The slopes of the previous days will help us to face the hardest stretch of the Camino Primitivo, the climb to Puerto del Palo. 

Let’s continue on the Camino Primitivo!

Today we will complete one of the most beautiful stages of the Camino Primitivo. From Puerto del Palo, at 1,147 metres above sea level, we can enjoy stunning views of the valley, the River Nison and the Lugo Mountains.
To be able to enjoy this beautiful environment we will have to overcome a slope of almost 600 metres. Then the day will be much smoother, descending slightly, we will cross Montefurado and Lago, to finally finish the itinerary in Berducedo.

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Itinerary stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

Today’s stage totals 18.2 kilometres of travel. Practically the first eight kilometres will be dedicated to the ascent to Puerto de Palo. A slope of approximately 550 metres that will lead us to reach the level of 1,146 metres in altitude. The route is mostly made along tracks and paths in good condition.

Pola de Allande (km. 0). Beginning of stage

Pola de Allande

Practical tips for this stretch: On this first section of the day, we will start the ascent to Puerto de Palo. The climb starts smoothly, so it’s ideal for warming up your legs. Buen Camino!

We leave Pola de Allande following the main avenue, along which we move on to the AS-14 road. We pass by a petrol station and then next to El Mazo (km. 1.1). A kilometre later, we leave the road and take a path that goes down to the River Nison.  

At this point the ascent begins. Initially very calm, passing through El Teixu and the Colobreu. Then we find the detour to the Penaseita hostel (km. 3.2), where we continue along.

We continue our walk surrounded by strawberry trees and holly bushes. By Xestu Molin Bridge (km. 4) we cross the Rego de Fonfaraon. Then we cross another stream and reach the hamlet of La Reigada (km. 5.3).

La Reigada (km. 5,3). 

Practical tips for this stretch: This stretch is the real challenge on the Camino Primitivo. Take it easy and go along making as many stops as you need, until you reach the peak. This isn’t a competition. Buen Camino!

In this part, the valley narrows and the slope begins to become more evident. Alone, unless other pilgrims accompany us, we will ascend. A wooden bridge helps us cross the creek (km. 6.4).

We cross another stream and go out onto the AS-14 road. We follow it for 100 metres and leave it, on the right, to go onto a stony path.

We reach the hillside and the stones give way to a grassy path surrounded by pine trees. Still climbing, we pass under a high-voltage line. A fountain that looks like it fell from the sky, appears at the edge of the road. One more small effort and we reach the Puerto del Palo (km. 8.8).

Puerto del Palo (km. 8,8). 

Practical tips for this stretch: The sacrifice that has required us to get here deserves a reward. Stop at the top and enjoy the beautiful views. In high season, you will find a mobile bar. Buen Camino!

At the top, on a track that emerges from the right, pilgrims who come from Borres arrive, following the Hospitales route. After enjoying the surroundings and the breathtaking views from high altitude, we start the descent down a stony track.

We cross the AS-14 road and continue down a trail with a better surface, to Montefurado (km. 10.5). After this solitary place and the visit to the Chapel of Santiago, we set off for Texu de Lago.

We pass by a wall next to a gate and climb up to Sesto de la Fuente. At the top we go over a gate and go down halfway down the hillside, meeting the AS-14 road (km. 12.9). 

The pilgrim path continues to the left of the road, surrounding a hillside to reach Lago. At the entrance of the village, past the cemetery, we find a centuries-old yew tree and the Parish Church of Santa Maria. We go up to the AS-14 road, where the Bar Serafin is located.

Past the bar, we leave the road on the right and a few metres later, we cross the road that goes to Corondeno. We cross the hamlets of El Chao and La Llanada and return the AS-14 (km. 15.8).  

We continue along the asphalt for about a kilometre, to then leave it on the left shoulder. Moving forward through a pine forest we reach the end of today’s route, Berducedo (km. 18.2).

Berducedo (km. 18,2). End of stage


Practical tips for this stretch: Berducedo has little to offer, except the services necessary to recover from the hard day. It is also doubtful that after a stage like today’s, pilgrims will still have the spirit of sightseeing. See you tomorrow!

In Berducedo you will find the necessary services to make up for the hard day. That and sharing experiences with other pilgrims is what awaits us for the rest of the afternoon. Blessed quiet afternoons!

Some pilgrims decide to continue walking, to Mesa. Between Berducedo and Mesa, the whole route is downhill, but we prefer to do it tomorrow. Today, we’re staying here.

Comments of stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

Here are some tips for today’s route and we suggest some dishes, so you can recover the energy consumed after so many slopes.

Precautions stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

Today’s stage can be considered a high mountain route. This implies that we will face uneven slopes and that if we are doing the Camino Primitivo in winter, it is very likely that we will find snow on the route. Do not risk climbing to Puerto de Palo if the weather conditions are adverse.

Food on the stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

On the fifth stage of the Camino Primitivo you can taste the following typical dishes of the region.

  • Sausages 
  • Broth
  • Beans
  • Pig’s head with potatoes
  • Oscos cheese and shortbread biscuits
  • Homemade orujo

Services stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

Get to know the main healthcare services, cafes, ATMs and restaurants that are located on this stage of the Camino Primitivo.

Services on the stage from Pola de Allande to Berducedo

Map from Pola de Allande to Berducedo

Check the map with the route and locations that the stage runs through.

Mapa etapa Pola - Berducedo

Profile stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

Find out about the profile, altitude and degree of difficulty on each section.

Perfil etapa Pola - Berducedo

What to do on the stage Pola de Allande – Berducedo

Today you can enjoy a beautiful environment and landscapes that will surely be etched forever in your memory. Although it does not have many cultural historical points of interest. Below we provide you with information about the few places to visit that will come your way at this stage.

Church of Santa Maria and the Lago Yew tree

The Church of Santa Maria in Lago is located at the entrance of the town, next to one of the landmarks of the Camino Primitivo, a yew of more than 500 years old. The tree, considered sacred to the Celts, is 16 metres high with a 9-metre high crown. In 1995, it was declared a Natural Monument.

The temple was built in the 18th century, on an earlier one. A 16th-century bell is located in its belfry.

Ermita de Santiago


The Chapel of Santiago in Montefurado was formerly a hospital for pilgrims. The temple features a rectangular floor plan and a slate roof topped by a cross. The chapel hosts a carving of the apostle.