News and what’s happening on the Camino de Santiago

Pilgrim culture is so important, both in Spain and internationally, so it is common for news about the Camino de Santiago to occupy the front pages of the newspapers. However, the regional press of the communities that cross the Camino de Santiago are the ones that report the current pilgrim news.

It is common to find news about the Camino de Santiago on the front pages of the newspapers.

In this article on our blog, we will tell you what news about the Camino de Santiago has had the most coverage, during the last few years. Catch up on pilgrim news!

News about the continuous improvements on the Camino de Santiago routes

Since the Camino de Santiago routes began to be recuperated, at the end of the 19th century, the different pilgrim routes have undergone countless improvements, both in their signage and in their infrastructure. The Camino Frances is the most popular route and therefore, the one that has the greatest number of news reports in terms of its improvements.

One of the latest news reports referring to the improvements that are constantly made on the Camino Frances is the reinforcement of signals and widening of the route, in order to ensure the safety of pilgrims.

If you are interested in this route, we recommend the section of the Camino de Santiago from Sarria. Leave your details and details of the trip you would like to take and we will contact you to organize the perfect plan.

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    It is also news when one of the Camino de Santiago routes is recovered. As we explain in this article that we dedicate to the Camino de Ucles, which departs from Madrid.

    Holy year is always news

    Holy Year is always a cause for news. Every time the Xacobeo is held, the press is flooded with news about the different events that will take place on the Camino de Santiago.

    Therefore, during 2020 the press will closely follow all the current events of the Camino de Santiago, focusing mainly on the Xacobeo 2021. A year in which Santiago the Apostle Day falls on a Sunday.

    World Heritage Cataloguing

    In 1993, the press covered the news of the UNESCO Camino de Santiago. In principle, only the Camino Frances would be catalogued with this title. A few years later, the front pages of the newspapers were again filled with a very similar news story: “The Camino del Norte, the Camino Primitivo and the Camino Lebaniego are also included.”

    Films and works of art based on the Camino

    In this blog post, we would tell you that there are many works inspired by the pilgrim route and we have drawn up a list with the best books and films about the Camino de Santiago to know what you can live and feel during the pilgrimage.

    An example is the recording of a documentary about the Knights of Santiago that will be shot this summer in the vicinity of Asturias, Cuenca, Madrid, Granada and Leon. The recent presentation of the book “El Santo Grial” ( The Holy Grail) was also a success in Valencia.

    The rise in popularity of the Camino de Santiago always gives you something to talk about

    It is common for news to be published about the increasing popularity of the Camino de Santiago and as every year, a greater number of pilgrims visit the capital of Compostelana. At the end of 2019, the ABC newspaper published a news story about the new record numbers of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

    It is common for news to be published about the increase in popularity of the Camino de Santiago.

    The Camino de Santiago Awards

    The awards ceremony of the Camino de Santiago also usually generates a large volume of news. Every year the Xunta de Galicia convenes a contest in which the commitment and effort of collectives and individuals is rewarded.

    The competition, endowed with 55 million euros, aims to recognize the work carried out in the dissemination and research of pilgrim culture. In 2019, the work done by Fundacion Acogida Cristiana in the Caminos de Santiago, Asociata Prientenilor Camino de Santiago, Circulo Chileno de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Leidiz, S.L., Tdinet App, SLNEU, Albert Feliu Soler and CEIP Plurilinge do Camino Ingles was recognized.

    Animals as protagonists

    The presence of animals on pilgrim routes also occupies some pages in newspapers. Doing the Camino de Santiago with a dog, a cat or with any other pet is becoming more and more common.

    One news story, which we particularly liked, is that of Michi, Cami and Way. Three dogs that were adopted on the Camino de Santiago and who travelled to different corners of the planet to find another opportunity. The El Pais newspaper told us the news at the end of 2019.

    Another topic that was also current on the Camino de Santiago is that of a French pilgrim who completed the Camino de Santiago with his donkey. The curious thing about the story is that the owner left the donkey overnight in a park in Valladolid, while he retired to rest in a comfortable hotel.

    Historical renovations in the Cathedral de Santiago

    The historical renovations in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela have also given everyone a lot to talk about. In 2019 it was reported that the Pilgrim’s Mass would be transferred to other temples in Santiago, since the Cathedral would remain closed for renovations. The completion of these is estimated to be in November 2020, shortly before the beginning of the Holy Year 2021.

    The reforms of the Cathedral of Santiago have also given everyone a lot to talk about.

    In order to preserve the cultural and artistic richness represented by the Cathedral, in early 2020, the City Council reported that the traditional fireworks on July 24th, in honour of Santiago the Apostle, will not be held again in the Plaza del Obradoiro. The news has been received with understanding, but with some pity, since the famous pyrotechnics on July 24th has been celebrated in this square for almost five centuries.

    Good causes are often news on the Camino de Santiago

    When an association or a private group travels the Camino de Santiago for a good cause, newspapers also tend to cover the event with one or more news.

    The constant links that are established internationally

    Although the most famous routes of the Camino de Santiago are those that run through the Iberian Peninsula, the wide network of roads is of an international nature. An example of this is the recent installation of a landmark in the Italian city of Pistoia, as a symbol of brotherhood with Galicia.

    Another route that is also twinned with the pilgrim route is the Japanese Camino de Santiago. Two routes that run far from Compostela, but have many similarities with the pilgrim tradition. If you want, you can consult this blog post, in which we tell you more about the wonderful Japanese Camino de Santiago.

    So, you see that there is no shortage of news about the Camino de Santiago and that what happens on it is always a matter of interest, both in the national and international press. The question you have to think about now is: Are you going to miss out? If so many people talk about it, there is no doubt that the Camino de Santiago is a special place.

    At the moment we say goodbye, not without first encouraging you to contact us to organize your pilgrimage.

    Buen Camino!