In this post, we are going to discover the millenary history of this route, its distinctive features and how we could confront its contions, sometimes unfavorables. Besides, we think it’s interesting to give some recomendations for whom are going to walk the Silver Way during the summer. Don’t miss them!

Walking the Silver Way


Going across Spain walking from the South to the North is possible thanks to this route, the Silver Way, that connects Seville with Santiago de Compostela. It’s a lonely and hard way where we confront extreme temperatures, specially in summer. But we’re also talking about a path surrounded by amazing natural landscapes and with an incomparable historical and cultural patrimony.

The history of a path that has always existed

If we had a time machine, what would be awesome by the way, we wouldn’t know what date to introduce to travel to the begining of this route, because even the first people who lived in the Iberian Peninsula used its natural paths to herd.

In the II century, when the Romans realized the potential of this way and started to set it up, they built roads and bridges that today are still unequalled attractions in the Silver Way.


First, the Phoenicians and the Visogothics, then the Romans and in the Middle Age the Mozarab christians from Al-Andalus used it to become one of the first people making a pilgrimage to Santiago, and the Mozarab Way was born.

Nowadays, the route gets together lots of different ways and paths, with a common trunk that takes around 4.000 pilgrims per year from Seville to Compostela.

A route made of countless ways

The most popular walk starts from Seville, going across 705 km to Astorga, where the pilgrims can continue the journey on the French Way through 11 more stages to Santiago. But this is not the only option!

Some people decides to start it from Huelva, Zafra or Cádiz, or directly from Mérida, or even further on, in Salamanca. Once we arrive to Granja de Moreruela, 40 km away from the capital of Zamora, we could decide if we want to go towards Astorga or by the Sanabria Way, which is called like that because it passes through Sanabria and keeps going to Ourense. Also from Ourense we can go towards Tamallancos or by Canedo.

Pilgrims arriving to Salamanca


Although the fact that there are many options and each of them goes through very different places, any of them dissapoints at all. In all of the ways you can breathe history and intimacy and they’re all very well marked.

However, the question is: does it worth it to walk the Silver Way in summer? This question is very interesting due to the distinctive features that characterize this route.

Walking the Silver Way in summer, why not?

If we want to walk this route during the summer, we should keep in mind the high temperatures that will accompany us, specially in the South, where it´s usual to exceed 40 degrees between 11 pm and 8 pm. That’s why, from Santiago Ways, we want to give you three essential tips to avoid heat strokes if we’re going to walk the Silver Way in summer.

The sun on the way


Tips to fight the heat in our trip

You’ll suffer some hot temperatures, that’s for sure! But this doesn’t mean that would be impossible to do this pilgrimage, neither that we can’t enjoy a gratifying experience there. We just need to take some precautions very seriously!


#1 Pay special attention to the water

Be careful with the amount of water you bring with you. It’s a very good idea to find out – before starting the stage – where could we refill our bottles and, according to this info, calculate how many do we need. Sometimes, the heat can make us lose the appetite, but it´s very important to keep ourselves hydrated and to eat well and healthy.

Drinking water is essencial!


#2 The early bird catches the worms

It’s essential to get up early, before the sunrise, to avoid being under the sun during the hottest hours. Keep in mind that some stages are very long, specially in Andalucía and Extremadura, so when we have to walk more than 30 km, the ideal is that the alarm clock rings before 5 am.


#3 The suncream is your best friend

Do not forget the suncream! It’s wise to smear ourselves every hour, at least.

Walking the Silver Way in summer is hard, we’re not gonna lie to you, but it’s still a wonderful experience if we take care of our skin and if we protect ourselves properly.

Have you enjoyed to know more about this path with thousands of years of history? Do you want to know more about it? Don’t miss our next post! We’re going to talk about the wonders that we could discover if we finally decide to walk the Silver Way in summer, spring, or in any other season!

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