The Amalfi Coast Walking Holiday

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The Amalfi Coast Walking Holiday

Distance: 55 km

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Meals: Breakfast

Accomodation: Hotels

Price: From 840€ per person

Our Official License as a Wholesale Agency (Tour-Operator) allows us to work without intermediaries.

If you’ve also dreamed of visiting the colourful houses and streets on the slopes of southern Italy, while enjoying its ancient trails and Mediterranean breeze, the hiking trail along the Amalfi Coast is your ideal trip.

Your journey starts in Amalfi and you will walk through charming villages such as Ravello, touring multiple vineyards until you reach Positano, one of the most characteristic places on the Sorrento Peninsula, and the end of your route.

You will have the opportunity to discover all the wonders of this tour declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as well as discovering the Isle of Capri, visiting the ruins of Pompeii and, of course, walking along the renowned ‘Path of the Gods’

In Santiago Ways we want to be part of this adventure and help you enjoy your experience along a path that will offer you diverse landscapes with a unique charm such as small waterfalls, nature reserves and archaeological wonders typical of this area in Italy.

You can enjoy our baggage transfer service that will allow you to walk much easier while discovering the beauty of this hiking trail through the towns and villages you’ll be visiting.

Also, if you have any incidents en route, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day via an emergency telephone. With Santiago Ways, you will walk safely and comfortably.

We’re glad you’ve got this far. Now, we just need to know how you want us to help you prepare your trip. We’re waiting for you! Leave us your details and we will send you a quote tailored to your requirements.

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    Arrival in Amalfi

    Today you will arrive in the historic city of Amalfi, with its houses on the slopes of the Mediterranean Sea, along with a natural environment and colourful streets that you will love.

    If you have time, we suggest that you tour its promenade and enjoy from your very first moment all the charm of the Amalfi Coast.

    We recommend you to go to Naples and, from there, take public or private transport to Amalfi.

    Overnight: Floridiana Hotel - Amalfi


    Hiking through the Valley of the Mills

    Today you will start your route along an old road that will take you to a strategic point in order to enjoy the views of the coast, the Tower of Ziro, located between Ravello and Amalfi, whose origin dates back to the 18th century.

    Afterwards, you will enter the Valley of the Mills where you can discover some of the history and culture of the ancient republic of Amalfi and its traditional paper mills.

    You will pass through Ravello and reach Villa Cimbrone, an old town on the Amalfi Coast highlighted by its views and beautiful gardens. You then return to Amalfi via Atrani, a small village located right between the cliffs and the sea.

    Length: 9 km.

    Overnight: Floridiana Hotel - Amalfi


    Valle delle Ferriere Natural Reserve

    For your day today you will take a bus that will take you to the beginning of your route, in Scala. Once there, you will head to the Valle delle Ferriere State Reserve, a deep, quiet, green area surrounded by wooded cliffs.

    You will walk around small waterfalls and streams that go across the top of the path, from where you will have descend over many steps back to Amalfi.

    Length: 11 km.

    Overnight: Floridiana Hotel - Amalfi


    From Bomerano to Praiano on the Path of The Gods

    For today we offer two route options, both beginning from Bomerano, to where you will have to arrive on your own by bus. Once you have arrived, the first option is to climb Mount Tre Calli and walk the first part of the Path of the Gods.

    You will delight in the incredible views of the coast as you climb to the top of the mountain, the highest part of the Amalfi Coast. Then you will return to Bomerano, from where you will start the section for today on the Path of the Gods until descending to Praiano.

    The second option is a considerably shorter walk that will take you from Bomerano to Praiano, also along the Path of the Gods.

    Length: 4-13 km.

    Overnight: La Perla Hotel - Praiano


    Hiking to the Praia Valley or visiting Sorrento and the ruins of Pompeii

    On this day, you will also have two options. The first will take you from Praiano to the Praia Valley, a geological fissure surrounded by giant cliffs, in whose sides hundreds of houses have been built for fishermen.

    As you go along the Praia Valley, you will delight in the views along this path constructed of terraces that will take you back along the same road to Praiano.

    The second option is to head to Sorrento on your own, where you can enjoy its landscapes, its gastronomy and its history. Once there, we suggest you take a tour of the archaeological ruins in Pompeii. Discover the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Length: 5 km.

    Overnight: La Perla Hotel - Praiano


    From Praiano to Positano along The Path of the Gods

    Your day today will be focused on walking along the Path of the Gods. You will walk up to the Convent of San Domenico, then continue walking through small villages over the cliffs of the Mediterranean Sea and reach Nocelle.

    The destination for today is Positano, known as the village of the stairs, and you will surely discover why. It is also commonly called "The Pearl" of the Amalfi Coast thanks to its unique colour and beauty.

    Length: 11 km.

    Overnight: Villa Rosa Hotel - Positano


    Hiking on the Isle of Capri

    Today you will move a little more and take a boat to the famous Isle of Capri, renowned for being a place of leisure since Roman times. It is an almost unspoilt island that has charming villas and Roman ruins that you will walk through and that will help you enjoy the route to the fullest.

    You have multiple options to make visits on the island such as to the Pizzetta, the Gardens of Emperor Augustus or the Cartuja of San Giacomo, the oldest monastery in Capri. You'll go back to Positano later.

    Length: 8 km.

    Overnight: Villa Rosa Hotel - Positano


    Return from Positano

    Today you will have to return from Positano to Naples, or to the city you arrived from to complete this route, and from where you will take your flight back to your home city.*

    *Remember that when you book your circuit, you can ask us to book additional hotel nights for the days after completing your circuit so to extend your stay in one of the municipalities along the hiking trail on the Amalfi Coast.

    End of our services.

    General information 

    All the rooms you will find on this hiking trail have a private bathroom and all the necessary services to ensure good comfort. 

    Our team checks on site the quality of all the accommodation offered in order for all travellers to have an adventure experience always accompanied by nights of absolute rest.


    When working with quality accommodations with limited capacity, the exact name of the location will be provided 30 days before the start of the trip.

    All our accommodation is subject to availability. In case we can't offer you any of them for reasons of capacity, we'll accommodate you in one of equal or better quality.

    Individual rooms

    Single rooms are available subject to availability. Reservations must be made in advance and come at an additional cost.

    Where am I going to stay?

    All our accommodation has been selected to ensure tranquillity, rest and enjoyment along your hiking trail:

    Accomodation in Amalfi - Floridiana Hotel

    Accomodation in Amalfi

    Accomodation in Praiano - La Perla Hotel

    Accomodation in Praiano

    Accomodation in Positano - Villa Rosa Hotel

    Accomodation in Positano

    Included services

    Accommodation in hotels.

    Rooms with private bathroom.

    Meal plan of your choice.

    Complete itinerary of your trekking route along the Amalfi Coast.

    24 hours Telephone assistance on route.

    Baggage transfer.


    Additional services

    Additional single room: to consult.

    Extra nights (breakfast included): to consult.

    Private transfer on the first day from Naples to Amalfi: to consult.

    Private transfer on the last day from Positano to Naples: to consult.

    Travel assistance insurance: 3€ per person and day.

    Cancellation insurance: 3€ per person and day.

    This route can only be carried out from March to October inclusive, except in July and August.

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