It depends on the point you start your journey that you may have more or less kilometres to go all over. For this reason, we are going to elaborate a guide which considers all time lengths and duration depending on your starting point.

As we have said previously, it depends on your starting point that you will last more or less time to arrive at Santiago.

No matter where you start your route or way that you will find different available options, among  them, the most noted we could mention are “el Camino Primitivo, el Camino Francés, el Camino del Norte, el Camino Portugués and el Camino Inglés”. ¿Is it your first time as al pilgrim and you don’t know how to choose your starting point? Don’t worry, here we will show you the most renowned starting points among the pilgrims of 2017 and 2018.


The most popular routes in 2017-2018

  • Sarria ranks first with 28% popularity among pilgrims. The distance to Santiago is 114km.
  • Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port ranks second with 13% popularity among pilgrims. The distance to Santiago is much greater than any other road with 781 km away.
  • The third most popular option is Porto with 9% of pilgrims. The distance to Santiago 235 km.
  • The fourth option is Tui, with 7% popularity among pilgrims. The distance to Santiago is 115 km.
  • The fifth option is León, with 4.2% popularity among pilgrims. The distance to Santiago is 309 km.
  • The sixth option is Ferrol with a 3.8% popularity among pilgrims. The distance to Santiago is 117 km.

Once you have been able to check the most popular options among pilgrims, you can adapt the starting point to your needs in order to do one of these ways on your holidays or vacations.

For the most fortunate and bravest pilgrims who have more than a month off on holiday, they can venture on the road from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port or from Roncesvalles in France. As we have mentioned previously, the starting point from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is about 781 km, it is logic that we need more than 25 days to finish it.

Nevertheless, if you just have a week of vacation, you can do the rute from closer points like Ferrol, Lugo, Tui or Sarria. The last one is the most popular with a 28% popularity.

For those fortunate pilgrims who have 15 days of vacation can consider some starting points such as Oporto, Oviedo or León. Oporto is the third most popular option among pilgrims.

Before starting a route or another, you should take into consideration your current physical state and you shouldn’t make excessive efforts. It is recommended to take breaks between stage and stage until you reach Santiago, if your body is not used to travel so many kilometers.

¿How many kilometres can we do in a day?

Those people who don’t consider theirselves professional athlettes, an acceptable average rate could be between 4 or 5 kilometer per hour. Moreover, we should’t do more than 25 kilometres per day. All of this is abide by the soil conditions and the weather that we find during the way.

Those pilgrims that get up early can do a tour of 5-6 hours and finish it at midday or before the evening.

So as to let you have an aproximate idea, from the most popular destinations such as Sarria (Lugo), the distance to Santiago de compostela is 144 kilometres. The days you will need to finish the way are 5-6 days.

For this reason, Sarria is ones of the most popular options among the pilgrioms this year 2018.

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