The capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, is the final destination that the piligrins dream of. Nevermind if they’re coming from the Camino Portugués, the Camino Francés or the Camino Primitivo. But being the end of the Camino doesn’t mean it cannot be the begining of a wonderful journey.

In Santiago Ways, we understand that you’ll arrive tired after walking lots of km on foot or riding a bicycle. But we can’t imagine a better city to take a break! Compostela is full of wonderfull monuments beyond its impressive cathedral.

catedral santiago de compostela

Discover the end of the Camino!

Join us on a tour around Santiago!

Congrats, piligrim! You’ve reached Compostela, a city that was touristic before the tourism was invented, from the Middle Age.

Are you hangre already? Come with us to find out the galician cuisine! You’ll love the octopus, the shellfish, the empanada and the tradicional cake of Santiago, made with almonds.

In case you’re still doubting about staying a few days in Santiago or not, we’re giving you some more details: the old city is a World Heritage Site by Unesco from 1985 and its University has more than 500 years of history.

5 essential visits in Santiago de Compostela

In this section we’re not going to tell you that you have to see the amazing Plaza del Obradoiro, the cathedral of Santiago or the four majestic squares around the cathedral. We’re not telling you either that you should walk around the Alameda, nor that you have to try the tapas of the bars around the old city. Because you already know that!

What we really want in Santiago Ways is to offer you 5 alternative plans that are also magical and basic in order to understand the city that is placed in the end of the Camino.

Let’s get started!

#1 Santo Domingo de Bonaval Park

It’s located in a hill over the San Pedro neighbourhood, next to the traditional access to the city by the Camino Francés and surrounded by monuments as the Santo Domingo Convent and the Galician Center of the Contemporary Art, creating a delightful contrast between the ancient and the contemporary. In the entrance you’ll be able to admire an old cemetery next to a huge green area.


Santiago de Compostela


You are going to fall in love with the precious views over the cathedral and the old city!

#2 Galician Center of the Contemporary Art, CGAC

After going for a walk around the most picturesque park of Santiago de Compostela, we want to give you the next advice: visit this museum just a few steps away from the park, free entrance! The architecture (inside and outside) and the expositions are really worth it!

#3 Belvís Park

It’s a huge green area to have fun! In Belvís you’ll find laberynths, walls, paying zones, trees, a stream and, if you visit it on Tuesday, you’ll also find an ecologic products market. It’s the frontier between the old town and two historical buildings: the Belvís convent and the Minor Seminary. As if that were not good enough, on the top of this park you can find another of the best viewpoints of Santiago de Compostela.

#4 Hiking rout “De Ponte a Ponte”

About 5 minutes walking from the cathedral, you can start a fascinating hiking rout around the Sarela rivel. This city is rich in rivers and streams, that’s why the locals have this saying: “Between the Sar and the Sarela, you got Santiago de Compostela”. This outing is like another worls, divorced from the city, that goes deep into the forest.


 sarela river

It evokes adventure, discovery and direct contact with nature.

#5 Oak groves of San Lourenzo

Attention, this is a secret! Well, it’s an open secret, but the reality is that not all the locals know this wonderful ancient grove that’s also really close to the city center. In the XII century, in this wood on the banks of the Sarela river, it’s built the San Lourenzo de Trasouto convent. Nowadays, this convent has become a palace (“pazo” in Galician) and inside there is a fancy restaurant. Among the ancient trees it’s possible to find a font and two “cruceiros”, stone crosses that are a symbol of the Galician culture.

Finally, in order to put an end to this article about everything you can’t loose of Santiago de Compostela, we wanted to tell you a mysterious curiosity: the shadow of the piligrin in the Quintana square. Ready? In one of the corners of this square, there is a kind of pillar which, in the night, if you look at it from the right angle, projects a shadow with the shape of a piligrin, even with his walking stick!

So… what do you think about all of this curiosities about Santiago? Are you up to stay a few days in the city? Tell us about your impressions!

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