Few figures produce as much fascination as the lighthouse keeper, a lonely and tanned character who lives surrounded by the sea. The lighthouses, the light that guides sailors at night, have been used in literature as a metaphor, as a stage and as mythology. Today, they are still magical buildings with ocean views that rise up grand on the rocks or cliffs. We are all attracted to the lighthouses, so we are going to make you an irresistible proposal: to do the Way of Saint James in reverse and from lighthouse to lighthouse.



The Way of the Lighthouses will make you fall in love


There is a road linked to the Saint James Way to Santiago, but a little singular. From the picturesque village of Malpica, in A Coruña, to the famous cape of Finisterre in the same province, there is a route where you can jump from lighthouse to lighthouse: O Camiño dos Faros (The Lighthouse Way in English).


On this path you can breathe sea and has 200 km signposted, always next to the Atlantic Ocean, and in it we can admire 7 majestic lighthouses for all tastes: Punta Nariga lighthouse, Roncudo lighthouse, Laxe lighthouse, Vilán lighthouse, Muxía lighthouse, Touriñán lighthouse and, of course, the well-known Fisterra lighthouse.



The charm of Malpica de Bergantiños


If you’re an adventurer and are also passionate about the world of sailors, lighthouses and waves, you’re in luck! The Lighthouse Way is going to fascinate you as few other routes could and is part of our proposal to make a reversed St. James Way. To embark on this trip, you will first have to reach the coastal town of Malpica de Bergantiños.


Malpica village


This municipality, located 52 km from A Coruña and 64 km from Compostela, will no doubt steal your heart as it did from us. With less than 6,000 inhabitants, it is an Atlantic jewel in which to eat fresh fish and admire the sunsets.


Are you considering to do the the Way of Saint James in reverse?


Then, the plan is the following: first, get to Malpica and admire its landscapes and then, from there, go into the The Lighthouse Way to Finisterre. After this, we will be able to walk this stupendous stretch of the epilogue of the Camino de Santiago, from Finisterre to the Obradoiro square. If you want to know more about the route from Compostela to Finisterra (or vice versa), come by this other post in which we tell you everything.


* This epilogue from Compostela to Finisterre can also be extended to Muxía, another wonderful town that we will also tread the The Lighthouse Way.


Sunset over Finisterre


In total, our proposal to make the Way of Saint James in reverse has about 288 km divided into 12 stages and two different but linked roads. Starting from Malpica, we will pass through such interesting enclaves as Niñóns, Ponteceso, Laxe, Camariñas or Muxía.


What we’re going to find between the lighthouses


Not only of lighthouses live The Lighthouse Way! During this adventure in which we will do the Way of Saint James in reverse, we will come across a few natural wonders. From cliffs of vertigo, such as Cabo da Nave, to fishing ports full of charm, such as Camariñas.


Fishing port of Camariñas


We will also find beaches of all kinds, viewpoints towards an immense blue and roads full of life on the banks of the river. As if that were not enough, to convince you definitively to throw yourself with us to the adventure of doing the Way of the Way of Saint James in reverse, it turns out that the Way of the Lighthouses is also a wonderful route for bird watching and to meet the history, thanks to its impressive dolmens.


So, are you up for it?


You can travel The Lighthouse Way as you like: alone, accompanied, as a family or even joining the excursions organized by the Asociación do Camiño dos Faros. We advise you to visit the official website of The Lighthouse Way if you want to gather more information before embarking on the adventure. The website is in Spanish, so if you have any problems understanding the information, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. No matter how you do it, you will enjoy a privileged connection with the landscape, the sea and nature in its purest state. In this video prepared by the Asociación do Camiño dos Faros we can admire somo of the landscapes of the route:



Remember that if you are thinking of hiring an agency to organize and facilitate your St. James Way, in Santiago Ways we will be happy to put at your service all the amenities you need.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can do it through our Facebook, our contact page or in the comments of this post.


See you at the lighthouses!