Camino Lebaniego

The Camino Lebaniego is the route that starts in Santander and finishes at the precious Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana. The historical importance of this route comes from the Middle Ages, a time when every pilgrim who walked towards Compostela had to pass through Liébana.

Camino Lebaniego Route

But the Monastery of Liébana was not only a place of passage during the Middle Ages. For many pilgrims, the Camino Lebaniego was their only pilgrimage route, as their steps led them to venerate the remains of the Saint of Astorga that rest in the Monastery of Liébana.

This saint was given powers to work miracles and cure diseases. It is for this reason that some pilgrims, instead of continuing their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, were marked the Monastery of Liébana as the final destination.

Jubilee Holy Year on the Camino Lebaniego

The Camino Lebaniego, like the Camino de Santiago, has its own Jubilee years. In those times it is possible to obtain a plenary indulgence, the Jubilee grace. It grants forgiveness to all previously committed sins.

The Lebaniego Jubilee Holy Year Indulgence

To obtain indulgence during the Holy Year it is necessary to make a pilgrimage to the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana and there to pray a Creed, an Our Father and a prayer for the Pope. It is also necessary to confess or take communion either on the same day of arrival or a fortnight before the pilgrimage.

Finally, to achieve this so-called divine forgiveness, it is necessary to go to the Pilgrim’s Mass which is celebrated at 12 noon in the monastery church, on every day of the Lebanese Jubilee Years.

If you want to do the Camino Lebaniego from Santander to Santo Toribio, tell us when you want to go and how many people will accompany you. We can arrange it for you!

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    Dates of future Jubilee years on the Camino Lebaniego

    The last Jubilee Holy Year was celebrated in 2017. The next Holy Year in the Monastery of Liébana will be in 2023. Every time that April 16th, The feast day of Saint Toribio, falls on a Sunday, a Lebaniego Jubilee Holy Year is celebrated.

    During these dates, the Government of Cantabria organizes a multitude of activities, both cultural and religious, that are in the public interest. When it is the Lebaniego Jubilee Holy Year, the region is flooded with pilgrims and the Monastery of Santo Toribio is transformed into a small Jerusalem.

    Can the Camino Lebaniego be done if it’s not a Jubilee Holy Year?

    However, the Camino Lebaniego is a pilgrimage route that is frequently travelled, even if it is not a Holy Year. Therefore, if you would like to do it you can wait until 2023, as it will be  a Jubilee year, or start organizing it right now.

    Camino Lebaniego jubilee year

    On this route, as on other itineraries on the Camino de Santiago, you can enjoy a rich heritage, as well as an exquisite gastronomy. Some traditional dishes that you cannot miss, if you decide to do the Camino Lebaniego, are:

    • Lebaniego Stew
    • Dishes made with game meats
    • Its own high-quality ham and chorizo
    • Tostadillo (Sweet wine)

    If you want to have the support of a specialized agency to help you organize your pilgrimage to the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, whether it’s a Lebaniego Jubilee Holy Year or not, you can count on us. Get in contact with us on our web or on our Facebook and we will help you prepare for your adventure on the Lebaniego Way.

    Buen Camino!