Via Algarviana – Section 2/3 Walking Holiday

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Via Algarviana – Section 2/3 Walking Holiday

Distance: 85 km

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Meals: Breakfast and dinners

Accomodation: Hotels and country cottages

Price: From 775€ per person

Our Official License as a Wholesale Agency (Tour-Operator) allows us to work without intermediaries.

Would you like to tour the second section of the Via Algarviana characterized by being a protected natural area? This is the opportunity for you to walk along one of the most beautiful trails in Portugal that also has exceptional gastronomy.

You will start your trip in Loulé and on the third day you will join again the official Via Algarviana, in Salir, the town where the first section of this hiking route ends.

In Santiago Ways we want to be part of this adventure and help you enjoy your trip as you travel a route in the direction of northwest Portugal, crossing some landscapes, and overlooking the coast and other views with beautiful Mediterranean vegetation adorned by birds and butterflies.You will pass along spectacular slopes and plains, and through villages with cobblestone streets, visit churches and charming castles, as well as somewhere you will find museums that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of the area.

You can enjoy our baggage transfer service that will allow you to walk much easier while discovering the beauty of this hiking trail through the towns and villages you’ll be visiting.

Also, if you have any incidents en route, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day via an emergency telephone. With Santiago Ways, you will walk safely and comfortably.

We’re glad you’ve got this far. Now, we just need to know how you want us to help you prepare your trip. We’re waiting for you! Leave us your details and we will send you a quote tailored to your requirements.

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    Arrival in Loulé

    Today you will arrive at Faro Airport from where you will be taken to your hotel in Loulé, located north of Faro. If you are lucky enough to arrive on a Saturday morning, you can enjoy its famous market.

    Overnight: Loulé Jardim Hotel - Loulé


    From Loulé to Querença

    Today you will start your walk to the north of Loulé and for your first stop, if you have enough time, we recommend that it be at the Chapel of Santa Luzia, from where you can see the coast.

    Then you will follow your route through olive and almond trees, as well as some aromatic plants that will make you enjoy the trail even more that you will complete on your second day of travel.

    Once you reach the uppermost point of this day, where you will see ruins of an old windmill, you will start the descent through small villages, surrounded by natural streams. You will continue along a medieval path to your final destination: Querença.

    Length: 13 km.

    Overnight: Querença


    From Querença to Salir

    Your route today will join up with the official route of the Via Algarviana, in Salir. To do this, you will start your walk through Fonte da Benémola, a protected area. You'll walk long limestone trails and traverse traditional farming fields in the region.

    You will also get to know multiple flowers and wild plants that will come before you. In Salir, we suggest you find out about its church and castle. Of course, if you would like to know more about the places you visit, its local museum.

    Length: 15 km.

    Overnight: Salir


    From Salir to Alte

    When you start walking you will have the Serra de Caldeirao hills as a backdrop as you cross villages and protected landscapes, very characteristic in this region of the Algarve.

    Your route will continue south through the Protected Local Landscape of Rocha da Pena, a long section of red earth with hundreds of species of flora and fauna that you can delight watching and photographing as you go on your way.

    You will go up to the municipality of Bensafrim, where we suggest you make a small stop to taste the coffee and then continue towards Alte through nut orchards. However, before you reach your destination today, take a dip in the natural springs of Fonte Grande or Fonte Pequena.

    Length: 16 km.

    Duration: 4 hours

    Overnight: Alte


    From Alte to São Bartolomeu de Messines

    Your route today will start with a slight climb and then a descent that will take you to Barrocal. You will walk once more through almond and olive orchards, as well as around some cottages that you will see along the way.

    On the way to Portela, ascending, you will enjoy a spectacular panorama that in spring is adorned by the smell of orange blossom.

    You will walk around the border of Ribeiro Meirinho until reaching today's destination: São Bartolomeu de Messines.

    Length: 19 km.

    Duration: 5 hours

    Overnight: Guesthouse Bartolomeu - São Bartolomeu de Messines


    From São Bartolomeu de Messines to Funcho Dam

    Today you will start your journey by crossing the railway track, following the route down slopes with farms and orchards until you reach stunning green plains.

    On this day you will see that the landscape changes as you go, so after the valley, you will find yourself right next to the River Arade. Before this dam you can take advantage of a picnic area, from where you will take a transfer that will take you to Vale Fuzeiros.

    Length: 15 km.

    Overnight: Vale Fuzeiros Nature Guest House - Vale Fuzeiros


    Circular route in Vale Fuzeiros

    On this circular hike, you will discover some archaeological elements that will impress you. You will start walking very close to your accommodation and you will have to move south towards extensive farmlands of almond and olive trees.

    You will go up to Cerro da Vilarinha, at a height of 170 metres, from where you can enjoy views towards the valley before going down again towards Vale Fuzeiros.

    Length: 7,5 km.

    Overnight: Vale Fuzeiros Nature Guest House - Vale Fuzeiros


    Return from Vale Fuzeiros

    Today you will have a transfer included to Faro Airport, from where you will take your flight back to your home city*.

    *Remember that when you book your circuit you can ask us to book additional hotel nights for the days after the end of your circuit to extend your stay in one of the municipalities of the route of Hiking on the Via Algarviana - Section 2/3.

    End of our services.

    General information 

    All the rooms you will find on this hiking trail have a private bathroom and all the necessary services to ensure good comfort. 

    Our team checks on site the quality of all the accommodation offered in order for all travellers to have an adventure experience always accompanied by nights of absolute rest.


    When working with quality accommodations with limited capacity, the exact name of the location will be provided 30 days before the start of the trip.

    All our accommodation is subject to availability. In case we can't offer you any of them for reasons of capacity, we'll accommodate you in one of equal or better quality.

    Individual rooms

    Single rooms are available subject to availability. Reservations must be made in advance and come at an additional cost.

    Where am I going to stay?

    All our accommodation has been selected to ensure tranquillity, rest and enjoyment along your hiking trail:

    Accomodation in Loulé Jardim Hotel - Loulé

    Accomodation in Loule Jardim Hotel Loue

    Accomodation in Guesthouse Bartolomeu - São Bartolomeu de Messines

    Accomodation in Guesthouse Bartolomeu Sao Bartolomeu de Messines

    Accomodation in Vale Fuzeiros Nature Guest House - Vale Fuzeiros

    Accomodation in Vale Fuzeiros Nature Guest House

    Included services

    Accommodation in hotels and country cottages.

    Rooms with private bathroom.

    Meal plan of your choice.

    Complete itinerary of your trekking route in the Via Algarviana - Section 2/3.

    24 hours Telephone assistance on route.

    Baggage transfers.

    Transfer to and from Faro airport.


    Additional services

    Additional single room: to consult.

    Extra night (breakfast included): to consult.

    Travel assistance insurance: 3€ per person and day.

    Cancellation insurance: 3€ per person and day.

    This route can only be done from September to June inclusive.

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