Can you complete the Camino de Santiago in 5 days?

Most people enjoy their annual holidays in short periods. Many of those who wish to dedicate part of these to a pilgrim route ask us if it is possible to complete the Camino de Santiago in five days. The answer is clear: Yes!

Last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is an experience that fits all types of travellers. A very flexible experience that adapts to the personal circumstances of each of us. In this article, we will tell you which routes on the Camino de Santiago you can do in 5 days.

To live this experience, we recommend you to do the Camino de Santiago from Sarria, as it will allow you to soak in the essence of the Camino and, in addition, you can get the longed-for Compostela. Leave us more details about your dates and with whom you want to do the route, and we will make sure it is the perfect trip.

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    Reasons to complete the Camino de Santiago in five days

    Five days on the Camino de Santiago has a lot to offer. If you are wondering if it is worth making a pilgrimage if you only have 5 days, then we give you some reasons to spend five days on the Camino de Santiago:

    • It is time enough to enjoy the experience. Five days are enough to have the first contact with the essence of the Camino. You will quickly get into the pilgrim’s routine.
    • You get the Compostela. In five days on any of the pilgrim routes, the usual thing is to travel about 100 kilometres. 200 km, if you do it on a bicycle. With that distance, you can get the Compostela.
    • You can come back. Obviously, spending 5 days on the Camino de Santiago is not the same as living the full experience of touring on one of the long pilgrim routes, such as the Camino Frances. But for that, you will need almost a month and it is not easy to have so much free time. An excellent option is to travel a route, visiting on several occasions. You can start by making a first 5-day contact that ends in Santiago. If you like the experience, you can return to make other sections of the same route or another Camino de Santiago.
    • You will test yourself. In five stages you will be able to test your limits and your physical fitness.

    Routes on the Camino de Santiago you can do in 5 days

    There are different routes on the Camino de Santiago that you can do in five days. The choice of the route must be made according to your personal characteristics, but you can also consider the origin and tradition of the different Caminos. Next, we will explain the characteristics of the various pilgrim routes you can do in five days.

    From Sarria to Santiago on the Camino Frances

    Without a doubt, this is the preferred option for most pilgrims who decide to complete the Camino de Santiago in five days. It is last stretch of the Camino Frances, and consists of 5 stages. A journey of 115 km from Sarria to the tomb of Santiago the Apostle.

    These kilometres are the busiest part of the Camino Frances, the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago. The influx of pilgrims in this stretch is quite high, especially in the high season.

    This is the choice of most people who only have five days to do the Camino de Santiago. If you want to meet people, it’s the best alternative. But if you’re looking for loneliness, it’s better to choose another route.

    This stretch of the Camino Frances offers green nature, an unenviable landscape, villages full of life and a beautiful pilgrim tradition. If you dare to do this part of the Camino de Santiago, you will know places with as much charm as Portomarín, a singular town.

    You will visit Palas de Rei, with its imposing Pambre Castle and you will pass by Arzúa, where it is essential to try the local-produced cheese. From there, you will only have a walk through O Pedrouzo, to the city of Compostela.

    From Tui to Compostela on the Camino Portugues

    If what you are looking for is a slightly less crowded pilgrim route, the Camino Portugues is your dream come true. The last 5 stages travel 117 km.

    This stretch of the Camino Portugues offers incredible scenery, such as the views over the Vigo Estuary. It crosses populations full of magic and history, like Redondela and Caldas de Reis.

    You’ll pass through the town of Padrón. In this locality to taste its famous peppers is obligatory. It is also known for being the locality in which Rosalía de Castro lived her last years.

    This pilgrim route is an ideal option to do the Camino de Santiago in five days if you do not want to make an intense physical effort. It’s about the road with the least amount of climbs.

    It is very well signposted and has all the necessary services. If you are interested in this route, do not forget to read our article about the Camino de Santiago from Tui.

    The whole of the Camino Ingles, in 5 days!

    The Camino Ingles  only has 5 stages, so it is the ideal option if you want to live the experience of making a complete Camino de Santiago. It starts in Ferrol and runs 122 kilometres to the Cathedral of Santiago.

    Two of the stages are carried out along the coast. The other three cross the most authentic Galician rural landscape.

    Following this Camino de Santiago, you will visit such interesting towns as Betanzos or Pontedeume. If you are interested in this route, do not forget to read this article about the charms of the Camino Ingles.

    From Baiona to Santiago on the Camino Portugues coastal route

    If you are attracted to the Camino de Santiago in Portugal, you can follow the route of the Camino Portugues coastal route from Baiona.  You will complete two stages on the Camino Portugues coastal route, to converge in Redondela with the Camino Portugues (Central). Therefore, you will also visit the towns of Caldas de Reis and Padrón.

    In total, there are 127 km on the Camino de Santiago. The distance is greater than other routes but it is also one of the simplest pilgrim paths. If you prefer, you can also leave from Vigo, 102 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela.

    From Vilalba to Compostela on the Camino del Norte

    Completing the Camino de Santiago in five days from Vilalba on the Camino del Norte, is another alternative. This route takes place on three stages of this route, until Arzúa, and then follows the Camino Frances.

