Cinque Terre Walking Holidays

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Cinque Terre Walking Holidays

Distance: 26 km

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Meals: Breakfast

Accomodation: Hotels

Price: From 625€ per person

Our Official License as a Wholesale Agency (Tour-Operator) allows us to work without intermediaries.

Have you ever dreamed of knowing the charm of the Cinque Terre with its particular architecture and its cobbled alleys? We encourage you to start a hiking trail through the 5 fishing villages that make up this region declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and fall in love with its trails and cliffs.

You will start your trip in Monterosso and descend through the beauty of the Mediterranean coast that characterizes the area. Then you will cross vineyards and pine forests until you reach Portovenere, the end of your route. Along the way, you’ll pass through the Cinque Terre National Park.

In Santiago Ways, we want to be part of this adventure and help you enjoy your experience while you immerse yourself in the immensity of its spectacular places to swim and delight in its local coffee, its wild flowers and the smell of the sea that will follow you throughout its five villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

You can enjoy our baggage transfer service that will allow you to walk much easier while discovering the beauty of this hiking trail through the towns and villages you’ll be visiting.

Also, if you have any incidents en route, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day via an emergency telephone. With Santiago Ways, you will walk safely and comfortably.

We’re glad you’ve got this far. Now, we just need to know how you want us to help you prepare your trip. We’re waiting for you! Leave us your details and we will send you a quote tailored to your requirements.

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Arrival in Monterosso

To start your hiking trail in Cinque Terre we suggest you get yourself to Genova, Pisa or Florence, from where you will have easy access and good train connections to Monterosso.

This collection of Mediterranean villages on the Ligurian Riviera can only be reached by train, boat or on foot. Once you arrive in Monterosso, enjoy its historic centre that will help you get closer from the beginning to the culture in the area.

If you have time, take a walk on the beach also during the arrival of the afternoon.

Overnight: Monterosso - Marina Hotel


Circular route in Levanto or walk towards Corniglia

For today we offer two walking options. The first is a circular route along the coastal paths between Levanto and Monterosso. Once the day is over, you can take a train back to Monterosso.

You can also walk back if your body allows it. On the other hand, the second option, where you can risk starting your route in Cinque Terre by climbing stone steps and exploring Vernazza and Corniglia before returning to Monterosso by train.

We assure you that on both routes you will enjoy incredible views over the Mediterranean, while delighting in the beauty of the Ligurian region.

Option 1

Length: 7-14 km. | 350 m. of ascent and descent - 820 m. of ascent and descent

Duration: 3-5 hours

Option 2

Length: 7 km. | 482 m. of ascent; 404 m. of descent

Duration: 3 hours

Overnight: Monterosso - Marina Hotel


From Riomaggiore to Portovenere

At the beginning of your day you need to take the train that takes you to Riomaggiore. Once there, walk up to Colle del Telegrafo and continue on a path with stunning panoramic views until you reach Campiglia.

As you go along, enjoy the wonder of the panoramic view over the Gulf of La Spezia before you start descending the stair-shaped paths to Portovenere.

If you are already very tired, you can return to Portovenere by bus from Campiglia.

Length: 13 km. | 723 m. of ascent; 744 m. of descent

Duration: 4-5 hours

Overnight: Portovenere - Paradiso Hotel


Circular route on Palmaria Island

For today you will have to take a ferry that takes you to the island of Palmaria, located in the westernmost part of the Gulf of La Spezia to be able to explore it and discover the charm of its caves.

You will have the opportunity to encounter multiple bird species, such as the peregrine falcon, and the solitary sparrow, among others.

As a curious fact, we would like to tell you that this island, next to the Cinque Terre area, in 1997 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Length: 6 km. | 326 m. of ascent; 339 m. of descent

Duration: 2,5 hours

Overnight: Portovenere - Paradiso Hotel


Return from Portovenere

Today you finish your route and you will have to take a bus from Portovenere to La Spezia from where you can return to Genova, Pisa or Florence to take the flight back to your home city.*

*Remember that when you book your circuit, you can ask us to book additional hotel nights for the days after the end of your journey to extend your stay in one of the municipalities along the hiking route in Cinque Terre.

End of our services.

Información general 

Todas las habitaciones que encontrarás en esta ruta de senderismo cuentan con baño privado y con todos los servicios necesarios para garantizar un buen confort. 

Nuestro equipo comprueba in situ la calidad de todos los alojamientos ofrecidos con el fin de que todos los viajeros vivan una experiencia de aventura siempre acompañada de noches de descanso absoluto.


Al trabajar con alojamientos de calidad y con capacidad limitada, el nombre exacto de los mismos se proporcionará 30 días antes del inicio del viaje.

Todos nuestros alojamientos están sujetos a disponibilidad. En caso de no poder ofrecer alguno de ellos por capacidad, te alojaremos en uno de igual o mejor calidad.

Habitaciones individuales

Contamos con habitaciones individuales disponibles sujetas a disponibilidad. Se deben reservar con antelación y conllevan un coste adicional.

Dónde me voy a alojar

Todos nuestros alojamientos han sido seleccionados para asegurar la tranquilidad, el descanso y el disfrute a lo largo de tu ruta de senderismo:

Accomodation in Monterosso - Marina Hotel

Accomodation in Monterosso

Accomodation in Portovenere - Paradiso Hotel

Accomodation in Portovenere

Included services

Accommodation in hotels.

Rooms with private bathroom.

Meal plan of your choice.

Complete itinerary of your trekking route in Cinque Terre.

24 hours Telephone assistance on route.

Baggage transfer from Monterosso to Portovenere.

Cinque Terre National Park card for 48 hours.


Additional services

Additional single room: to consult.

Extra night (breakfast included): to consult.

Private transfer on the first day: to consult.

Private transfer on the last day: to consult.

Travel assistance insurance: 3€ per person and day.

Cancellation insurance: 3€ per person and day.

This route can only be completed from April to October inclusive. 

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