The Northern Way is a route along the coast where we’ll find some living cities, charming villages and there’s no doubt that, going through the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, we’ll be able to enjoy a very varied and delightful gastronomy, with an impressive tradition and a luxury raw material.

But we’re still missing the most important subject, something that is the base for all these amazing attractions. Yes, we know that you’ll already thinking about it -and it’s not pintxos, nor the cabrales cheese, not even the octopus-.

The sea! The sea that goes along the edge of the northern lands, offering us the pleasure of its beaches. Beaches of the Northern Way present some important geographic differences, something that make us enjoy a journey that is constantly surprising.

Cantabric Sea St James Way

Some beaches of the Northern Way, from Irún to Santander

If we start the Northern Way on Irún, in around 25 km we’ll be in San Sebastián. Following the usual timetables for a piligrim, we’ll arrive to San Sebastian for lunch (a delicious koxkera hake, for example) and we’ll have all the afternoon for resting. A beach to relax, get our feet wet and enjoy the views?

Certainly, La Concha

The beach of La Concha is an urban beach of white and fine sand. The famous travel magazine Travel and Leisure appointed La Concha as one of the five best urban beaches on the world, underlining the fine and nice sand, that stands up over the sapphire water of the Cantabrian Sea.

Should we leave the city center behind?

In that case, we’ll have two very interesting options: the small and wonderful beach ot he Santa Clara island, that will be a perfect scene for disconnecting and relax in front of the sea. Or the youthful, wavy and beautiful Zurriola beach, located in the Gros neighborhood, that will make the wonders of beach sports and surf lovers.

La Concha beach Northern Wat

We continue our walk!

Time to leave Donosti! For sure we’ll do it with pity, but we still have many surprises in our pilgrimage to Santiago by the coast.

Leaving San Sebastián, 50 km away and two stages later, we’ll be in Deba. The sand of the Santiago de Deba beach is dark, due to the slate of the mountains around the beach, and like the Zurriola beach, it’s typically surfer. Are you looking for some other attractions on the area?

Of course, the Itzurun cliffs.


It’s a must!

Between the town of Deba and the Zumaya one, we’ll find the most amazing stretch of the Euskadi tidal plain. The differential erosion present on the Itzurun cliffs will leave us astounted, will move us and make us think about the overwhelming power of nature.

Beaches of the Northern Way waiting for us after Itzurun.

Arriving to Bilbao

No… After leaving Deba we’ll walk through for stages more. Then yes, 92 km after, we’ll arrive to Bilbao, leaving Markina, Gernika, Lezana and its memories behind.

In Bilbao we’ll need to take a break for our legs, pamper our foot and restock on energy.

Getting free of our clothes? Do not miss the well known Barinatxe beach!

Barinatxe beach

This beach is a little bit crowded, but we think it will surprise you anyway. It’s separated from Arriatera beach for a rock small bay that the people from Bilbao call “La Triangu”. If you like to practic nudism, it’s interesting to say that traditionally, nudist people who visit this beach go usually to its sides.

If we want some calm we can visit Plentzia beach; when the tide is low, we can walk a path that will take us to the castle of the Butrón family. We also could enjoy the Gorliz beach and its cute promenade.

It’s a pity to not be able to tell you everything, but we must keep going!

Wild beaches near Santander

Leaving Bilbao, after four stages we’ll be in Santander.

If we take one day or a few days for resting, we’ll be ablo to enjoy the amazing wild beaches of Covachos or Arnía.

Mandatory visits if we have some days off! Really!

Both beaches offer us a paradisiac landscape, with impressive rock formations and a perfect panoramic to enjoy the sunset, take your time!

Somocuevas beach is not less beautiful, at all! Placed between cliffs and with a spectactular mix of colors, this beach is known as one of the Cantabrian gems, are you up for a visit?

Somocuevas beach

If you want to know more about the beaches of the Northern Way, don’t miss our next post!

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