The Portuguese Way begins in Lisbon and goes over 600 km to the Santiago Cathedral across 24 stages, all of them full of history and beauty. However, lately it’s becoming specially popular the last part of this way, the Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago, because this section is very practical and it has all the services a piligrim could dream about!



We became aware of the interest that this last part of the way stimulates in our supporters thanks of your comments in our social media. That’s why in this post we want to reveal to you all the secrets and answers to all questions about the Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago, an unforgettable route!


The Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago couldn’t be more pleasant


Why do we say this way is pleasant? Because the Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago really is a journey incredibly comfortable for all piligrims, and that’s because of 5 reasons:


Between all the Jacobean routes, this is the one with less slopes


We can think about this route as a nice walk between awesome landscapes, without having to go across hard stages or climbing high altitudes. It’s a dream came true for lots of walkers!


It’s the second way in popularity


But it’s not crowded, though. The equivalent part of the route in the French Way, the last 100 km from Sarria to Santiago, it’s usually a little bit crowded, but from Tui to Santiago we probably won’t need to stand in line for getting any service.


An A+ in signposting and hostels


Until we reach Galicia, in the Portuguese Way we’ll find some issues about facilities or in following the path, because there are multiple alternative ways. For a few years, different associations from Spain and Portugal have been working in signposting the main way properly, that goes from Lisbon to Valença do Minho.


However, once we enter in Galicia, the Portuguese Way really runs smoothly: perfectly marked and with lots of hostels to pass the night in, very comfortable!


The most lively way!


We’ll never feel alone or lost in here! Because this part of the Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago goes across lots of villages that are full of life, with a huge cultural patrimony to explore.


Do you want the Compostelana? Ok, done!


To get the Compostelana, an official document that certifies our pilgrimage to Compostela, we must walk at least 100 km. Perfect! Because from Tui to Compostela we’ll walk 120 km, so we’ll be able to get our certification without any problems.


What are we going to find in our way?


The route from Tui to Compostela is part of the second most popular way for some reason, and this reason is probably its historical and landscape wealth. It’s time to go together over the most interesting wonders that we’ll find in our way through the Portuguese Way from Tui to Portugal, ready?


The international bridge over the Miño river


Have you ever crossed from one country to another by foot? Well, Tui is your opportunity to do it! Through the International Bridge over the Miño river, we could walk from Portugal to Spain and vice versa. Besides, it’s a beautiful monument and a very nice walk.


This bridge is in Tui and we strongly recommend that, if you have enough time, dedicate at least a few hours to explore this wonderful frontier village between Spain and Portugal.



Galicia, it’s different; a dreamlike brench


In Redondela we’ll find the most beautiful bench in the world. It’s really known by this name! This seat that looks like taken from a fantasy movie has come into the rival for the other most beautiful bench in the world, which, oddly enough, is also in Galicia; specifically in Ortigueira.


No one knows when was it places, who made it or for what reason it was made. The mayor says that he has no idea about why the bench is there, but the thing is that this seat in the top of the parish of Cedeira has became an amazing tourist attraction, like a reward for those who arrive so high to this viewpoint.


Vistas ría de Vigo


Seated in this brech in which we can read “Galicia, it’s different”, we’ll be able to see all the Vigo sea inlet, from the Natural Park of the Cies Islands to the cove of San Simón.


Padrón, the literary way


In Padrón we’ll find another of the most flashy stories of the Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago. The legend of the arrival of the Santiago apostle to Galicia from Palestine places in Padrón the destination where the apostels finally disembarked with the remains of the apostle Santiago, after a journey full of mistery and miracles. There we could visit the stone where it’s said that they tied the boat, an incomparable way to understand the historical and mystic sense of the pilgrimage to Santiago.


Moreover, in Padrón passed her last years one of the most important poets of the Romanticism, Rosalía de Castro, writter with a huge talent internationally recognized and adored in Galicia. Nowadays, Rosalía is still a symbol and emblem of the Galician people and in Padrón we could visit the Museum House dedicated to her life and work.


Estatua de Rosalía de Castro


This three monuments with their stories are just three examples between all the ones that decorate the fascinationg Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago.


If you have already finished your adventure across this route and you want to tell us something about another beautiful place or monument, don’t hesitate to contact us by Facebook or e-mail.


Buen Camino to everybody!


The Portuguese Way from Tui to Santiago, everything you always wanted to know!
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