Men on the Camino de Santiago

In this article from our blog of the Camino de Santiago, we want to dedicate it to men. Some time ago we dedicated a post to the Camino de Santiago for women, especially if they went alone because it was one of the biggest queries that we answered in the agency.

The Camino de Santiago for men

On this occasion, we want to focus on those men who decide to undertake the adventure of doing the Camino de Santiago alone or who go in groups of friends. We also have a lot of things to tell you about. Read on and find out!

Are men the majority on the Camino de Santiago?

Not really. For many years, men were in the majority on the Camino de Santiago. However, this trend has gradually changed over the years and there are now more women pilgrims than men.

So, in 2008, 58% of the people who arrived at the Cathedral of Compostela following some of the routes of the Camino de Santiago were men and 42% women. Ten years later, however, that percentage has been reversed. Last year, of the people who obtained the Compostela, 51% were women and 49% men.

This increase in pilgrimages, with respect to men, is not recorded only on the Camino de Santiago. Most travel portals that publish statistics are indicating that women travel, proportionally, more than men do.

Therefore, if you do not want to be part of those who stay at home for holidays, we recommend that you venture onto the Camino de Santiago from Sarria. If you need help, tell us your possible dates and leave the rest of the organization in our hands.

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    Why do men decide to do the Camino de Santiago?

    The motivations of men, as in the case of women, are very diverse. In this article we explain some of the reasons why people decide to do the Camino de Santiago.

    What do men prefer?

    Although between men and women they do share many motivations to do the Camino de Santiago, the truth is that they try out new forms of pilgrimage and consider the experience, to a greater extent, as a personal challenge.

    So among the people who decide to do the Camino de Santiago running, we find more men than women. The same goes for the pilgrimage mode by kayak, bike or motorbike. Women prefer to go on foot.

    Why do men decide to do the Camino de Santiago?

    Another peculiar fact is that on the most complicated routes, such as the Camino Primitivo, there are more men than women. However, the above does not mean that you will not find men on routes as popular as the Camino Frances.

    Another uniqueness is that, as explained from the Technical Secretariat of the Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago (AMCS), men are also in the majority on the Camino de Santiago during the winter. A season in which the pilgrim routes are filled with tranquility, given the adverse weather conditions that are recorded on some of the routes.

    Crossing snow-filled mountain passes, dealing with ice on the road and dealing with the challenges of doing the Camino de Santiago in winter, also seems to be a factor that attracts far more men than women.

    Don’t they have any fears?

    Although when it comes to solo travel you usually talk about women’s fears, the truth is that men also have fears and are uncertain when doing the Camino de Santiago. In their case, the greatest fear comes from within.

    There are many men who turn to us explaining that they would like to do the Camino de Santiago but that they are afraid to go alone. Dealing with the uncertainty of solo pilgrimage, men are also concerned.

    If this is your case, do not hesitate to consult the article that we dedicate to doing the Camino de Santiago alone. In it, we explain all the advantages of living the experience without company, although alone, you are never completely alone. We told you!

    What will you find if you go to the Camino de Santiago and you are a man?

    If you are a man and you are encouraged to do the Camino de Santiago, either alone or in a group, you will find people of all kinds: men, women, seniors, young people, families, couples and many foreigners. This will allow you to connect a multitude of ways to see the world, which even without realising it, will end up marking the way you perceive it.

    Therefore, you will return home with a multitude of stories to tell and many new friends, with whom you may have a strong connection for life. Besides, if you’re a single man, you might also find love. In this article that we dedicate to singles we talk about it, if you want to know more.

    But relating to other pilgrims is not the only attraction of doing the Camino de Santiago. Here are some of the wonders you’ll find on any of the pilgrim routes you choose.


    The Camino de Santiago is famous for the exquisite gastronomy of the regions it crosses. During your pilgrimage, you will be able to stop to enjoy regional dishes and the excellent wine that is produced in some areas that run along the pilgrim route.

    Endless activities

    Doing the Camino de Santiago is not just advancing kilometres and kilometres towards a distant church. Pilgrim routes are full of activities that will make every day different. Check out the article we dedicate to all the activities you can do on the Camino de Santiago.

    Finding yourself

    Men also have doubts, also are separated, or have lived painful experiences. In many cases, the environment around them does not allow them to emotionally express everything that is happening within them, either because of social prejudices or because they do not have a circle in which they are comfortable to express it.

    Both men and women find on the Camino de Santiago a space where to discover what makes you uncomfortable. Also fellow travellers with whom to share what concerns them. As a rule, most pilgrims who do the Camino de Santiago seek to lighten the heavy life baggage on their backs and are very open to exchanging experiences and concerns.

    Men on the Camino de Santiago

    But, if the above were not enough, the Camino de Santiago has many teachings and lessons that will help you deal with the life moments you are going through. No one comes home without having learned at least something new on the Camino!

    All types of pilgrim culture

    Pilgrim culture is undoubtedly one of the aspects that arouses the most interest among pilgrims when they decide to do the Camino de Santiago. On the route, you will find numerous legends and traditions that will make the trip a unique experience.

    An experience tailor-made for you

    There are many pilgrim routes and forms of pilgrimage. There is no ideal route on the Camino de Santiago for men or women. Each person discovers the form that best suits them when they decide to complete the Camino de Santiago.

    There are those who choose to do the Camino de Santiago with all the comforts, staying in luxury hotels and prioritizing the cultural aspects of the experience. Others however, prefer to live a totally austere experience, carrying their backpack over long distances.

    All options are valid. As it is, the distance or route you decide to do. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you want to get the Compostela, you need to do at least 100 kilometres, if you go on foot, and 200 km, if you go by bike.

    Which one of the Camino de Santiago routes to do

    There are many options to do the Camino de Santiago. It all depends a little on the type of tour you want to face and the type of environment you want to enjoy.

    In this article, you will find information about the main pilgrim routes. In addition, we leave you some links here to routes that are not so popular but that are extremely interesting:

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    • Camino Lebaniego
    • Camino Catalan
    • The Camino de Santiago from Madrid or Salamanca
    • La Ruta de los Faros
    • Camino del Salvador
    • Camino de Invierno

    If, after all that we have told you in this article, you are a man who still doubts whether to do the Camino de Santiago or not, before saying goodbye we’ll leave you with this article in which we tell you, no more, and no less than 10 reasons why you should make a pilgrimage at some time in your life.

    If you want more information about pilgrim routes or you are looking for an agency that will help you organize your pilgrimage to Compostela, do not hesitate to call us or write to us through the official website of our Facebook page. Many men who have contacted us to do the Camino de Santiago, had doubts and have ended up more than happy. Don’t think about it any longer! We’re waiting for you!

    Buen Camino!