    118 km of travel that will allow you to enjoy the peace on the Camino del Norte and the hustle and bustle of the Camino Frances. Five days with a little bit of everything.

    From Lugo to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino Primitivo

    Another marvellous alternative is the Camino Primitivo from Lugo. You’ll enjoy 5 stages that run through a rural environment, surrounded by peace. 100 kms of green nature.

    Cathedral of Santiago in five days

    On this pilgrim route, you will do two stages of the Camino Primitivo. From Melide, the Camino Frances follows. Five stages that will allow you to test your physical endurance.

    From Ourense to Santiago on the Via de la Plata

    Doing La Via de la Plata  in five days is also possible. If you leave from Ourense you will be able to travel 107 kilometres from the Galician community to Santiago de Compostela.

    The Via de La Plata and the Camino Ingles are the only two pilgrim routes, which run through Spain, without sharing the final stages with the Camino Frances. Both options are good alternatives for those who seek to avoid completely the agglomeration of pilgrims that occurs in the last stages on the Camino de Santiago.

    More alternatives to complete the Camino de Santiago en 5 días

    Before we talked about the possible pilgrim routes that you can do in five days to finish at the Cathedral of Santiago. However, there are so many routes on the Camino de Santiago as pilgrims who want to experience them, endless paths and possibilities.

    One of the teachings of the Camino de Santiago is that the magic of it is on the way and not in the destination. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to finish the Camino de Santiago in Compostela.

    You will not get the Compostela until you visit the remains of Santiago El Mayor. Yet the experience will be equally comforting.

    If your goal is not to finish in Santiago de Compostela, you can do any Camino de Santiago for 5 days. The options are endless. Simply choose the stages you like the most and start walking.

    Another alternative, if you’ve never been to the Camino de Santiago, is to make the first stages of any pilgrim route. The advantage of making the first stretches of the Camino de Santiago is that you will find many fewer pilgrims than in the final stages.

    If you like the idea, keep reading. Next, we will tell you where each Camino de Santiago begins.

    From Saint Jean de Port on the Camino Frances

    If you leave from Saint Jean Pied de Port, following the Camino Frances, in 5 days, you can reach Estella. In total, 111 kilometres of travel.

    The first stage of the Camino Frances is quite hard. You can also start from Roncesvalles to avoid it. In that case, you could get to Los Arcos. See our article on where to start the Camino Frances to make your decision.

    Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles

    Whether you start from Saint Jean Pied de Port or from Roncesvalles you will pass through the lively city of Pamplona. You can also visit the beautiful Estella. Five days on the Camino Santiago that will offer you a lot.

    From Lisbon on the Camino Portugues (Central)

    If you are looking for a simple path that does not require much physical effort, the Camino Portugues is yours. Leaving from Lisbon, in 5 days, you will arrive at Golega, passing through the beautiful Santarém. 120 km of routes through the centre of Portugal.

    From Oporto on the Camino Portugues coastal route

    The Camino Portugues coastal route is another interesting option. Leaving from Oporto, you can reach the gates of Galicia, in A Guarda. In total, 107 kilometres, which you will do in the company of the beauty of the Portuguese coast.

    From Irún on the Camino del Norte

    From Irún, following the Camino del Norte, you can travel 118 kilometres to the historic town of Gernika. On the route you can visit the beautiful city of San Sebastián. Or you can leave from Donosti.

    From Oviedo on the Camino Primitivo

    If you are in good physical shape and are looking to test your limits, you can choose the Camino Primitivo. In five days you can do 115 km, from Oviedo to Berducedo.

    The Camino de Finisterre

    Unlike the previous routes, which end at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the Camino de Finisterre is the beginning of it. This route is directed to Cape Finisterre and continues to Muxía. You can also go to Muxía first, and finish at the Cape.

    The route has 115 kilometres and can be carried out comfortably in five stages. If you are interested in this path, don’t forget to read our article about the magic of the Camino de Finisterre.

    Consejos para hacer el Camino de Santiago in 5 days

    Even if you are not going to travel the more than 700 kilometres of the Camino Frances, you need to prepare yourself to spend 5 days on the Camino de Santiago. Here are some tips:

    • Prepare yourself physically and mentally. In this article on physical and mental preparation for the Camino de Santiago, we explain to you the details on how to do it. You will also find tips for not injuring yourself on the route.
    • Decide If you do it with a backpack or hire a baggage shuttle. In this article we explain that one of the advantages of contracting a baggage shuttle service on the Camino de Santiago, so that you travel quicker.
      If you choose to load your own backpack, prepare properly. In this article we give you some advice on how to prepare your kit for the Camino de Santiago and this other list we give a list of things to take on the Camino de Santiago.

    In Santiago Ways, we hope that all the information that we have provided will encourage you to make the Camino de Santiago, even if you only have five days. We’re sure you won’t regret it! If you are going to organize the Camino de Santiago on your own, follow these steps. If you don’t have time to organize your Camino de Santiago, contact us.

    We will take care of everything, adapting the tour to the free days that you have. So you can devote all your free time to enjoy it all.

    Buen Camino!