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For the people that live in Santiago de Compostela and in general for the people who visit the city every day it is usual to see how a pilgrim breaks in crying in front of the Cathedral at the end of his way.

And how not to do it if they walked motivated to fulfill a promise turn a dream into reality break their own limits or find oneself … These are just some of the reasons that lead many people to do the Camino de Santiago

Maybe it is because of the passion and the emotions that so many people decide to do it for a good cause. Twinning solidarity and reflection are perhaps the words that the pilgrims repeat the most when they remember the experience.

There are so many reasons to do the Camino de Santiago but sometimes, it may happen that you do not have the resources but just having a great motivation, or maybe a physical limitations make it impossible.

Thinking of all those who want to travel the Jacobean routes motivated by a good cause and being aware of the importance of building a better world Santiago Ways has created the Solidarity Fund.

fondo solidario

 What is the Solidarity Fund?

The Santiago Ways Solidarity Fund aims to support and encourage the creation and financing of projects and activities focused on the conservation and promotion of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Camino de Santiago, in addition to its historical and spiritual wealth.

This initiative is part of our commitment to society with sustainable and responsible tourism and to the protection of the natural environment of the different pilgrimage routes that form part of the Camino de Santiago.

What kind of projects or activities we support?

Santiago Ways supports initiatives that promote respect for the environment encourage sustainable tourism benefits communities or have an inspiring cause for personal development related to the Camino de Santiago.

In addition, we attend the requests of other solidarity projects.

What benefits obtains the selected projects or activities?

Up to € 1,000 of financial support in the project or activity

Marketing and promotion actions.

Assistance, Consultancy and Logistics.

Who selects the projects or activities?

The selection of  the projects or activities is carried out by the team of Santiago Ways experts based on the information presented, and the analysis of the positive impact that they could have for the Camino de Santiago.

How to participate?

In case you are interested, you can send us your proposal to the email [email protected], with the subject “Santiago Ways Solidarity Fund”.

Do not forget to take into account the following information!

It will be necessary to present the following sections in order to be able to study the collaboration:

  • Title of the project
  • Project manager
  • Brief explanation
  • Objectives
  • Total cost of the project
  • Amount requested to the Santiago Ways Solidarity Fund.
  • Term of execution / Schedule
  • Place of execution

Need a bit of inspiration?

Cleaning the Way

Mike and Rochelle of “A Greener Future” walked 650 kilometers from Portugal to Spain and collected almost 6,000 pieces of trash along the way. They shared daily updates with their followers on Facebook and Twitter and organized local garbage collection events in the way cities involving locals and other pilgrims and visitors.

fondo solidario

Road without limits

In the year 2016, between the months of September and October two brothers traveled together 800 km of the Santiago Way from Roncesvalles. What made this pilgrimage so special? That the little brother suffers cerebral palsy and a disability of 96%.

camino de santiago

“Revuélcate 2017”

The “Revuélcate 2017” initiative gathered this year a group of pilgrims who traveled the Camino de Santiago for a good cause from France to Compostela turning over a wheel of almost 100 kg for 17 days with the aim of raising funds for the fight against cancer and cystic fibrosis.

fondo solidario