and green countryside.


Camino de Santiago Itinerary from Ferrol



Ferrol is an important coastal city in Galicia due to its port and strategic military position. We recommend visiting Ferrol’s white sandy beaches, where it is typical for people to go surfing.


From Ferrol to Pontedeume - 30km

The port of Ferrol dates back to the 9th century, and this is where we will begin our hike. We will leave the city of Ferrol heading in the direction of the Monastery of San Martino de Xubio from the 8th century. During our journey to the monastery we will get to enjoy walking along a beautiful coastal path. Once we reach the Monastery of San Martino de Xubio, we continue along the Camino de O Salto until reaching the banks of the Eume Estuary, where the Camino de O Salto joins the Camino Real. Once in A Magdalena we can rest and enjoy its stunning beach, which is known for the color of its sand.


Optional: From Ferrol to Pontedeume with an overnight in Neda - 15km y 15km

If walking 30km in a single day is too much, we can choose to spend the night in the beautiful city of Neda, dividing the stage from Ferrol to Pontedeume into two stages of 15km each.


From Pontedeume to Betanzos - 22km

Once we leave Pontedeume, we will continue on our journey while enjoying some spectacular views over Betanzos, Ares and Ferrol. We will continue to follow the trail until reaching Miño, where we will get to cross a medieval stone bridge over the Baxoi River. We will continue on our way along the coast until we reach the estuary of the Lambre River, from where we can take in beautiful views of the Betanzos Rias and its marshes. In Betanzos we can check out various artistic and historic buildings.


From Betanzos to Bruma Meson do Vento - 29km

We will continue to follow the English Way crossing the Mendo River on the As Cascas bridge. Then we will cross through the towns of Matino and Boucello, and after we will have the opportunity to pass by the hermitage of San Paio, which is abandoned. We will continue until reaching Bruma Meson do Vento, popular for its medieval hospital.


From Bruma Meson do Vento to Sigüeiro - 29km

As we leave Bruma we will enter the green countryside of Ordes. We will pass by the Church of San Xiao and the Casanova village before ultimately arriving at Sigüeiro.


Upon leaving the town of Sigüeiro, we will cross the bridge over the Tambre River. The trail continues parallel to the river until we reach Fontana de Inglés, where we will continue on our way until reaching Meixonfrio, a historically popular place where pilgrims would rest. We will continue until we reach Santiago de Compostela, where we can admire its magnificent cathedral and enjoy the city’s unique charm.


The English Way ends in Santiago de Compostela. We recommend thoroughly visiting the city center before returning home, so please feel free to ask us about additional nights or tours in the historic center of the city. Trips to Finisterre or the Cíes Islands are also recommended.

Camino de Santiago Accommodations from Ferrol

Accommodation in hotels, country homes, guesthouses, traditional Galician homes and charming hostels.

All rooms have a private bathroom and all the necessary facilities to ensure your comfort. Our accommodations have been selected to guarantee your rest and relaxation so that you have a pleasant stay along the Camino de Santiago.

All of the accommodations that we offer are personally checked on-site by our team. We also double check them by referring to the opinions of our customers.

Since we work with quality accommodations that have limited capacity, the exact name of the accommodation will be provided 30 days before the start of the Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago Services from Ferrol


Accommodation in hotels, traditional Galician homes, country homes, and charming hostels.

Rooms with private bathroom.

Meal plan of your choice.

Luggage transport between stages.

Complete itinerary of the route.

24 hours Telephone assistance on route.

Assistance vehicle in case of emergency.

Informative dossier on the Camino de Santiago.



Additional single room: €144 per person.

Extra night in Santiago: €55 per person.

Transfer from Santiago (includes airport) to Ferrol: €140.

Travel assistance insurance:: €18 per person.

Cancellation insurance: €12 per person.

The Camino de Santiago from Ferrol
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