After yesterday’s quiet afternoon, today we find ourselves full of energy and wanting to discover new places. Faced with these urges to discover the Camino del Norte, it presents  us with two paths to reach Llanes, a beautiful monumental town.

¡Let’s continue on the Camino del Norte!

Today’s stage presents several alternatives, all with beautiful landscapes. The official route, which runs largely on asphalt, and the alternative route, which follows the GR route, close to the coast. Both routes converge three kilometres before the end of the stage, in Llanes.

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    Itinerary stage Colombres – Llanes

    Today’s stage presents us with a route of 23.2 kilometres if you follow the alternative route along the coast, which is the one that we advise in this guide.

    However, the layout, both on the official variant and on the alternative, is simple and is not too uneven. The biggest drawback of this stage is the asphalt on numerous sections.

    Colombres (km. 0). Beginning of stage


    Practical tips for this section: At the end of this section, you will advance on the hard shoulder of the N-634 road, take great care because it is a rather dangerous section. Buen Camino!

    We start the morning, heading to the Town Hall Square, where, next to the post offices, we take Calle Pío Noriega. At the end of this we turn right, by a street that leads to a roundabout.

    We continue straight ahead, along Calle Badalán, which corresponds to the AS-344 road, on which we leave the town of Colombres. On a curve turning right, we leave the road, continuing straight ahead along a dirt road, which leads to the national road N-634, the Casa Junco hotel and restaurant.

    We advance along the hard shoulder of the road, with caution because it is a stretch with a lot of traffic, passing through Peral (km. 1.4) and then that of La Franca (km. 3.2), both places in the council of Ribadedeva.

    La Franca (km. 3,2).

    La Franca

    Practical tips for this section: At the end of this section you will find a branch on the road that will force you to choose between the official route, with much more asphalt, or the alternative path along the coast. We prefer the latter, but you have almost six kilometres to think about it. Buen Camino!

    We leave La Franca district by a local road on the left. 700 metres later, we divert along a dirt track that leads to the stone bridge that crosses the Cabra stream. Then we ascend, first on a path and then by a track, until we start again on the N-634 road, at kilometre Nº. 287. 

    We follow the road to the left, near the A-8 motorway, and we reach Buelna (km. 7.2). After 500 metres more on the N-634 road, we turn right to continue on the LLN-3 road, by which we reach Pendueles (km. 9).

    By a small stone wall, we find a fork at which we have to decide whether to finish today’s stage following the official route or taking the coastal path, which corresponds to the GR E-9, signposted with white and red markings.

    The official route continues straight ahead and returns to the national road, always following the N-634 road to Vidiago. Then by roads parallel to the road or on the asphalt, it crosses Puertas de Vidiago and San Roque del Acebal, to reach Llanes.

    The coastal path continues to the right, along a paved lane and runs away from traffic. We prefer this option.

    Pendueles – Road fork (km. 9).


    Practical tips for this section: We advise you to make a stop in Pendueles because you will not find any more services in the almost 9 kilometres that separate this place and Andrín. Buen Camino!

    To follow the coastal path, we turn right and 90 metres later, at a junction in front of a house, we continue on the left, to Vidiago (km. 11.8). By a pleasant walk, we arrive at the town’s beach, where we cross a small bridge over the River Novales, located on our left.

    Next, we turn right, uphill, along a path with wooden railings that transforms into a track. At the cemetery, we follow a track to the right, which passes through Los Bufones de Arenillas. 

    A kilometre and a half later, we turn again by another track to the right and after another similar section, we turn right again to go down to the wooden bridge over the River Purón. 500 metres later, another detour to the right leads us to the centre of Andrín (km. 17.8).

    Andrín (km. 17,8).


    Practical tips for this section: At the end of this section you will find two options to enter Llanes, one is a little longer, but avoids the asphalt. Buen Camino!

    Following the local road, we cross Andrín and at the exit we turn almost 180 degrees to the right, taking a street that, uphill, flows onto the LLN-2 road.

    We follow the path of the road to the right, by a pedestrian lane, and reach the la Boriza viewpoint, from where we can enjoy beautiful views over the beaches and cliffs. In the distance, we see our destiny today, Llanes.

    From this viewpoint, we take a path that, 200 metres later, returns us to the same road, where we find two possible paths to reach Llanes.

    One continues along a track to the left of the road, which runs uphill, and is 800 metres longer. The other alternative follows the route to Llanes.

    Both alternatives go into Llanes, through La Portilla.

    Llanes (km. 23,2). End of stage


    Practical tips for this section: Llanes awaits us with many places to visit and a coast in front on which to relax. See you tomorrow!

    Upon your arrival in the town, you can quickly perceive that it is a place with a strong fishing tradition but also with an important presence of tourism. The village of Llanes has many charms to discover. 

    Some of its attractions are the remains of its medieval wall and the Torreón, as well as various examples of civil architecture such as la Casa de Los Leones, the Casino, la Casa de Rivero, Casa de la Cultura, Palacio del Conde de la Vega del Sella, Torrexón de la Posada y el Palacio de Los Duques.

    If you want to get closer to its fishing culture, you can visit the fishing port, where you will find the sculpture of los Cubos de la Memoria, and visit La Rula, one of the main points of distribution of fish throughout Asturias. Also, and if you want to walk, you can visit the Bolado Cave or the Llanes Lighthouse.

    Regarding religious architecture, in the town you can visit the Basilica of Santa Maria de Concejo, the Chapel de la Magdalena, famous for its festivals, the Convent of Las Monjas Agustinas Recoletos, the Chapel of Cristo del Camino and the Monastery of San Salvador de Celorio.

    Comments stage Colombres – Llanes

    Here are some tips for you to complete today’s stage without difficulty and we suggest some dishes of Asturian gastronomy.

    Precautions stage Colombres – Llanes

    At the exit of Colombres, we go to La Franca following the route of the national N-634 road. It is a road with a lot of traffic, so it is advisable not to encroach the road, always walking in single file, and be cautious in that section.

    In the town of Pendueles you can follow two possible paths to Llanes. The most beautiful is the one that runs along the coast, but it is not the official layout. To follow the official pilgrim path, you must continue along the road. 

    If you decide to follow the coastal route, you should keep in mind that between Pendueles and Andrín you will not find any services, so it is important to carry plenty of water and something to eat in your backpack for the route, especially in the summer months.

    Food stage Colombres – Llanes

    Today you can enjoy the following regional dishes.

    • Fabada (Bean stew)
    • Velvet swim crabs
    • Crabs
    • Anchovies
    • Broad green beans
    • Lobsters
    • Mixed Asturian charcuterie
    • Fried corn bread with Cabrales cheese
    • Game meats
    • Cider, in Asturias, you can’t be without cider

    Services stage Colombres – Llanes

    Meet the main health care services, cafes, ATMs, restaurants and are in this stage of the Camino del Norte.

    Map stage Colombres – Llanes

    Consult the map with the route, points and towns along the stage.

    Profile stage Colombres – Llanes

    Consult the profile of the stage: altitude and degree of difficulty of each section.