The Dolomites Walking Holiday

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The Dolomites Walking Holiday

Distance: 140 km

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

Meals: Breakfasts

Accomodation: Hotels and mountain refuges

Price: From 942€ per person

Our Official License as a Wholesale Agency (Tour-Operator) allows us to work without intermediaries.

Have you ever imagined walking through the limestone peaks of the Dolomites while enjoying their breath-taking views and the spectacular lakes that surround them? If your answer is yes, this hiking trail in the Dolomites is your ideal trip.

You will start your trip in Cortina, from where you must take a bus on your second day towards Lago di Braies, in the north, to start walking.  You will continue along authentic mountain trails full of flowers and forests, where you can see ancient World War I shelters until you reach Belluno, south of the Italian Alps.

The route will take you through extensive valleys and meadows that will allow you to delight in the immensity of the Dolomites around you. At the end of your trip, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Dolomites National Park, created in 1990, in the province of Belluno.

In Santiago Ways we want to be part of this adventure and help you enjoy your experience surrounded by the giant monoliths of Tre Cime, enjoying the hospitality of the mountain refuges and admiring all the beauty of the lakes of the region as you walk through.

If you have any incidents en route, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day via an emergency telephone. With Santiago Ways, you will walk safely and comfortably.

We’re glad you’ve got this far. Now, we just need to know how you want us to help you prepare your trip. We’re waiting for you! Leave us your details and we will send you a quote tailored to your requirements.

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    Arrival in Cortina

    To start your hiking trip in Los Dolomites, a mountain range that stretches across five provinces and three regions of northern Italy, we suggest you get to Venice as your first stop and, from there, take a bus that takes you to Cortina.

    Once at your starting point, we always recommend taking a walk to get to know the area where you will travel through during the next few days: the Dolomites mountain range, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009.

    Overnight: Pontechiesa Hotel - Cortina


    From Lago di Braies to Sennes Refuge

    On your first morning hike, you should first take a bus that will take you from Cortina to Lake di Braies, one of the most well-known and visited lakes in the Dolomites due to its beauty and its easy access and ample parking.

    Starting your walk, with a little good weather you can see the monoliths of Tre Cime (Three Peaks, in English), which will leave you impressed with their immensity. They are named as the Large, Small and West Peaks.

    You will then have a steep climb that will take you to a crucial point during your route. You have the option to complete an additional route and, on the other hand, if your body already tells you to rest, continue the path to your refuge today, enjoying the panoramic views.

    Length: 10 km. | 942 m. of ascent; 299 m. of descent

    Overnight: Sennes Refuge


    Hiking to the Fanes Refuge

    Today, a tour through a path that during the First World War was used as a strategic route will be waiting for you.

    You will then descend to the Pederü Refuge, and then continue through the Rudo Valley and Make an ascent again that will take you to your destination today, Fanes Refuge, within the Fannes-Senes-Braies Natural Park.

    Length: 10 km. | 568 m. of ascent; 639 m. of descent

    Overnight: Fanes Refuge


    Hike to the Lagazuoi Refuge

    Today you're heading for the Lagazuoi Shelter. At the beginning of the day you will pass by the Lago di Limo as you climb towards the slopes of the Fanes.

    From there, you'll be fortunate enough to see the highest mountain in the Dolomites, called Marmolada, on whose north face has a glacier. As a curious fact, we would tell you that this is a regular stage for cyclists during the Giro d'Italia.

    You will then arrive at Passo Tágeda, from where you will have a moderate descent towards Lake Lagazuoi. Along the way, you'll find some remnants of what was the firing line during the First World War between Austria and Italy.

    Length: 12 km. | 1056 m. of ascent; 412 m. of descent

    Overnight: Lagazuoi Refuge


    Hiking to Nuvolau Refuge

    At the beginning of your day, you will be able to enjoy the sunrise offered at the Lagazuoi Refuge, which has the best panoramas of Los Dolomites. Continue your trek again between trenches and World War I walls that will impress you.

    Afterwards, you will go along a narrow path parallel to the Tofana di Rozes path towards the Dibona Refuge, where we recommend you are very attentive to the signage.

    You will follow a path of pine forests, which will allow you the small mountain complex Cinque Torri, to the Averau Refuge (to which you must return tomorrow, so keep it in mind) from where you have the last ascent to your destination today: Refuge Nuvolau awaits you.

    Today’s detail is that your refuge for today is the oldest that exists in Los Dolomites.

    Length: 15 km. | 1033 m. of ascent; 1144 m. of descent

    Overnight: Nuvolau Refuge


    Hike to the Citta di Fiume Refuge

    On this day you will have to return to Refuge Averau, where you will find the best option to start your walk. From there, you'll start walking until you reach Passo Giau Refuge, a mountain pass known for being a stretch of the Giro d'Italia, and then advance across meadows and flower trails that you will fall in love with on your route today.

    You will continue to advance through extensive fields and terraces of crops that you will see as you pass over the rocks that surround you.

    Continue until you meet the white, colourful house that welcomes you as your refuge today, surrounded by green meadows and, a little further away, large pine forests.

