In the stage 13 of the French Way, we’ll find a village as small as particular called Hornillos del Camino.

Hornillos del Camino is configured by the Camino and famous because of its huge hospitality. Do you want to know more about this kind township? From Santiago Ways we’ll tell you everything!

Something remarkable about this typically Castilian town is that it’s one of the best examples of a “pueblo camino”, Way-village or Jubilee village. Do you know what does it mean?


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By and for the Camino de Santiago

A Jubilee village is one which relation with the Camino de Santiago is so strong that configures its essence, its shape and its history. This town in the Burgos province has only one street, the Real Street, that is and has always been a path for pilgrims. Besides, the name of the village itself is a proof of the connection with the Camino, Hornillos del Camino – Hornillos “of the Way”.

Hornillos del Camino is one of the main appeals in the stage 13 of the French Way, thanks to its rural town planning with Jacobee fragance. We could admire here its small stone houses located in the purest Castilian landscape.


What will we find on the stage 13?

It’s important to underline that some guidebooks place in this village the end of the stage 13 and the beggining of the 14. However, we’ve always considered, according to the Consumer guide, that Hornillos del Camino is inside the 13 stage, 10 km away from Hontanas, end of the stage.

The 13 stage of the French Way starts by the Burgos Cathedral and is the door to the huge Castilian meseta. A path far away from the mundane noise where we’ll walk around a lonely landscape between barren plains; this is one of the most intimate stages, perfect for connecting with ourselves.


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After resting in Hornillos del Camino, the way penetrates into the wasteland Castilian landscape. This stage is charactized by the endless straight paths between wheat fields and the deeply yellow areas that the poet Manuel Machado was in love with.

It’s the ideal journey for meeting again with the spiritual idea of the Camino meanwhile we enjoy one of the modest medieval villages and the vision of the skyline.


Hornillos del Camino and its generous people

Almost a thousand years ago, Hornillos del Camino was already famous because of its impeccable pilgrim reception, giving them refuge and protection, being this a really interesting subject about this village.

When did all this kindness start?

In the year 1811 there was here a hospital for travellers that offered altruistic help to all the walkers in need. This tradition is still alive thank to the figure of Lourdes Lluc, who gave again a big impulse to this idea 25 years ago by creating, it is said, the first pilgrim hostel.


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The history of the first pilgrim hostel of the Camino

In the 1990, a veteran pilgrim inspired by her own experience, rented a house in the main street of Hornillos del Camino in order to host altruistically to all the pilgrims that passed by there. It was such an amazing act of generosity, hospitality and love for the most social concept of the Camino de Santiago.

Her idea encouraged others and soon more people wanted to join Lourdes initiative. Then time passed and the poject continued growing up, surpassing all the expectatives. In the year 1993, just three years after that, more than 100 people were part of the good cause: the association Hospitaleros Voluntarios had born.


Nowadays, this feeling lighted on by Lourdes gathers more tan 6.000 volunteers from 40 different nacionalities, all over the Camino de Santiago. Their task: taking care of us, pilgrims, informing us about the cultural patrimony, giving us a place to eat and rest, and so on.

In the number 29 of Real Street in Hornillos del Camino, we could see a commemorative plaque of this first hostel where this fraternity feeling was born. It’s a plaque about shared emotions and brotherhood that have helped hundreds of thousands travellers.

Lourdes story is truly inspiring, an idea that ilustrates the essence of the Camino.




The Camino de Santiago is a contrast between the self discovering and loneliness, and the most spontaneous friendship, magical maybe. Both experiences are possible thank to the colaboration of these other travellers and the neighbours that we find in each small village, being Hornillos del Camino a wonderful example.

We all have felt the hospitality to which we dedicated this post, would you like to tell us your experience? You could leave a comment or contact with us!




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