Although a couple in general is a set of two people (or two animals, or two things), in this case when we talk about doing the Camino de Santiago as a couple we mean to do it with our loving partner. Traveling as a couple when love is alive is often an incredible experience: even the longest queue to enter a museum can be fun, when at another time or in another company it could be exasperating.

Knowing that the Camino de Santiago has something that generally makes things very special to the people who travel, it seems a more interesting context to live as a couple, but beware, it is a context very different from the dreamed vacations in the Caribbean!

3 tips to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple in a good mood

When we propose the idea of doing the Camino de Santiago, we must always consider some general, basic recommendations. When we want to embark on this adventure with our partner, these basic aspects take on another importance, simply because the approach in a couple is often different than alone or in a group; In couples the situations are lived with a different intensity, both for good and for bad, and in Santiago Ways we want you to enjoy the Camino with all your love and your positive energy.


do the Camino de Santiago as a couple

Choose your adventure!

Even though there are pilgrims who walk very few kilometers each day, they sleep in rural houses with great comforts and eat in the best restaurants, usually two types of pilgrims are given:

Those who wake up very early to finish the stage, reach the public hostel early and ensure a bed to sleep, or those who wake up later because they have booked a bed or a room in a private hostel and have the roof secured for the night.

In the second case the pilgrim makes his way more comfortably than the first, but without luxuries: he has a road map prepared in advance and a reserved accommodation, although it does seem important to comment that those different beds in most cases are far from being similar, being more comfortable those of private shelters, as a rule.

This second case is that of the pilgrim who could perfectly hire our services, so that we organize the accommodation according to the routes that he would like to do, regardless of whether he wants to do the Camino solo, as a couple, as a group or as a group with a guide.

If you plan to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple this is perhaps the first important decision that you should take: how do we pose our Camino or what kind of pilgrim we want to be, what experience do we want to live together?


 camino de santiago


In short, honeymoon or adventure? It’s important that we both want the same!

Do not forget about food or drink!

Sometimes the most obvious things are those that we have forgotten or that we have lost. This is one of them:

The moments when we are most tense usually occur when we are sleepy, hungry, thirsty or when we have ailments. Thinking that depending on the path we choose to do we will have more or less services to buy whatever we need, whether it is parapharmacy products for blisters, water, or some cookies, it is important that we inform ourselves very well about the coverage that we will have throughout Of our way in terms of services and in case it is scarce, always try to keep some minimums with us.

Taking into account how links are usually established in couples, controlling our resources seems an especially important aspect if we are to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple, thus avoiding that we can light a perfectly avoidable wick, let love and good vibes!

Understand the energy of the Camino

One of the things that you must keep in mind if you want to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple, is that it is usual that even if we start the Camino in a group we will want to have some moments for ourselves.

If this happens, do not take any of the parties as an offense! Respecting the other’s space is always fundamental, but in the Camino it is even more so. Why?

Considering that the Camino has something that impels us to look at ourselves, to evaluate us in some way, it invites us to meditate; this is why many people want to spend some time with themselves even if they do not do the Camino alone.

Undoubtedly these experiences of the Way will make us grow as people, and as a couple.


enjoy St. James way

An experience that enriches love

In most cases, the people who have done the Camino discover something about themselves and their relationship with nature, which leaves them completely fascinated. When it comes to a couple, in many cases the relationship comes out stronger, freer and more conscious.

To live those sensations that the Camino brings us with the person we love is simply inexplicable.

Enjoy the Camino!

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