    Length: 12 km. | 538 m. of ascent; 1155 m. of descent

    Overnight: Citta di Fiume Refuge


    Hike to Coldai Refuge

    Today you will find yourself walking surrounded by large meadows and some stone trails until you reach, first of all, the Passo Staulanza Refuge. From there, you can see one of the most imposing mountains of the Dolomites: Mount Pelmo.

    To reach your refuge today you will advance along a path with little difficulty and a lot of beauty, which will make the end of your seventh day much more pleasant.

    Length: 10 km. | 624 m. of ascent; 402 m. of descent

    Overnight: Passo Staulanza


    Hiking to Passo Duran Refuge

    On this journey you will walk along Lake Coldai until you reach the first mountain pass of several that you will find on your route to your destination today, the Passo Duran Refuge.

    You will also pass through a valley that will allow you to see Lake Alleghe, which surrounds the village of Allegue, located at the base of Mount Civeta and considered one of the most beautiful villages in Dolomites.

    You'll have to follow the mountain road until you reach your finishing point. However, since this route is a little more extensive than the others, you can ask us to spend a night at the Vazzoler Refuge and divide this stage in two if you prefer.

    Length: 20 km. | 1296 m. of ascent; 1829 m. of descent

    Overnight: Passo Duran San Sebastiano Refuge


    Hiking to the Pian de Fontana Refuge

    Today's stage also is considerably extensive, so we also offer you the option to shorten it by asking us that you stay at the Pramperet Refuge.

    When you start your walk, you will go on narrow trails, always with stunning views of the Alps, until at one point on the route you will start to ascend between rocks to the Dolomites National Park, whose variety of fauna ranges from mammals like marmots or weasels, even birds like the golden eagle and amphibians like the alpine newt.

    In some sections you'll likely encounter somewhat steep climbs, but the views of the plain from above will make up for it. Then you will descend very steeply towards the Pian de Fontana Refuge.

    Length: 16 km. | 1099 m. of ascent; 1031 m. of descent

    Overnight: Pian de Fontana Refuge


    Hiking to La Muda and return to Belluno

    Today you will start your final day by descending a mountain track through a rocky forest that will eventually take you to a road, to La Muda. Once there, you have the option to take a bus to Belluno, your destination for today.

    Also, if you are an experienced climber, we suggest you find a way back by descending the slopes of La Schiara, the highest mountain in the Dolomites range.

    Once in Belluno, enjoy a walk through its historic centre and treat yourself to a good typical Italian dish as a reward for your long walking days.

    Length: 12 km. | 480 m. of ascent; 1672 m. of descent

    Overnight: Albergo Capello e Cadore - Belluno


    Return from Belluno

    Today you will have to take a transfer from Belluno to Venice, from where you can take your flight back to your home city.*

    *Remember that when you book your circuit you can ask us to book additional hotel nights for the days after the end of your circuit to extend your stay in one of the places along the hiking trail in the Dolomites.

    End of our services.

    General information 

    All the rooms you will find on this hiking trail have a private bathroom and all the necessary services to ensure good comfort. 

    Our team checks on site the quality of all the accommodation offered in order for all travellers to have an adventure experience always accompanied by nights of absolute rest.


    When working with quality accommodations with limited capacity, the exact name of the location will be provided 30 days before the start of the trip.

    All our accommodation is subject to availability. In case we can't offer you any of them for reasons of capacity, we'll accommodate you in one of equal or better quality.

    Individual rooms

    Single rooms are available subject to availability. Reservations must be made in advance and come at an additional cost.

    Where am I going to stay?

    All our accommodation has been selected to ensure tranquillity, rest and enjoyment along your hiking trail:

    Accomodation in Pontechiesa Hotel - Cortina

    Accomodation in Cortina

    Accomodation in Sennes Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Sennes

    Accomodation in Fanes Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Fanes

    Accomodation in Lagazuoi Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Lagazuoi

    Accomodation in Nuvolau Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Nuvolau

    Accomodation in Citta di Fiume Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Citta di Fiume

    Accomodation in Passo Staulanza 

    Accomodation in Refugio Passo Staulanza

    Accomodation in A Sonio al Coldai Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio A Sonio al Coldai

    Accomodation in Passo Duran San Sebastiano Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Passo Duran San Sebastiano

    Accomodation in Pian de Fontana Refuge

    Accomodation in Refugio Pian de Fontana

    Accomodation in Albergo Capello e Cadore - Belluno

    Accomodation in Belluno

    Included services

    Accommodation in hotels and mountain refuges

    Rooms with private bathroom.

    Meal plan of your choice.

    Complete itinerary of your trekking route along The Dolomites.

    24 hours Telephone assistance on route.


    Additional services

    Additional single room: to consult.

    Extra night (breakfast included): to consult.

    Baggage transfer: to consult.

    Travel assistance insurance: 3€ per person and day.

    Cancellation insurance: 3€ per person and day.

    This trip is not suitable for solo travellers.

    This route can only be done between July and mid-September.

    Single rooms and private rooms are assured for the first and last nights.

    For the remaining eight nights, single rooms and private rooms can be requested in advance, but are subject to availability.

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