The Santiago Way is an unique experience, a trip impossible to forget that has been a muse for lots of artists all over the world. Walking 1.000 km through every kind of changing landscapes, meeting a bunch of new people everyday, talking to our inner selves; all this conforms an experience with the power to change even our way to see the world. If you are thinking about starting your adventure, in this article we want to introduce you a few artistic creations that are wonderful for those who want to find some inspiration to walk the Santiago Way.


Santiago Ways


There’s life beyond the movie The Way and beyond the book The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho, let’s find it out!


A pilgrim drawn in Norway

Jason is a graphic novel author who, to celebrate his 50 birthday, decided to set out on the French Way to Compostela. During his 800 km and 32 days trip, Jason was devoted to register all the anecdotes that attracted his attention on the Camino, on the hostels and on his encounters with other pilgrims.

The result it’s a very crafted comic about Jason’s trip, the amazing landscapes he saw and the wonderful new friends he made, but also about the foot pain and the bad moments.



This comic is perfect to find some inspiration to walk the Santiago Way, without forgetting that we’ll need to do a big effort. So, yes, from experience we can say that the suffering it implies it’s really easy and quick to forget.


The Galician mythology in stop-motion

O Apóstolo was the first Spanish full-length film made with the stop-motion technology and it tells the story of a prisioner that manages to escape in order to try to find a tresure hiden years ago in a Galician small village.

Through the foggy and mysterious paths of the Santiago Way, our hero will meet some sinister characters and will experience the most authentic and gloomy Galician mythology for himself.



Finding some inspiration to walk the Santiago Way don’t have to be necessary in the same way for everybody; there are people who love scary stories and for whom a good dose of oral tradition will be more important than any landscape photo.


The advertisment that created a documentary

Footprints: The path of your life is an fascinating documentary that appeared thanks to an advertisment published in Arizona. This was the annoucement in question:

“Wanted, 10 brave souls willing to walk 500 miles in 40 days along an ancient journey that’s been traveled for centuries. Arrival at the destination is not guaranteed, only days of suffering, driving rain, bitter cold and intense heat. Injuries, muscle aches, and blisters are to be expected. Discouragement and the daily desire to quit will haunt you. Sleep will be scarce, at times outside, on the cold ground, subject to the forces of nature. Losing your way amidst the beautiful, yet unpredictable, landscapes of Northern Spain, will add grueling miles to the journey… but in turn you may find yourself.. Some say, along this ‘Camino’ they have found the path of their life. ARE YOU IN?”

From this point, the documentary is about the group of pilgrims, their adventures and the landscapes the get to admire.

Finding some inspiration to walk the Santiago Way -from the air-

In 2015 was released in Switzerland an astonishing documentary, Camino de Santiago, that wants to explain to the world the experience of the pilgrimage from a completly different perspective. The goal? Show us a vision of the itinerary impossible to see from the ground.


inspiration to walk the Santiago Way


To achieve this creative mission, the producer Iván Hernández and his team filmed lots of aereal shots with a drone. The result is fantastic, a wonderful view that opens for us the doors to unbelievable landscapes and contrast, as a bird will see them when glidding. And everyone has dreamt about flying sometime!

It’s impossible not to find some inspiration to walk the Santiago Way and really want to start this adventure once we’ve seen this impressive shots in the documentary.

A woman walking alone, from Corea

The number of Korean people that head to the adventure of the Santiago Way has giddily increased since 2006, thanks to the publication of Kim Nan Hee diary, a writter and journalist that walked the Way by herself and then wrote the book A woman walking alone. Sadly, this incredible diary is just edited in Korean for now.



The expressions of unconditional admiration to the Camino rise up all over the world, from Korea to Norway.

Do you know any other movie, book or any kind of artistic creation that could be a way to find some inspiration to walk the Santiago Way? Tell us about it or contact with us!