Portomarín is a village in the Lugo province that we’ll find at the end of the stage 27 of the Camino Francés: Sarria – Portomarín. And this a special one! Those who had started their Camino in Saint Jean Pied de Port, will have gone over almost 650 km when they arrive in Portomarín. However, for most piligrins this is the end of the first stage. Do you know why?

Well, it’s because the requirement for getting La Compostela (the certificate that accredits the pilgrimage to Santiago) is to walk at least this last 100 km, from Sarria to Santiago.

Portomarín St. James Way

A wonderful village between contrasts

The stage 27 (Sarria – Portomarín), with 21,6 km, goes over the rural Galicia across one of the most amazing oak groves of the Camino. However, once we arrive to Portomarín, in the next stage (Portomarín – Palas) we’ll face 25,4 km quite artificial. This means we’ll go over some asphalted sections. But there’s nothing to worry about! From Portomarín to Palas de Rey there’re also wonderfull things to see, like the Cruceiro de Os Lameiros and the Castromaior site.


The Portomarín spell, do you want to fall in love?

Now that we know where to place Portomarín in our itinerary, from Santiago Ways we want to tell you some of the wonders of this village. It’s one of the most remembered stops by all pilgrins when they finish their way! Are you ready for walking with us around its secrets? Let’s go then!

Portomarín Church

The phoenix village

Here comes a riddle: although Portomarín has 2 thousand years of History, the village you’re going to step on is much younger than a lot of pilgrins, how is this even possible?

The village where nowadays the people of Portomarín lives in it’s quite young, barely 50 years old. The primitive one was swallowed by the water of the Miño river in the 60’s in order to build the Belesar embalse. When the water level is low, it’s still possible to see the remains of the old village. Kind of like in the Legend Of Atlantis.

The people of Portomarín took the emblematic buildings, stone by stone, to a new settlement by the hill, to save them from the river. That’s why we say that Portomarín is a phoenix village, because it rised like a phoenix from its ashes.

Old Portomarín now under the river

# San Nicolás of Portomarín

This temple-fortress built in the XIII century is the most important monument in the village. From the top we can admire a wonderfull panoramic view all over the natural surroundings. So, when you arrive to Portomarín, don’t forget to visit San Nicolás!


# Portomarín or “bridge over the Miño river”

The History of Portomarín has always been linked to the Miño river. In fact, its name means “bridge over the Miño river”. The first bridge that was built here was made by the Romans. Nowadays, the impressive new bridge, the embalse and the rebuilt village by the hill are the symbols of Portomarín.


# And do not miss the fiesta!

Portomarín is very good in bridgets, History, and fiesta! When you start planning your Camino, check if you’ll pass over there in its noted days. If this is the case, you’re really lucky!

  1. Festa do Augardente: the locals say that their moonshine is the best one in the world and they even have a festival dedicated to it. It’s on the Easter Sunday.
  2. Patronal feasts: the first weekend of September you’ll find Portomarín dressed up for a party, full of music and with an amazing atmosphere.
  3. Folkloric Sundays: in summer, all the Sundays are a party in Portomarín! The Galician cultural groups show the local traditions to the pilgrins, don’t miss it!


If you’ve already visit Portomarín, we’d love to know your opinion! Do you have any tip about what to see or what to do in this fantastic village? Please, tell us in the comments!