After yesterday’s quiet day, today we have another journey without any difficulty. It seems that approaching the Camino Frances has its advantages.  

Let’s finish the Camino Primitivo!

Today we face the last stage of the Camino Primitivo, which ends in Melide. In this town the Camino Primitivo and the Camino Frances meet. We still have a few kilometres to reach the tomb of Santiago the Apostle, but the rest of the route will be done following the path of the Camino Frances.

Perhaps the most important thing would be to say that the Camino Frances reaches Santiago de Compostela, following Camino Primitivo, since this is earlier. But since the French route is the most popular and the busiest, it is the other routes that converge on it and not the other way around.

On this last day of the Camino Primitivo we will travel through small charming hamlets and villages. Advancing along dirt tracks and asphalt roads, surrounded by a rural environment, we will reach one of the emblematic towns on the Camino de Santiago, Melide, where exquisite rations of octopus and cloudy wine await us.

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Itinerary stage Ferreira – Melide

20.3 kilometres separate Ferreira from Melide. The terrain on today’s stage is simple and the route is done on tracks and roads in good condition.

Ferreira (km. 0). Beginning of stage


Practical tips for this stretch: Enjoy today and don’t be in a hurry to complete it. The arrival in Melide will change the pace of your days and gradually the pilgrims who are heading to the tomb of the apostle from the different pilgrim itineraries will converge on these last stages. The tranquillity enjoyed on the Camino Primitivo will become less and less present. Buen Camino!

We start the morning heading to the Roman bridge, pass it and climb a path to LU-231 road. We follow its route for two kilometres and turn left, in the direction of Leboreira, to, soon after, return to this same road.

Further on, on the right, we leave the road and, on one track, we go out to another road. We follow it and, past Merlan, we turn left to enter As Seixas (km. 5.6).

After the Bar Casa Gorinos that we find in this village, at the pilgrim marker 68.453, we turn to the right. At the next junction, we take the left, going up a forest path to El Casacamino (km. 7,2).

Casacamiño (km. 7,2).

Practical tips for this stretch: In Hospital das Seixas you will find Mapi’s house, a pilgrim who was trapped in the town. A good place to stop for a coffee and enjoy a pleasant conversation. Buen Camino!

We make a couple of turns in the hamlet and we head to the hills of Casacamino and Hospital, which peek out between the heathers. Shortly before Hospital das Seixas, we find the pilgrim marker 66.245 (km. 8.4).

We leave the centre on a local road and cross the Sierra do Careon, which separates the province of Lugo from La Coruna. We enter the province of Coruna by the concello (council) of Toques (km. 9,4). A paved road goes down by Monte do Hospital.

We pass by the detour to Arnade, leaving it on the left and, immediately, we leave the asphalt of the track, turning left to take a carriage path that leads us to Vilouriz (km. 11.6).

Vilouriz (km. 11,6).

Practical tips for this stretch: Before we reach Melide, we want to give you some advice. Many pilgrims who do the Camino Frances live it as if it were a competition, partly because of the large influx of pilgrims that this route receives. 

On the contrary, the Camino Primitivo, much less popular, enjoys much more of a relaxed spirit. Remember that, with your arrival in Melide, keep in mind, that the main thing is always the tour. Buen Camino!

At the exit of the town we find the Church of Santiago. along the basin of the River Furelos, the pilgrim path crosses the Rego dos Lagares. It crosses campo da Feira de Vilamor and then arrives at the Church of San Estevo (km. 13.6). 

We continue on, passing next to the hamlets of Vilamor de Arriba and Abaixo. Then we go into Irago de Arriba.

We cross over the River Furelos by the road, a tributary of the Ulla, which separates the concello de Toques and that of Melide (km. 15.6). On asphalt, we travel through the Parish of Abeancos, passing through the hamlets of Curutelo, Compostela and Zaramil. Finally, we cross the River Mera (km. 18.4).

In O Ribeiro, from the Parish of Os Anxeles, we join the DP-4604 road (km. 19), on which, a long straight leads us first to O Forte Novo and then to Melide (km. 20.3).

Melide (km. 20,3). End of stage.


Practical tips for this stretch: Melide is a town with plenty of tradition on the pilgrim route. However, it is also famous among pilgrims and the locals of the area for its Pulperias (Octopus restaurants), you cannot fail to visit them. Congratulations! You have completed the Camino Primitivo, see you tomorrow on the Camino Frances. See you tomorrow!

Today’s afternoon in Melide will be very entertaining, one of those afternoons that you’ll remember with special affection, years later. The best option as you arrive in Melide is to drop the backpack off in your accommodation and head to one of its Octopus restaurants to regain strength after the stage.

After some rest, you can visit the beautiful old village centre. One of the most emblematic places in Melide is its four-pipe fountain. You can also visit the chapels of San Roque and Carmen or the churches of Santa Maria and Sancti Spiritus. 

Comments stage Ferreira – Melide

Here are some tips for this stage of the Camino Primitivo.

Precautions stage Ferreira – Melide

The stage is not difficult. The impact of joining the Camino Frances, in Melide, can somewhat distract those who have enjoyed the peace and tranquillity offered by the Camino Primitivo. Today’s afternoon in Melide will be much busier.

Food on the stage Ferreira – Melide

Here are some recommendations for you to enjoy Galician cuisine.

  • Octopus, Galician style a typically classic dish in Melide, famous for its “pulperias”.
  • Capon
  • Melindres (cakes) from Melide
  • Arzua – Ulloa Cheese
  • Aguardiente

Services on the stage Ferreira – Melide

Get to know the main healthcare services, cafes, ATMs and restaurants that are located on this stage of the Camino Primitivo.

Services on the stage Ferreira – Melide

Map from Ferreira to Melide

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Profile stage Ferreira – Melide

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What to do on the stage Ferreira – Melide

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