Galicia is “terra meiga”, magic or enchanted land. In the first part of this St. James Way’s stories we told you why and we explained you two different legends, both of them very important to understand the History of the Camino de Santiago. But not all the legends of the Camino are about those times; in fact, lots of them are a little bit more recent. Would you come with us?


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Today, we’ll like to tell you two other stories very well known about enchanted places, visited by lots of pilgrims from all around the world.

Follow us in this journey!

St. James Way’s stories: fuente Reniega and the willpower

In the fourth stage of the Camino Francés, 13km away from Pamplona, you’ll find a fountain called the Fuente Reniega, where one of the most famous St. James Way’s stories takes place.

It’s told that a young man arrived to this fountain after a tortuous climb to the Monte del Perdón, thirsty and exhausted.

He was almost dead, dry, and in the top of that mountain he only was able to find dust and soil. If you’ve ever done the Camino, you probably know how important it is to drink water at short intervals to keep yourself hydrated. Specially when you’re climbing!

When the young man was already desperated, the devil came to him dressed as a sinister pilgrim:


– Sir, do you have some water? Or maybe you know where I can find some… – said the young man.

– Yes, indeed. I know about a fontain where you could drink as much water as you wish. But it has a high price.

– I’ll give you all my money, sir.

– It’s not money what I want, but words: I want you to renounce to your faith and start to adore myself, the devil.


The young man refused insistently, again and again, saying that he’d let himself die before denying his God. After the third refusal the devil disappeared defeated, and in his place suddenly appeared the Apóstol Santiago. He created with his hands a fresh fountain and gave some water to the young man, who drand from the scallop of the saint.


St. James Way


This fountain and the hill are fantastic places, sourranden by lots and very different stories, legend about the Camino de Santiago and about many different origins.

We, for if the flies, will never forget to bring enough water when we do the fourth stage of the Camino Francés!

The shadow of the pilgrim in love

When we arrive at Santiago, we won’t be free of myths and legends, at all! Maybe you’ll fill that, at the end, the St. James Way’s stories multiply and the spell gets even bigger.

One of the most popular stories takes places in the heart of the city and is about love. But not a simple, normal love, but a story about a priest and a cloistered nun. We want to tell you this beautiful legend:

The most propagated version tells that a priest of the Cathedral, crazy in love with a cloistered nun from the near convent of San Paio, purposed to his beloved to run away towards a new life together.

The lovers set a date after dark in the Plaza de la Quintana. He dressed up as a pilgrim, in order to go unnoticed through the roads. But she never came.

That’s why the priest, dressed up as a pilgrim, goes back every night to the meeting place and waits for his loved one, just in case she wants to walk away with him one of these nights.


St. James Way's stories


His shadow appears when the sun fall down in the same square. In the base of the Clock Tower we can see his figure, close to the Saint Door. It’s the figure of a man in love, dressed as a pilgrim with the hat and the cane.

In this two last posts we’ve shown you four St. James Way’s stories that take part on his history.

Do you know any others?

Tell us your experience in the comments or in our social media!


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