The Santiago Way experience awakens very deep feelings in those who decide to go across its paths and, for the residents of Compostela, it’s commong to see everyday some pilgrims starting crying in front of the Cathedral, the end of their way. It’s maybe for all this passion, for all this emotion, that so many people decides to walk the Santiago Way for a good cause.



There’s a special magic in the pilgrimage to Compostela that’s difficult to explain; it could be because of the introspection, the nature that covers you or the people you meet along the route, but the point is that this trip moves and encourages a huge number of people every year. Would you like to know some examples of overcoming and solidarity along the Way?


Camino Sin Límites, a source of inspiration

In the year 2016, between September and October, two brothers went across 800 km of the Santiago Way from Roncesvalles. What does this pilgrimage so special? The younger brother suffers from cerebral palsy and a 96% disability. Here we can watch the video of their exciting adventure. It’s in Spanish, there isn’t an English version, but it still gives us an idea of the beautiful content of the documentary:



The illness didn’t stop them from accomplish their dream of doing together the Santiago Way for a good cause, despite of the difficulties that they had to face. Besides, they got to raise around 10.000 euros through an online crowdfounding campaign and all this money fetched up to an association called La Ciudad Accesible -The Accesible City-.

The effort of the two brothers was broadcasted in their social media, stage by stage, in an incomparable work that reached the whole world.


The Santiago Way for a good cause: visualize, make aware, raise

Each year we have more caring associations that join the experience of doing the Santiago Way for a good cause, often with the same three goals: to visualize groups of population that are suffering from some kind of illness or social problem, to make aware as many people as possible and to raise funds to improve the life of the affected ones.

The iniciative Revuélcate 2017 got together this year a group of pilgrims that went together across the Santiago Way for a good cause from France to Compostela, knocking over a tractor wheel that weights 100 kg for 17 days with the objective of raising funds for the fight against cancer and cystic fibrosis.


have a good way


This September, lots of associations and iniciatives will go across the Santiago Way for a good cause: the foundation of the Galician Institute of ADHD (Ingada) organizes the third edition of the Diversity Way in order to make aware about the importance of recognizing the diversity in people, a father and his son will go along 280 km of the Way in 7 days to raise funds for people affected by lupus and Luis Montero will do a piligrimage 768 km long riding his bike to support the Asperger Association of Salamanca, among many other heroes of the Way.


A teacher gives us a valuable lesson

The reasons to go over the Santiago Way for a good cause could be really different, but with a point in common: the solidarity. The case of Juan Jesús Muñoz has attracted our attention and fulled us with tenderness.

This teacher made a pilgrimage this summer along 1.000 km divided in 17 stages, changing each km for a 4 € donation through the web. The reason? To rise enough funds to hire a special education teacher for the school he works in.



We find incredibly inspiring all these stories of caring and love from those who walk the Santiago Way for a good cause, and all of them proof that something really beautiful happens between the routes of this millenary way that awakes the most human side of many heroes. Thanks to all of them!

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