Are you thinking about doing the Santiago’s way? Don’t you know what you should bring into your rucksack? Would you like to know how to pack a good rucksack to do the way? If the answer is yes, you have got to the right website. We are going to offer you a list with all the necessary what will let you do the Santiago’s way in a simple and comfortable way, praised by the real experience of some migrants that have already done the way several times.

What have I got to bring into my rucksack to do the Santiago’s way?

It is very important to select the correct rucksack when doing the way, the weight of your rucksack and the content inside could be an important issue.

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Before packing you should make yourself several questions:

  • What season of the year are you going to? As you will understand, it is not the same to do the Santiago’s way in August as to do it in colder dates such as November or December.
  • Are you going to do the pilgrimage alone? It is very important to distribute correctly the weight in your bags. It won’t be the same a bag for just one person than different bags for a group of friends that want to do the way.
  • Where are you going to start the way? If you find yourself in a close point to Santiago, you will be able to charge more weight. Those pilgrims that start from further points should charge less weight.

Nevertheless, the latest fashion among the pilgrims is to carry out into the rucksack just what they need to do the way. Here you will find all the essentials that your rucksack should contain to do a correct pilgrimage.

Which are the essentials to do a correct pilgrimage?

Next, we are going to name all the essentials to every pilgrim:

  • Footwear: You will have to ask in your nearest sports shop for high quality footwear. The footwear should offer you comfort and quality at the same time. Good footwear to practice trekking will be an important issue to complete the way. Make sure that you try on the trainers some months before in order to let your feet get used to the footwear. (A common mistake is to use new footwear, It can appear blisters in your feet, eruptions or an erythema very annoying)
  • Jumper: a fundamental cloth, it should be slight and comfortable. It is essential for cold days, however, those hotter days it will be a useless cloth and we will have to carry it out.
  • Comfortable trousers: Make sure you use comfortable trousers for long walking hours. You also should take into consideration if the cloth is waterproof because it may rain and you can get very wet. The trousers shouldn’t provoke any friction and they should my slightly loose.
  • Flip flops: They are very important to rest your feet in order to enjoy the shower in the hostels.
  • Seamless socks: It is very important that your socks are made of pure cotton and seamless that can provoke injuries in our feet.
  • Underwear: It is very important to bring two or three underwear sets. We will sweat a lot sometimes; in hot days it could be the case that we change our underwear several times.
  • Deodorant.
  • Teeth brush.
  • Laundry soap.
  • Clothes pegs: They are very useful and essential to maintain your clothes clean, you will have to make the laundry the clothes pegs will help you a lot.
  • Sleeping bag: It is very useful and essential to sleep in cold nights. It depends on the seasion of the year that you have to decide a thick or a slight sleeping bag. It you are going to do it in summer, you might have enough with a sleeping mat. Nevertheless, we always recommend you to use a slight sleeping bag.
  • Travel documents and cash: Remind to carry out always your travel documents, your identity card, health card, credit cards. It is also important to bring some cash.
  • sunscreen.
  • Mobile phone and changer: They are essential for every emergency; moreover, if your phone has a good camera you will take high quality photographs during the yourney.
  • First-aid kit: It is very important that you bring some plasters, gauzes, antiseptic, needle, lighter and some anti-inflammatory medicines. However, you don’t have to be worried because you will find some pharmacies in villages during the trip.
What should I bring to the Santiago’s way?
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