Among all of the touristic attractions standing out along the Santiago Way, the gastronomy of its different cities and villages is the one of the best. A surprising concept that really surprises all visitors when they arrive to Galicia are the tapas, small portions of food that we receive for free or for a very low price after ordering a drink. Sounds good, right? If we’re going to do the Camino soon, we cannot leave without all the information to do the best tapas route in Galicia.


Tapas route in Galicia


The magic hidden inside tapas

Let your imagination run free! We’ve just finished a 20 km stage, our legs are a little bit sore, we feel tired and hungry. Suddenly, the way drives us inside the picturesque old town of a Galician city, an urban and beating heart made of stones, porticos and terraces.

We sit in front of a free table, in the terrace of a bar located in a lovely square where we can breathe fun and joy. At the other tables, the population of this nice town toast with Estrella Galicia, laugh and… eat for free! It’s tapas time.

Once we got into the right mood, placed in a context, let’s start the tapas route in Galicia.


And to eat, Lugo

In fact, this is the city official slogan, where this refrain has been repeated for more than 60 years. There’s no doubt: to eat, Lugo.

The 9th stage of the Primitive Way goes from Cádavo Baleira to Lugo, so when we finish it we’ll go through the old town of this city so alive and special. Walking around its roman streets surrounded by a wall with more than 2000 years of history, we’d arrive to the right area: Plaza del Campo. Once we’re there, if we order a few drinks we’d have dinner thanks to the tapas, see it for yourself!

Tapas in Lugo are famous because of the veriety, omnipresence and amount, and for being totally free! You can take a look to this article of the spanish journal El País about the tapas culture in Lugo. After placing our drink on the table, the waiter will announce us the list of tapas from the kitchen for us to choose one of them and, after that, he’ll walk tireless between tables with the pinchos tray. It’s impossible to stay hungry!

Some suggestions about bars in Lugo: Las Cinco Vigas, Taberna de Daniel, Ave César, La Fábrica and many other delightfull stops.


All roads lead to Compostela

In Santiago we won’t be hungry neither. The end of the Way opens to us the doors to a gastronomic universe that is given to us for free with every beer. The old town of Santiago is alive every night of the week; at least, when it’s not raining heavily. The rain is another charm of the city, but that’s not the point now.

People from Compostela says that the Rúa Nova is the “Tortilla Street”, and that’s because there we’ll be able to eat the most plentiful and tasty tortilla tapas of the world (well, there could be different oppinions about the best tortilla, of course, but these ones will at least be on the top 10 for sure). In the very famous Tita bar or in the Moha, it’s mandatory to stop to eat some tortilla tapa. It’s said that it’s not possible to eat three of them in a row, do you accept the challange?


Spanish tortilla


Apart from this tow locals, the whole city is a tapas route with every kind of options: from the vegetarian ones in the Entre Pedras or the delightfull variety of the Caña Hueca, to the most traditional ones in bars like the Abella, the San Clemente or the bar Orella.


Tapas route in Galicia: some other cities to eat the Camino

Even though Lugo and Santiago are the favourite cities of many people to eat good tapas because you can find them everywehre and for free, the truth is that there are many other cities and tows in Galicia equally impressive.



Talking about a tapas route in Galicia would be pointless without mentioning places like A Coruña, Ourense, Ferrol or Vigo, among others. Each person from any small town in Galicia could talk about his favourite tapas bar, in the corner of his street, and that’s one of the most interesting things about Galician gastronomy.


In the 7th stage of the English Way, A Coruña!

In A Coruña we’ll find some bars where the tapa is for free, although the most common situation is to pay a small price for a good amount of food to go with our drink. If we want to go for tapas in A Coruña, we should visit the area between Estrella Street and María Pita square. If you’re looking for some calm and peaceful neighbourhood, we’d recommend the Matogrande one.


The beach in A Coruña


Let’s go to Ourense!

Those who walk the Senabrés Way will have the fortune to visit a charming city with a enviable gastronomy like Ourense is. The most famous bar to go for tapas in Ourense is called Bar Orellas and from that one, around the same area, we could taste the city meanwhile we walk its majestic old town.



An endless list!

Starting the English Way eating tapas sounds good. Ferrol, the city where the English Way starts, is also well known for its tapas. In the city center we’ll find lots of bars where we could get a pincho or a free tapa.

For its part, Vigo, the most populated city in Galicia, also gives us the opportunity to drink some beers in its terraces with some tasty tapas. Starting our tour in Plaza de la Constitución and going down towards Colegiata, along the Real Street we could try the best tapas from Vigo.


A traditional tapa

We reiterate that each town, zone or village has it local tapas place. There’re people who prefers the variety, other are interested in the amount, some other ones like the innovation… The gastronomic wealth of a tapas route in Galicia is precisely the impossibility of chosing just one.

If you want to tell us about your favourite tapas bar, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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