The Camino de Santiago is a geographical journey that crosses wonderful landscapes and charming villages, rich in culture, gastronomy and kindness. But we know it’s not just that! Today, we want to talk about the inner journey, because in Santiago Ways we find deeply interesting all the life lessons from the Camino in its intimate and its shared moments.

The Santiago Way is a fascinating trip through ourselves, our minds and our spiritual part, a way of reinvent ourselves in a brand new context, natural, without any ambitions. This way to see the Camino has inspired several books, like The immortal way, of  Jean-Christophe Rufin. Here you can read a very interesting post about this book.

Life lessons from the Santiago Way

A thousand years of travelling companion

This beautiful idea brings a whole new meaning to our journey from the first day. Something that truly wraps us in an indescribable feeling is to realize that the paths we’re walking were used by millions of pilgrims before us, for more than a thousand years! They will be like our ancestor and their life lessons about the Santiago Way create a whole tradition.

A dictionary of life lessons from the Santiago Way

The life lessons from the Camino are personal, but tranferables! We’re sure that those who had finished your pilgrimage will have lots of life lessons from the Santiago Way to share.

Each pilgrim will live the journey in his own way, each one of us will feel something different when stepping on the same path, admiring the same landscape or when he finds the same innkeeper. But if there’s an inevitable allegory, that’s the Camino as a metaphor of a life. Because our life is a way in which we learn, progress and meet other walker, don’t you think?

#1 The pilgrim cane: a support always help us to walk

If the Way is like the life, the pilgrim cane is like a friend. We remember the first time we walk the Camino, with the backpack full of excitement but, as is natural, along the different stages we were feeling more and more tired. Very soon we were able to understand how helpful was the pilgrim cane.

This made us think about when our lives get more complicated and about the similarity with being supported by a friend to feel stronger.

#2 The backpack as our other loads

It didn’t take us more than half stage to understand that the weight of our backpack was a huge impediment that made us tired and stoped us from progressing. So we decided to leave some of our stuff in the next village.

Other of the life lessons from the Santiago Way: the more we lighten the backpack, the easier and nicer will be the walk!

#3 Alternative stages are like life decisions

In the Santiago Way, like in the life, there are plenty possible paths. In the beginning we were having many hard times to decide the way we’ll walk; would be nicer the official one or the alternative? What we learnt after several dilemmas was that, at the end, there were wonderful landscapes and amazing monuments in all the options.

Life makes us decide between many possible ways and the best we can do is to trust in our own decisions.

#4 The end of each stage show us what we’re capable of!

One of the most popular life lessons from the Santiago Way is that every effort has its compensation. This is what we learn when we arrive to the hostel, remove the boots and have a nice dinner.

It’s a wonderful feeling and we learn from it that our sacrifices have a reward. It’s said that “no pain, no gain”; it’s important to know ourselves and understand what we’re capable of.

#5 Me and my circumstances

In the normal life we wear masks, it’s unavoidable. We see ourselves compelled to hide some characteristics of our personality at work, with friends or around our family. Life pushes us to pretend sometimes, to have a role, to behave following social rules in order to live serenely.

However, between the most valuable life lessons of the Santiago Way we find the possibility of opening ourselves to the world. In our journey we discover some sides of ourselves that we didn’t remember, because we move away from our habitual context: the office, the group of friends, the metro, the neighbors, the car… And what’s left is just us, without anything to feign, adapting and reinventing ourselves.

In this little documentary, a few people from different countries tell us about their own life lessons from the Santiago Way and how the trip changed them and their way to understand the world. Don’t miss it, it’s really interesting!

If you have any life lesson from the Camino de Santiago that you want to share with us, please do it! Contact us, write a comment in this post or write us on Facebook.

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