The Camino de Santiago is an experience that can be shared alone, in the company of others, in groups, or by bike. Do you think it is possible to do the Camino de Santiago with a dog?

Of course!

Your best friend can also accompany you on the route, because nothing better than walking in a team with your faithful companion.

During our years of experience, we have seen and helped hundreds of pilgrims who do the Camino de Santiago with a dog. We give you information if you are looking for an unforgettable adventure.

camino de santiago with a dog


Although it is not decisive, the budget to do the Camino de Santiago with your dog can vary according to your preferences, everything depends on the experience you want to have.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to know the cost and requirements to transport your pet from your place of origin to the place where you will start your route.

You must define the accommodation, many pilgrims choose to sleep with their pets in comfortable hostels on the Camino, and others prefer to stay in hostels.

camino de santiago with a dog


Travel time and distances depend, mainly, on each pilgrim. There are no correct deadlines and correct distances, it depends on what you can walk every day.

We recommend you calculate an average of 50 kilometers per day, and keep in mind that, you must do at least 100 kilometers in total, the minimum distance to obtain the accreditation of La Compostela.

And even if dogs do not need credentials, it is important that you plan a route in which your pet can go at your own pace.

The French Way or Camino Francés is ideal to do it with your dog. An excellent alternative is the route that starts from Sarria and ends in Santiago de Compostela. It comprises about 111 kilometers and is ideal for new pilgrims; In addition, it has more accommodation options for you and your dog.

camino de santiago with a dog


Rest after long hours is very important if you want to  join the Camino, the same goes for your dog.

If you decide to book in a hotel, boarding house or hostel, it could be an excellent option, because it includes services that provide more comfort and tranquility, and many of them allow you to sleep with your pet in the room.

If you are looking to live the Camino in another way, you can consider staying in hostels, but you should know that your dog should sleep in the yard, or in a suitable place for pets, because pets are not allowed in the rooms.

camino de santiago with a dog


Beyond the preparation that a person must have to do the Camino de Santiago, you should know that with the dog it is exactly the same.

If your dog is not used to doing sports, a few months before starting the pilgrimage, you should take him for long walks, or run a few kilometers to measure his resistance.

Take your dog to the veterinarian to be out of order, put a flea and antigrapher pipette, and if possible, a chip so you can locate it in case it gets lost.

The food is very important. You can not carry kilos of feed for the entire trip, but always carry something in case you do not find where to buy.

camino de santiago with a dog


You can carry in your backpack a foldable waterproof drinker, is very practical and it does not take up much space or is very heavy.

If you have planned that your dog feeds only feed, take a plastic bag with you to give him his daily ration.

Do not worry too much about where you are going to buy the food because almost every day you go through a town where you can find a supermarket or veterinarian where you can buy food.

camino de santiago with a dog


During the tour, you will go through areas where you must walk on the road. Do not forget to tie it or control it carefully.

Hydrate your dog constantly. If it is very hot, try to wet it every bit.

Thank and congratulate your dog at the end of the stages. You can also massage their legs and some pampering that does not hurt.

Prepare well the pads and footwear for its egs. You can carry a special care cream in your backpack.

Always carry its documents: Health veterinary certificate, proof of vaccination against rabies, microchip identification certificate and vaccination card. They can be useful if there is an emergency during the trip.

You must help take care of the Camino Do not forget the poop bags!

If you need help to organize Camino de Santiago with your dog

We can help you!

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